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  1. kmfdm86

    Indoor wheels outdoors

    About 170lbs. It's pretty smooth. Some imperfections but no really rough spots.
  2. kmfdm86

    Indoor wheels outdoors

    Thanks guys. Probably can't get wheels tomorrow so looks like I'll be rocking the Vectors. Haha. Thanks for saving me from a costly mistake.
  3. kmfdm86

    sports team scheduling app

    Haha. Ok, gotcha. I must have different e-mail settings or just don't check that email enough.
  4. kmfdm86

    sports team scheduling app

    I think he's talking about if you make a page for a band, company, or organization you have to pay a fee. That's not what I'm talking about though. The groups are like making a permanent private chat/forum for people you invite. It's what we've been doing for our inline team and it's been working well so far.
  5. kmfdm86

    Photos of yourself

    Pond Hockey with some friends. I'm on the left. Excuse the excess headgear. I usually play inline and I'm not a very good ice skater. Haha.
  6. kmfdm86

    sports team scheduling app

    Easy and free: Make a closed Facebook group. Haha.
  7. I've never used any of those practice pads and I'm not very good, so take this with a grain of salt... Haha. In my experience, the green biscuit glides like a dream on any smooth surface. So long as you're using the right one (ie; not shooting with the one made for stick handling, they make one specifically for shooting) it seems that would be the most economical. I think they're like $15 for the shooting one. If it doesn't work for you, then you're only out $15.
  8. kmfdm86

    The 2015-16 Suspension Thread

    Yeah, the video wouldn't load on my phone so I'm not sure what they show but there was a lot going on the whole game and immediately before the swinging the stick like a baseball bat. Haha.Let's just say the behavior preceding the incident probably drew it more attention than it would have otherwise. Whether or not that's fair isn't up to me to decide.
  9. kmfdm86

    The 2015-16 Suspension Thread

    I don't know. Did you watch the game? The refs were letting all kinds of shifty stuff happen and kept trying to stop any fights. It just kept escalating in dangerous plays all around.Ehlers fought Barrie. Like who tries to fight Tyson Barrie? It was just bizarre. The two teams are starting to have a history of games like this though. I remember their first game last season at one point they both had like six guys in the box.
  10. kmfdm86

    What equipment do you use?

    Just got back into playing after a 15 year hiatus from league play... Did six drop ins so far and the first league game is tomorrow. All of my stuff is either trashed, too small, or too big (played for fun teaching friends how to play 8 years ago, lost a lot of weight since then). So I splurged on new stuff. Haha. Helmet: CCM FitLite FL80 Cage: CCM Resistance Elbow: low end crap that I've already had to repair. Shins: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: CCM 4R Pro Girdle: CCM RBZ 150 Shirt: Mission Pro Compression Pants: Low end CCM, forget the actual name Stick: CCM RBZ 260, 85 flex, p46 (Bergeron/Landeskog) Skates (stock): CCM Jetspeed 280R. I think that makes me a brand whore... Haha.