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  1. you should see him and his brother on the ice any buddy have the video they can send me i want to see if ths guy is better than me :P send it to me too!
  2. Its called Perforated there big guy. I don't think many people are going to listen to what you got to say. lmfao! BURNED!
  3. Whats that plastic thingy on the first pic of the pants?
  4. I liked the older green ones, which S. Stevens had...yeah those are beutys
  5. Ti-Girl, where do you live abouts? I have some i'll post later.
  6. That's how my LHS does it with me and with everyone.
  7. Guy did the same thing to me yesterday. I looked at him and told him, "I watched the video that came with the machine." priceless :P :P
  8. Sven, you need to sharpen up your photogrophy
  9. ^no affence..but almost half the photos I looked at of the teams playing...all had there heads down with the puck..
  10. Thanks a lot man....can't wait to see the prices at my LHS to see if they are differnt than any other online places..
  11. WHere ever I go they always have it done while you wait..my lhs does it while you wait and at tournys they do it too...I think the ice house does it while you wait but idk because I have never had them done there...
  12. DARKSTAR...gotta love the little kids with the momies that have just started out and tehn they go over the the stick racka nd pick up a stick thats way to big for them and jump on the stick trying to flex it!! Ive seen about 3 of those the last time I was at the icehouse for a game..quite funny since the mother is standing right there too...
  13. This weekend I will get a game video tapped and put it up if anyyone would like. Well figure out how to get it up onto the youtube thing..
  14. Please check next time you are in there if they have any gloves in 13'' or 14''.
  15. DAMN!! That's more sticks than I can count...j/k it's awosme to get all of those
  16. Update- Helmet- Bauer 8000 Shoulders- RBK 6K Elbows- old school Jofa 3500 Pants- CCM Pro Tacks Shins- CCM Pro Tacks SKates- RBK 8K Gloves- RBK 6K Sticks- Grip Stealth, XXX Lite, RBK 6K shaft
  17. I was kidding I knew you were...but im just saying that that would be pretty crazy to see.......
  18. the only gear I buy is it when i don't need it like extra gloves or extra sticks.....but hell im 13 not exactly ''rich'' jobs I can get legally.........I have job but I can only work for other people....can only due lawn and snw jobs which i get 20$ a house for.........when the yard/house needs it
  19. SHera, that would be a crazy thing to do.....would be nice but wouldnt others want to ''get'' you since....you know.....
  20. ok, I thought I was the only one who didn't buy ALL of my stuff. People say im spoiled uz I have more sticks then them and nice skates........
  21. whbd18, would you mind if I asked how old you were?
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