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    How much of this isnjust hype about the latest and greatest thing? This is “old technology” that was widely standard practice like 18 months ago? Things change, but how many people are playing at a very competitive level are still using traditional radius? And, if we are broadening it to hockey players in general, I bet most people are skating on stock radius (one skate 9.32’, one skate 10.4’) that are slightly bent and then mangled by bad sharpening skills. My conspiracy theory is that the person who said that is trying to neg you into a slightly more expenensive profile. Or, is the type of person who always suggests the fancy new thing, regardless of need.
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    Naaah, it's OK. Nicholas is into hockey and is proud of what he does. Nothing wrong with that. In the corporate world, that's called an example of "best practices".
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    Bauer will also do a full custom, but it costs more than retail custom. Just like CCM full custom, you fill out the specs on a spreadsheet and can change things like facing length, stiffness ratings, and more.
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    So I randomly picked up an old OG Synergy from my stash the other day and had the realization that I’m waaaaay more comfortable and prefer the on ice feel of sticks that have a bit more weight to them. This is in comparison to the top of the line Bauer and CCM sticks I’ve been using lately. Aside from the 4.5SBP which I didn’t love as Trues don’t seem to work for me in general, do you guys have any thoughts or recommendations on good performers in the $149ish retail category? I don’t feel strongly about kickpoint location as I have no issues switching between Vapor, Tacks, and Nexus currently. Cheers fellas and thanks in advance!
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    I’m a 10 shoe and a 7 skate. I think I can fit my foot, my phone and a few snacks in case I get hungry on the bench in an 8.5. To be honest I’m surprised they still print the “1.5 size down” on the skate. Has it ever been relevant/accurate?
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    If the OP doesn’t list price limits as a factor, than you should always explain all options rather than limiting options when they ask, and specifically when they ask if the process is full custom.
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    Correct, I was only referring to the typical custom process because I was trying to keep pricing as close as possible between CCM, Bauer and True skates. Of course, you can go full custom, but the price then changes dramatically between True and the other brands. Like I said, going custom, regardless of which brand you choose, is going to be better than grabbing a retail skate off the shelf. As long as you pick a skate that matches you skating style you should be fine. Personally, the CCM scanner recommended the AS1 for my foot, which I know for a fact is wrong, and also put me in a size 8D. I wear a 7.25 EE in a Vapor or Jet Speed and the same in True, if you go by measurements. Just for giggles I let CCM build the AS1 as the scan recommended and I found the skate was overall too long and stiff for my skating style. So I think the shop doing the fitting needs to provide some input into what fits and will work best for the player regardless of the brand of custom skate you select. The pair of FT1 skates I had made custom fit like a glove and have been very nice. I will soon have a pair of the Vapor 2x Pro skates when they release and will be able to compare all of the different brands. As it stands right now, I use my true skates more than any other pair I own as they are more comfortable and I get much better edge control with them based on the position they place your foot in.
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    Probably going to be hard to find someone with expert knowledge of all 3 manufacturers who is unbiased towards all 3.
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    There is nothing wrong with that setup you requested. If it works for you, why change it? I only recommend to players changing their profile if there is something that isn't working for them or they want to alter, change, or improve. Example, I recently had a player who bought new True skates and requested his usual 11' radius. He kept catching the toe on crossovers and crossunders. He also felt like the skate was too neutral so we moved him to a combination radius with a forward pitch and also shaved the toe for him as well matching it as close to his old skate blade as possible. He loves the new setup. Google review quote "Skateworks got me fitted with a pair of 3d scanned True. The fit was perfect but the blades felt awkward. Corey and Nick helped identify the problem which for me was “too much steel on the toe” and a larger stock blade radius. The quad-2 shape they suggested is perfect. Local experts help make your skates fit and work right. Thanks /Karl"

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