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    I've had these for three sessions now (two pick-ups and a beer league game) and have to say I'm sold! I put these in my MX3's at the same time as a pair of Speed Plates and holy smokes my skate does EXACTLY what my foot does. The comfort factor alone is worth that $30 IMO. This was the missing piece I needed on my quest to have the most responsive, comfortable skate I could come up with. Great product!
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    Circles and some stick handling. As you can see I struggle with left over right crossovers. You can't see due to the helmet, but while I'm stickhandling I'm looking straight ahead and using peripheral vision to keep track of the puck. On a hilarious note, my right over left video was blocked due to a copyright claim on whatever obscure country song was playing in the background. Let me know if it's viewable Trinituner, conditioning is definitely pivotal. Especially during pick up games where you're playing 5 minute shifts!
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    I spoke to soon, I got them today. They feel amazing! No shims in my Alkalis, shims in my supremes. Can't wait to get on the ice tomorrow to try them out!
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    Not read all the posts but here is my 2pc, To really get the most of what you are learning you need to be FIT... Far to many people get no where near their potential due to poor fitness. Hockey is very unique in what demands it puts on your body you really need to be a complete athlete, now that is not to say that if you are 100 pounds overweight you cannot compete as you can still do a job however.. Hockey is not a twice a week activity that you do then go off and eat shit and drink beer then wonder why you are dead after the warm up, you need to really take your overall fitness seriously if you are passionate about getting better. It can be something as simply as doing a hour of cycling 5 days of the week, you would see a massive difference in your endurance if you maintained this esp if you are unable to get on the ice to skate as often as you would like. Also remember that you gain endurance by steady excercise not full out lung busting, just watch a morning skate for a pro team it is very controlled and about going through the drills at 70% pace, I would say about 1/2 of your on ice training should be at this pace so you can gain more time during the drills concentrating on what you are doing. Again I see players trying to do things way to fast and doing it wrong then getting pissed and hating the session.
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    Is team pic ok? Nashvile Preds yellows Edges with our logo:
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    Awesome, I'm sure those guys have been eagerly awaiting answers for the last four years.

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