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  1. I’m a fat dude. 6’1” and I think my chest is 50. I wear an Edge 58+, or an Indo XXL.
  2. Depends on the manufacturer and the version of the jersey made by manufacturer. They aren’t exactly cookie cutter. I have a CCM 56 from 2003 that fits amazing, especially with shoulder pads, and fits the same as my current CCM Reebok Edge 3.0 58+ practice jerseys. The Edge 3.0 practice jerseys I have do not fit the same as the Edge 1.0 I have from 2007. In my opinion, the 1.0 fits similar to Addidas AdiZero.. very slim. The 56 I have from ‘03 doesn’t fit the same as the OHL CCM jersey I have, Despite being made by CCM. It’s a long winded explanation that the only sure fire way to figure it out is sadly to try it on.
  3. I ended up buyin a bunch of Harrow blades last year on SidelineSwap. Not sure if Harrow still produces them. Bought a few Left p93, and a few left p38
  4. I swore I read somewhere here they were eliminating the Nexus skate line and having a supreme wide version. Maybe I’m dreaming.
  5. Does anyone have any information on Bauer’s new wide skate offering (I assume is a Wide version of the Supreme)? Will the Supreme Wide be comparable or equal to the Nexus? Wondering if I should scramble to get another pair of Nexus before they are gone (8.5EE), or wait and see what they come out with.
  6. They featured this topic tonight during the Hawks/Flames game on HNIC, showing Calgary’s stick rack, which was bare. They mentioned the Calgary Equipment Manager had given strict instructions not to give away sticks, or get emotional and break them. They mentioned they’d given all of their player curve profiles to Warrior as a back up. I imagine this would be true for other teams as well.
  7. https://sidelineswap.com/shop/hockey/shin-guards/bauer/nexus-8000-3/l1513?shin-size[]=23321 ghe liners look like garbage, maybe one of the liners you have might fit the shell
  8. Ended up getting the Ritual x2 Pros. Pretty comfy. Those low end Vapors were like landing on plywood. My knee is still sore (from an old injury), but it’s manageable for how often I will play. Dropping weight will also help with how much I’m dropping down on my knees. Just need to figure out how to skate with the thigh rise overlap. Alls good from there.
  9. I couldn’t tell you at the moment. I ended up being sized at a Pro Hockey prior to picking them up. Like a dumb dumb, I ended up tightening the back skate strap too tight which didn’t help my pad rotate. I loosened it off tonight and no issues; my knee fell right into the landing gear. My only issue now is the knee pads I picked up are cheap garbage (Vapor x900) and need to get new ones, and I just have to get used to the extra +1” rise.
  10. So then chances are I legitimately picked up pads that are larger than I’m used to?
  11. They ended up arriving, and I went to open ice to try them out.. I couldn’t move in them, and when I dropped to the ice, felt like I pulled my hip. Going from a 34 Vaughn v3 7500, these CCMs are 34+1. I’m not sure if these things are too tall for me, or if the extra thigh rise is throwing me off. Or sure if I should return them or not. I did have the same mobility issue in the V3s before removing one of the knee blocks.
  12. I third the Supreme. I tried switching to a pair of CCM QuickLites, sure they are light and comfortable, but the Supremes definitely have the extra padding I’m looking for in the knee area.
  13. Just going to put it out there (since they’ve shipped), but CCM’s new 2019 middle entry hybrid pads, the EFlex 4.9 are regular priced $850 US on GoalieMonkey... for whatever reason, Sport Chek in Canada is selling them for $450 US. If anyone is looking for a steal on pads... just saying.
  14. Picked up a used Reactor 6000 (love me that HX Sorb!), and I like the way it fits, but the arms appear 1/2” - 3/4” too long. Is there something I can do to shorten them, or will mucking around with the elbow cap straps help shorten then? I see some older but similar looking “Pro” models have a strap to shorten them.
  15. Depending on the level you play, if you’re talking about your comfort, it’d be worth it. IThis might sound stupid, but if you’re only playing rec, and concerned about the cost, it might be cheaper getting two pair of lesser tier skates, like the 78k, and save the steel and runners of the opposite boots. Maybe even try to offload the spare boots on SLS.
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