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  1. one important thing I taught my son was to drop his lower hand and shoulder. Same as above said it's like shoveling snow. He has a great backhand now
  2. Lucic seemed very peripheral last night. Is he dealing with injuries already?
  3. see last year's ribcor (40k), 25k (30k), and 24k (28k) with some tweaks to the tech and they now say CCM powered by reebok. It's all part of brand consolidation, etc..
  4. sounds like the old Nike P91
  5. new ccm ribcore @ nhl media day. Per nhl instagram http://instagram.com/p/suz2o3qH-L/
  6. Had Jim Campbell (NHL/AHL) and Frank (the animal) Bialowas show up for one of our men's league team games 5-6 years ago. It was a blast.
  7. The quarter package of the skate has been updated with ribs for additional flex; down spec'd versions of the quarter package extend down to the 26k. You're still getting the Pump, liner and felt tongue from the 20k, however, the SB 4.0 holder which debuted on the RBZ skate is on the Ribcor - but with a black version of the SB steel. The SB Black will also be on the 30k skate as well. seems like there are not a lot of changes. Haven't seen the skate though.
  8. Oggie grip already does this. http://www.oggiegrip.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=27&osCsid=6bb5672196a5d2cbf7a6e17c565965d0
  9. Sidas non custom and Superfeet are under $50. CCM's run $49.99 IMHO no amt of money is too much to have comfortable feet
  10. wonder if this is the "blacked out" skate some CCM/reebok players are in. I know the Ribcor skate is out there but it looks different
  11. Influenza a in our house as of today.
  12. they're not black enough! jk...had to do it. Look good. Can't wait to see them in person. I do wish they threw a bone out there to the heel wedge though. It will be interesting to see if everyone that's been wanting to see Tacks return put their $ out there.
  13. f-ing TMJ is killing me for the last 2 weeks. Had it "fixed" when I had my wisdom teeth out 20+years ago. Came back with a vengeance thanks to hockey. Shoulder to the jaw.... not his fault just muckin' in the corner.
  14. Best part of the game was when the crown started chanting "BRING BACK THE MITES!"
  15. IMO the closest will be: CCM Tavares Easton E36 Bauer Kane Warrior Zetterberg My son goes back and forth between Datsyuk and Kane without issues.
  16. I've been under the impression that the new Iginla (or whatever it will be called) is a clone of the Bauer P88
  17. Went to my Aunt's "remembrance picnic" on Saturday. Great lady. She passed two months ago and she'll be missed. Was my dad's last surviving sibling out of 9. Her house was always the July 4th party for our extended family. A Yard full of laughing, singing(in their native language), drinking second generation Austrians. In her fading days she asked my cousin if anyone would ever remember the good old times we all had through the years. He told her that of course no one would ever forget. We didn't let her down. We started another generation this past Saturday of laughing, singing, drinking family that has reconnected and has vowed to never let the memories fade away.
  18. Blocked a shot last night and both bruising a bone and spraining the posterior tibial tendon. Walking boot for 6 weeks. Spring season's over for me :(
  19. Enjoyed IM3 despite everything Mack points out. Agreed on his PTSD "issue". The premise made sense for me but the fact that it just appeared and disappeared was a PIA. Mandarin had so much promise as I remembered in the first movie the desert villains were mentioned as "the ten rings". Kingsley did kill the part though. Ending was a bit lame for me.
  20. Back on the ice again for the first time in 18 months. Thanks rehab. and I thought I was slow before!
  21. Based upon what you described the U foam has been replaced or upgraded? Or is it the whole boot that is now mold-able similar to a supreme idea? Is the fit different through the entire line or does the old U/vector fit remain at a certain price point? I'm asking mostly for my son (15) as he loves his CCM skates and can't fit in much else.
  22. agreed with the old iginla. when it came out it really resembled the recchi IMO.
  23. I enjoy mine so far. Use it for coaching, etc..so it's not game used. Mom spent too much $ on orthodontic work for me to play without a cage.
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