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    Can anyone verify these wildly unrealistic deals that are too good to be true? The misspelled spam email I got felt kinda dicey, but I don’t think you’re allowed to lie on the internet. I have some money to burn. Just made a sweet deal with a disposed Nigerian prince, and he’s about to wire me a bunch of money now that he has all of my banking info.
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    This is an interesting article on Halak. He says he doesn't have a practice glove, his game glove has a practice palm. Game palm is too thin for him. It also says he replaces his catch glove/trapper every three weeks. Not sure what that is about considering a glove costs about $500. Article is from 2010. https://ingoalmag.com/interviews/ask-a-pro-jaroslav-halak-on-new-gloves-and-old-coaches/
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    I was using a 12' radius and just recently switched to a 13' with a neutral pitch, and for me, I love it. I had switched to a 12 with a +1 pitch last year. At first it felt like I was losing some agility in turns, but after a while I stopped noticing. Now, it feels like I've gained agility because the extra stability lets me hit turns and crossovers way harder. Since I went up to the 13' radius, I also found I could loosen my skates around the ankles for more mobility and better feel for my edges, which I feel has translated into longer strides and more power. Honestly, right now, it feels like I turned back the clock ten years and found my old legs again. Now, I'm a smaller guy in junior skates so ymmv with senior skates. But like I've said, it's been nothing but positive for me. I've even been playing with the idea of a 14' radius.
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    FFS another thread about Chinese junk sticks?
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    I would imagine. But my cheap but is looking for the old ones to go on clearance. Or at least not drop the full price only for them to be on sale the next month.

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