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  1. ohh, well damn you...im jelous
  2. Im guessing up twords $200 USD for the usuall price or am I way off?
  3. ok, just thought of it...........but your wright, not in the mood to screw them up. I wish that they would let you do the name on it with just one pair to order and not the minimum 12 or w/e.
  4. know it's been discussed times before, but is it easy to get a taylor to put my name on the upper cuff of the RBK 6K gloves. It's a nylon glove........
  5. Did they fix the grip coming off fast issue yet? How come they took away the silver non-grip ST for seniors? I like that better than the blue or w/e it is......
  6. Am I the only one with just one pair of skates?
  7. my day pays me by hockey stuff. I way want to ask my mom to do that......great idea IMO
  8. They are custom made for Pure Hockey.They had about 25 pairs of them mixed in black(Cableknit),navy(CableKnit),navy/silver(Leather/Nylon Mix),and black/red(Leather/Nylon Mix). If you want them,Im sure if you call Pure hockey in Marlboro they will ship them. Got any that would match the Capitals jersey? My team has the same logo and jersey just differnt org.
  9. Theres a store in Edmonton that has some Oilers GU/GI gear. I'm sure they have some Cleary gloves if not they should have some other gloves like that with another name on them. If you have a chance could you check it out for me, I need 14" New Prefered. If you find some PM me. Same here. THeres no rush for me.
  10. Helmet- Bauer 8000 Shoulder Pads: CCM Pro Tacks Elbow Pads: Jofa sumtin(there lyk 3 years old) Shin Pads: CCM Pro Tacks Gloves: Easton Ultra Lite Pro Skates: Rbk 8K Pants: CCM 852's Sticks:Easton STealth Grip
  11. ^^ Thats a the most factful statement Ive heard about mess-u[ in a while.IMO
  12. ther is no way theyd be shredded to hell my bad of bad wording. i mean the same version (5000), or atleast i thought and then nieminen24 said that he wore diff bauer so i was wrong. But what model did he use on the stars?? i thought they were the 5000?
  13. jamie langenbrunner still uses his skates from when he first started in the nhl or from his high school team.
  14. Hes actually very helpful when asking questions.
  15. I like the Datsyuk curve,looks like iginla a little.\ I might get the hement,skates nad protective gear
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