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    CCM Ultra Tacks P29
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    Bauer RE-AKT 75
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    CCM RBZ pants
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    Warrior Projekt (white)
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  1. I don't think it's the Benn Pro Curve because Bauer lists that as a lie 6 and the description says the P90TM is going to have a lower lie.
  2. CCM is going to make the new P90TM pattern?
  3. qmechanic

    Skate replacement for Easton Mako

    The reason I have stayed away from True is because I heard it's way stiffer than the Easton Mako skates. I really like my skates to be less stiff.
  4. qmechanic

    Hockey Skate Vacuum Fit

    I was just at No-Icing Sports last week and got a pair of Mako M8 skates baked. I sat in the CCM FIT machine for 15 minutes. If you really want to use that machine, you can go to No-Icing in New Hampshire.
  5. qmechanic

    Hands on with the new Bauer Vapor Flylite

    Thanks for the quick review. Does anyone know when the Flylite stick will be released?
  6. qmechanic

    "New" Tackla pants at retailers again?

    Thanks for letting us know, I used to wear Tacklas and loved them!
  7. qmechanic

    Women’s breezers with better protection

    There's women's pro stock pants from the University of Minnesota team on Sidelineswap. I used to wear Tackla Air 9000 pants and they were super protective. Unfortunately, you can't seem to get them in the USA anymore.
  8. qmechanic

    Base Hockey curve request

    I flip between P28 and P92 type curves. So the Benn and Barkov sound interesting. I do like a lie of at least 5.5 on the heel. Not sure if Benn / Barkov qualify. I like taking backhands, so the BC14 curve looked interesting, but I wish it had more of a rounded toe, more rocker, and was a bit more open. I don't know if there's a curve like that.
  9. qmechanic


    I have really small skates, size 2.5. Is it possible to do a Prosharp profile on these?
  10. qmechanic

    The new STX Surgeon RX3 gear is out.

    @STXHockey I'm also interested in knowing this. How are the junior blades different than the senior blades? Are they the same lie as the senior blades, are they shorter in length than the senior blades?
  11. qmechanic

    Supertacks 3.0 when?

    The new CCM Jetspeed stick is also available for pre-order on Ice Warehouse. You should take a look at that stick, too.
  12. Yes, the FX-50 came in two sizes, standard and small. I don't know about product numbers though. I have the standard size FX-50 and it says FX-50 on the side clip, no extra "S".
  13. qmechanic

    Base Hockey curve request

    As I mentioned before, I talk to a lot of women who are 5'5" and shorter, and need a junior flex, but want a senior sized blade. They are adults, they can't "grow" into an intermediate size. If it were possible to get senior blades on the junior pro height stick, that would be awesome. It doesn't need to be all the senior blades, just the most popular ones (Bauer P92, P88, P28, PM9, etc) I have a Base junior pro stick and it's almost as thick as my intermediate stick. So I feel like it should be possible to do what I proposed, though I don't know how much it would cost for the manufacturing process.
  14. qmechanic

    Bauer waxed laces discontinued?

    I guess no one knows?
  15. My favorite skate laces are Bauer waxed (wide style). Are they not being made anymore? I can only find them on Ebay.