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  1. chippa13

    St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

    Really unfortunate that now its the Emrick and McGuire show the rest of the way.
  2. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

  3. chippa13

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    This might need to be retitled "Fire sale in Columbus" with how many FA's they're likely about to lose.
  4. chippa13

    Tall Visors

    Not sure that one is available at retail but you can find the similar version that connects at the front of the helmet online at Hockey Monkey.
  5. chippa13

    Tall Visors

    Best bet it to search for one of the vented Oakleys similar in shape to what Soderberg and Svechnikov are wearing.
  6. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    I was never a fan of the early goalie pull and it bit the 'Canes last night. That was a nice late third gift to seal it. Must have been the first time ever a radio guy did or said something to be "edgy". For fuck's sake, we get it. You hate Boston, you hate Marchand, you hate the Bruins, you hate airlines, you hate clients, you hate...........
  7. The idea is to have that something to strive for. Sure, the NBA would like the WNBA to be a money maker but there are other perks for supporting it. Having the WNBA gives young girls something to look up towards and can help to drive female participation and interest in the sport as a whole. That increased interest for the sport as a whole leads to increased viewership, ticket sales, and merchandising opportunities. Why wouldn't the NHL want to make that investment in their product? I can't say for sure if we'd ever see a fully self-sustaining WNBA or WNHL, but then, most minor league hockey teams can't survive without assistance from the big club.
  8. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    The talking heads for the past two days have also discussed whether or not the VGK situation had any bearing on the decision of the on-ice officials.
  9. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    Having watched a lot of McAvoy, I didn't think he was trying to get the head. Stil, I was surprised that it wasn't called a major. Perhaps the referees were gun shy about having the NHL "apologize" again on them. I haven't seen anything about the NHL looking at the hit for discipline and Anderson seemed more than ok about it in the handshake line. I doubt McAvoy misses any games.
  10. chippa13

    What exactly is 'performance fit?'

    The idea was essentially that your foot and skate were a single thing by having the skate as snug as possible.
  11. Full custom retail options are more than just True.
  12. If it was just a "sex sells" issue then the Lingerie Football League would be dominating Sunday afternoons. The actual sporting has to be compelling. Player recognition is one issue any fledgling league has to overcome. Not sure what the reason is for women forced to wear full face protection in international play is but get rid of it. Not because fans need to see pretty faces, just faces. It matters. There is a reason why full face coverage in the NHL requires a special exemption. Next, there needs to be increased exposure of the games. They have to find a way to get more eyes and interest. That is marketing dollars. How many people know when women's pro games are played, let alone that they could be happening in their backyard. Finally, while it is growing, there simply isn't enough top end talent to fill enough teams to draw spectators. While the 5-6 teams had plenty of high level talent, Joe Public doesn't take a league that small seriously these days. At the end of the day, these things take time. With increased exposure comes increased participation, comes increased competition, comes increased talent and talent pools.
  13. chippa13

    2018-19 Supplemental Discipline

    That's why the old joke for a while was, when the paychecks stop so does Datsyuk.
  14. So, does this stand by women professionals signal the beginning of the end or a new beginning for women's professional hockey in North America? https://www.tsn.ca/more-than-200-players-call-for-overhaul-of-women-s-pro-hockey-1.1299658 The real question is whether or not the NHL finally gives more than a token gesture of support and really gets behind something. The biggest hurdle, in my opinion, is that the women's game just doesn't garner the kind of attention and exposure that it needs to really create the interest and ultimately consumer demand to be self-sustaining at this juncture.
  15. It is a data driven argument but the data itself was poorly derived. I know I should have left it alone but I couldn't help myself. Its just that when someone with qualified experience in the area points that the testing is flawed and yet people still cling to the data collected from those same flawed tests (even while accepting the testing is flawed) it just makes no sense to me.