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    Skates - Both Supreme and Nexus have been revamped for 2016. Starting with Supreme, the 1S (the TotalONE name is essentially removed from the product) features a Titanium Curv outer (similar to the aluminized outer the 1X has, however, titanium; giving it a different look. The tongue is a 52oz felt that is sewn at the edges, with a 37.5 comfort pad backing it. The Reflex tongue inserts have been reworked into the CFlex; no more annoying button to press the insert in place. The tendon guard has also been reworked - in the latest iteration of their quest of extract more range of motion, the tendon guard comes with two inserts, a silver one (soft) and a black one (hard.) To adjust the stiffness of the tendon guard, you move it forward, and the inserts have teeth on them. You align the bottom, then snap the tendon guard back. The flexibility has been rated in Newtons - flexed out to 20mm. No insert - 26 Soft - 53 Hard - 100 For reference, the MX3 was 51. SpeedPlate, LS4 and 37.5 liner round out the skate. $949 sr/$649 jr. Comes out Apr 15th. The S190 falls in at $729 with a 48 oz felt tongue, flexible (not customizable) tendon guard, Ti Curv and LS3 steel. The S180 also features Curv, however with a HydraMax liner, flexible tendon guard (same as MX3) and LS2. The Nexus line starts out with the 1N. Bauer's studies justify having a wider based skate on the market. The 1N has been hollowed out and a bit softer - even though they have LS4, the skate comes in at the same weight as the 8000 with Fusion steel. Injected facing with locking eyelets on the 4th and 5th eyelet. Form-Fit Lite split 52/40 oz tongue with Curv insert. SpeedPlate as well, coming in at $949. The N9000 also has a Curv outer, and the boot is similar in stiffness of a Supreme 190. LS3 with a HydraMax2 liner, coming in at $599. There won't be a pro Tech Mesh option at retail like the Nexus 7000. However, the 1N and the 7000 V-Cut will be custom options. SpeedPlate will be available aftermarket in April. Sticks - Nothing new on sticks from the Fall, however, a new Vapor stick line will be covered in a separate review down the road. Helmets - EPP has been eliminated in Bauer's Elite helmet lineup. The Re-Akt 75 replaces the 7500 and IMS 7.0. 6 different foam densities in the helmet, as well as Seven+ in the rear, resulting in an 18% improvement in impact management. XRD foam in the temple area and then features the comfort foam from the IMS 5.0 on top. Customizable vent options and comes with the new Profile III stainless steel cage (same shape as Profile II) $119 standard, $159 combo. Gloves - Vapor and Nexus glove lines have been redone this year. Starting out with the 1X Pro; full nylon glove with XRD for protection, 37.5 liner and a pro ivory palm with an stamped overlay. The 1X glove features XRD with a comfort foam on top of it, 37.5 liner and due to Bauer's exclusivity with AX Suede, their new Quattro Grip palm with a wear patch (very similar to their Absorb patch) The Nexus gloves still features that 4-roll volume fit. Starting with the 1N, a pro style flex cuff and 37.5 liner, Bauer's 3-pc lock thumb, and on the protection side, Seven + is embedded in the bankrolls between foam and a PE sheet on top. Pro ivory palm that has stamps on it for grip, with mesh gussets. 1N is coming in at $189. For those who were a fan of the 800 glove, the N9000 replaces that at $129. Protective - Vapor and Nexus get the update this year - starting with 1X, which is a very interesting line. Coming from the OD1N project in which they used Curv as a protective component, the 1X line features Curv in all of their pieces; sternum, bicep, shin and forearm, making it the lightest protective suite in the industry. On the shoulder pad, the caps, front, side and rear panels are all Aerolite foam, however, the sternum and biceps have a layer of Curv. Also new is Transfer Mesh, which is a breathable fabric that accents 37.5 by allowing it to evaporate faster by allowing more air flow in key areas. On the shin pad, the shin cap is Curv/Aerolite, and the calf, wing and thigh pads are all Aerolite. Transfer Mesh on them as well. The elbow cap has a molded medium density foam outer, and features Aerolite in the bicep, but the forearm is a combination of Curv, Aerolite and HD inserts. Transfer Mesh as well with a 3 strap system. Coming in at $189 for shoulder, $149 for elbow and $169 for shin. The X900 replaces APX2, just at a lower price point. $139 shoulder, $99 for elbow and $119 for shin. The 1N has been overhauled as well. In the shoulder, the cap and sternum have Seven+ in between multi-density foam and the rest of the pad is HD foam. Seven+ is designed for multiple impacts, and in key areas, has a visible window. The shin width has been changed in the cap and knee cap as well. Seven+ in the calf guard with a PE insert for additional protection. It also features the new Tune-Fit strap system; instead of having one length on the strap, it can be made longer by adjusting it, and it can anchor anywhere the user deems comfortable. The elbow pad is a 2-pc construction with Seven+ in the forearm. $159 for the shin, $109 for the elbow and $129 for the shin. On the pant side, 1X comes in with Curv and Aerolite in the spine, hip and thigh. 840D nylon outer in the thigh and hip, with a 1+ extension fit length adjustment. There is a new inner belt system that secures the pant to the body, allowing the rest of the pant to be a bit freer for increased mobility. Coming in at $209. The 1N pant is a traditional fitting pant, with Seven+ in the spine, with molded foam pieces in the hip and kidney, and 2-pc thigh pads. 840D outer with Extension fit and suspender buttons.
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    Hey, Welcome to team POWERFOOT! Glad you like them and also have that back up pair just in case! It's great to hear you picked them up from IW, we're definitely happy they're carrying the POWERFOOT and spreading the word. Cheers!
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    Finally bought some of IW And Im sold on these. Comfort alone makes this a must for every skate. Im never skating without one from now one. I did feel like my crossovers were more.. stable. I have a 2nd set on the way for future purposes.
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    Should have a very quick first three steps then go in to a full stride. Honestly, you're looking great. Maybe try to keep your chest/chin a little more upright. Looks like you're getting decent knee bend. Concentrate on keeping your arms moving forward and backward with less of a swing/twist to them. Screen cap'd a frame, you want to keep momentum going as linear forward and backward as possible. As you can see, your front arm is curled in front of your chest and the back arm is swinging out.
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    Looks great Now when can we expect for the current RBZ protective line to go on closeout? Need new pants Eyeing the 150s.
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    Version 1.0.0


    2016 Bauer Goal Catalogue
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    Damn. Yeah, that sucks. How long have you had the cold? You shouldn't be contagious after a few days. The hospital has to have some sort of protocol to let you still go there. You might even be able to go with your dad to talk with the doctor somewhere you don't have to worry about making patients sick. Sorry if I'm repeating things you've already considered or tried. I work in healthcare and I know the people caring for her don't want you out of the loop. There's gotta be a way.
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    Our new Tournament Jerseys. They came out beautiful and look even better in person.
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    1 hour ago, GreatestAmericanBeardo said:2 hours ago, Reddevilpara said:Some Qatar International Ice Hockey League ActionBAD A$$!!!!! thats some nice camera work. i wish someone would follow ME around like this. A friend of mine who works over here with me takes them. She is a great photographer. Your comments will make her day! Thanks!
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    Some Qatar International Ice Hockey League Action
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    Helmet: CCM Resistance with white Resistance 300 cage Pants: Warrior Dynasty Girdle Shell: Warrior Dynasty Girdle Shell Shins: Reebok 20k Elbow: CCM Crazy Light Gloves: Bauer Vapor Matrix Pro Cup: Diamond MMA Skates: Easton Mako 2 w/ Skate Fenders Stick: 100 flex Bauer 1X shaft with BASE Malkin BC71 pro curve (Supernatural); ButtEndz Twirl grip Bag: GRIT Sumo GT2 Goalie Base layer: X Bionic Evo Energy Accumulator (check Sierra Trading post for up to 75% off- would never pay retail for these things, but they are nice)

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