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  1. In relation my most anticipated price point $75-100 (US) how much of the performance trickles down the line for us dads with mortgages and kids in college?
  2. I've been in Eagles for 10+ years, one pair of 4 roll customs and one pair of X70's(my favorite) and I'm intrigued by the Alpha series. I always loved the feel on the X70 but wanted a bit less "volume".
  3. So this P30 is a totally new curve? CCM/RBK/Koho used to have a P30 - Amonte/Bergeron years ago.....hmm?
  4. It could also be a nexus vapor custom cut. But I agree with the above poster
  5. P71 was Clark and then Peca. Short blade mid curve with a 7 lie. P23 was I believe Tverdosky. Had a supreme 2000 in that pattern. Nice blade
  6. pure conjecture on my part but Bauer may have been preparing to cut ties with him pending the outcome of his investigation? Damage control?
  7. Two completely different fits in my opinion. Nexus skates are deep and generally wider in a D than the 18k's will be. The shallowness of the boot is drastic compared to the nexus. I tried and tried to like the 16k's I bought but have gone back to my old Supremes in EE. Wanting to get into nexus skates at the moment or back to supreme EE. Let me note that that is for my foot. If you fit in one you will probably not fit properly in the other.
  8. Alex Galchenyuk new Bauer boy. announced today on instagram
  9. my bad....the vents looked bigger and helmet less "round", more angular in those shots
  10. new Easton bucket in those shots as well
  11. If they can keep him past his first contract I'd say it's a good idea.
  12. according to the literature the SB is taller in the back by 3-4 mm causing a slightly more forward pitch. My son switched from Epro on 16k's to the SB on his RBZ's and felt the difference right away as well. He's on the ice 4-5 times a week and adjusted without any problem.
  13. The coots was a limited edition release on the crazy light "midnight" sticks. Since his endorsement lasted one year it was not rereleased as far as I can tell.
  14. don't forget the johnson stick and glove....nipple grip,etc...
  15. Odin and APX1 skate aesthetic very similar (other than holder)
  16. Lucic seemed very peripheral last night. Is he dealing with injuries already?
  17. sounds like the old Nike P91
  18. new ccm ribcore @ nhl media day. Per nhl instagram http://instagram.com/p/suz2o3qH-L/
  19. The quarter package of the skate has been updated with ribs for additional flex; down spec'd versions of the quarter package extend down to the 26k. You're still getting the Pump, liner and felt tongue from the 20k, however, the SB 4.0 holder which debuted on the RBZ skate is on the Ribcor - but with a black version of the SB steel. The SB Black will also be on the 30k skate as well. seems like there are not a lot of changes. Haven't seen the skate though.
  20. Oggie grip already does this. http://www.oggiegrip.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=27&osCsid=6bb5672196a5d2cbf7a6e17c565965d0
  21. Sidas non custom and Superfeet are under $50. CCM's run $49.99 IMHO no amt of money is too much to have comfortable feet
  22. wonder if this is the "blacked out" skate some CCM/reebok players are in. I know the Ribcor skate is out there but it looks different
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