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  1. Heres my brandy new One90 skates. Yes, they're stock, but they beautiful! And my new One70 shoulder pads.
  2. The smaller size is too small for me.
  3. Yeah, I used them yesterday for the first time at open hockey. I like them as they're very comfy. The only think I don't like it that the shoulder caps are alittle to big. When i turn my head to the left or right my cage will hit the shoulder cap.
  4. *Update* Helmet: -White NBH 4500 w/ chrome CCM 480 cage. -Black Mission Intake Shoulder pads: -NBH one70s (new) Elbow: -CCM Vector 8.0's Shins: -Mission Fuel 85s (i think) Gloves: -Black RBK 6K Pants: -CCM 852's Sticks: -Mission M-2 Pro shaft w/ eastton Snygery II forsberg (new) -Easton Synergy Pro-stock Langenbrunner w/ ccm wood blade Ovechkin Skates: NikeBauer One90s (new)
  5. It's coming out in december...theres a NBH holiday cat. uploaded here.
  6. Wonder if he'll get sponsered by Warrior...mhmm But congrats and have a great career!
  7. Wooops...forgot to mention..im talking aobut the boys team.
  8. A little off topic...my team played the Montgomery Blue Devils Bantam A or AA team in a Pitts. tournament last year.. You got some great photos of yourself.
  9. I was thinking so, but I meant more of how much harder on the body, like a 1-10 scale. I would think 10..
  10. David...I haven't seen any of the games but hear that they're pretty tough so far. I have a question though...are these games tough on your body physically sompared to a regualr season game or no?
  11. But look where the black mark is.....
  12. Congrats, that's gotta feel awsome!
  13. I think it's just the regular plastic stuff that many sites sell. Like here--- http://www.shootingtarp.com/store/product.php?productid=4
  14. It's not on the site anymore..is there any other way I could see the hit?
  15. I think they're the All-Star Game gloves.
  16. Those gloves looks sick!!! How much did those XXX's cost you?
  17. Flyguy...I thought prep schools were highly respected in hockey..up here in Northern NJ it is as far as prep school goes. I love playing HS games too...i love playing in front of a crowd.
  18. Yes, I have a Casio 7.2 MP and the highest ISO is 400. I have a Konica Minolta but I doubt 320 will be fast enough for the mother to take game pictures.
  19. Is it possible to have 320 as the highest ISO on a 6.0 mega pixel camera?
  20. I have HS teammates and friends who play for the wildcats. Did you play for the MAD team, JR.B or what team?
  21. What junior team in Jersey matches with yellow?
  22. I think posting the question in the roller-hockey section on this forum would get you a few more answers than it would in here.
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