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  1. chippa13

    Kovalchuk Returning to the NHL?

    It just keeps getting better. https://www.tsn.ca/los-angeles-kings-captain-anze-kopitar-on-ilya-kovalchuk-it-s-not-a-great-situation-1.1397101
  2. The Makos have a pretty aggressive forward lean. He could be a little too far over his toes and not getting enough mid blade pressure to get the bite needed to hold the turn.
  3. DiPietro is a fine example of an organization making a huge mistake and then compounding that mistake. The Isles fell in love with DiPietro's puck handling for one decent year of college hockey and dealt a known cornerstone goalie for the chance to draft him. Then they doubled down on stupid with his contract, that they are still paying.
  4. chippa13

    Mandatory Helmet for Young Children?

    Almost any rink I've ever gone to now has posted signs that helmets must be worn by anyone under X years of age.
  5. chippa13

    CCM V8 Helmet Fit?

    I was a small in both the V08 and the 310.
  6. chippa13

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    Columbus will continue to be a revolving door franchise until they move on from Tortorella. Players can only last so long under his go-go-go and everybody blocks shots regime before they get burned out.
  7. chippa13

    Officials for 2019 Playoffs

    For a guy who didn't believe in fate, Morpheus sure put a lot of stock in a prophecy and things happening the way they were supposed to.
  8. chippa13

    Garage sales in Columbus?

    Nailed it.
  9. chippa13

    Brooks Orpik has retired

    I couldn't stand Orpik. "Opportunistic" hitter that wouldn't back up iffy shots.
  10. chippa13

    Gudas for Niskanen

    Interesting deal between the Flyers and Caps, swapping Gudas and Niskanen.
  11. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    I've never seen a player fan on more one-timers than Pastrnak did throughout the playoffs. I speculated early on that perhaps his earlier hand injury had something to do with it but who knows. Between Pastrnak's whiffs and the poor decision making by him and Marchand, it seems to be somewhat of a miracle the Bruins did as well as they did.
  12. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    There was nothing egregious but just about every trip up and down the ice had its share of regular season penalties. Both teams know this going in and it does limit offensive chances.
  13. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    I think O'Reilly was the hands down choice and the voters got it right, no matter how hard NBC was pushing the Binnington narrative. I think I would even have selected Pietrangelo over Binnington.
  14. chippa13

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    To be fair, it wasn't refereed, it was watched by referees. Everyone knows going in that game 7 will be essentially free reign which is what makes scoring first so important in a game 7. It is almost impossible to mount a comeback when hooking/holding/interference are all legal in game 7. Not a complaint, just an observation. If someone had gone to Hollywood with the script that the Blues wrote this season they would have been laughed out of the office. From last place on January 3rd to lifting the Cup on June 12th, that is an amazing story.
  15. chippa13

    David Perron

    Not exactly the way this Bruins fan wanted to be 6 degrees to a Stanley Cup champion but congratulations to David.