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  • Skates
    G35 and 735 (735 with skate "fenders")
  • Stick
    RBZ 60 whip flex and TPS R8 whip flex
  • Gloves
    Bauer Vapour Pro
  • Helmet
    IMS 9.0 and 5500 each with Reakt cage
  • Pants
    CCM vector 08
  • Shoulder Pads
    NB Lightspeed and Itech 955
  • Elbow Pads
    NB xxv, NB 55's (RBK 9 on the way)
  • Shin Pads
    RBK 10k with shin tights
  • Hockey Bag
    mec duffle bags smaller but inexpensive and tough as nailsh

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  1. Have you been checking out the goalie store bulletin board? They have the depth there to help out with these kinds of things. Pads need to be played with a lot to get rotation around your leg. I have goalie gear that I use for shinny / pick-up when people are short goalies and it took me a while to get it right and I can't replicate it twice in a row. It has a lot to do with the laces and strap set-up... and your mechanics. Try the "No Rebounds" video for a start. My buddy lent it to me and it is worth the look.
  2. Height – 5’10’’ Weight - 190 lbs Pad size – Medium, used with Bauer Vapor Pro Gloves and Bauer Lightspeed Pro shoulder pads The 9K Kinectic Fit elbow is very similar to the previous 8K Kinetic Fit. From visual observation the new 18K seems the closest thing that Reebok has in the current line of elbow pads. Use: September 2013, playing 2-3 times a week Previous elbows used include: Nike Bauer Vapor XXV (used the last five years), Nike Bauer Supreme One55 (clearance sale cheap back-up set) and Bauer Vapor X40 (discarded) Level of play: Beer League / mixed level pick-up Fit – 8/10 The fit is comfortable overall. It took some time for the break-in to occur, but now I feel the pad forms to my arm very well and stay in place with minimal displacement, with no sliding or rotating. The interior liner is comfortable enough. The strapping system does not have a lot of stretch. While it secures the pad in place it does pinches a bit. The pinching is not enough to be hindrance, but rather an annoyance. In comparison I have been using Bauer pads with their “Y” shaped anchor strap. The Bauer strapping is more comfortable but with the stretch fabric used but it certainly does not feel as locked in and allows for the pads to rotate around the arm by a small margin. Mobility is somewhat restricted as the elbow pads are very solid and tight to the arm, making it difficult to extend an arm completely straight. There are no issues bending my arm or rotating the forearm. Protection: For beer league – 8/10 Protection is better than I had with the three piece Bauer pads albeit at the price of more restrictive mobility. I would prefer the pad to extend further down my arm towards the wrist. Used with my Bauer Vapor Pro gloves there are some gaps in coverage. For the heavy spills I have taken wearing these I have never felt sharp pain in the elbow joint. These 9K don’t flex as much as my older, and worn pads and I suspect that these accounts for the feeling of increased protection. Weight – 6/10 Weight is just a subjective measurement. Certainly there are many newer pads on the market that are lighter on an objective measurement, but these just “feel” heavier. Durability - 9/10 No issues to note for durability so far. The construction seems at least as good as my previous pads, which lasted five years. Intangibles/Other Without intangibles the pads would rate 31/40 (78% or 8/10). The only intangible is on the whole the I would suggest that the 9K should rate higher as “the sum is greater than the parts” Conclusion I don’t think about these pads anymore. Sure they felt awkward those first two or three times I wore them but now I put them on and never think about them until I come back into the dressing room to change out of my gear. That is exactly how I want them to be and I couldn’t be happier.
  3. Product Details: Blue Sports Shin tights in size “large” used over size 15 Reebok 10K shins and under both traditional hockey socks and the new RBK Edge style socks. Similar products are available under the Vice I skate, on average, 3 times a week between beer league, shinny/pick-ups and classes (more in the winter, less in the summer). This gear is aired out after each use and washed occasionally. When washed it is placed in a mesh bag to reduce washer wear. They have not been machined dryed. Fit: Fit, to me has to be the strongest selling point of shin tights. They cover a size 14/15 shin from just above the bottom of the pad to the just below the bottom of the knee cap. I feel consistent pressure across the shin in contrast to shin tape which applies pressure across the narrow part of the shin and leg where the tape is applied. The shins also have good stretch properties. As my legs expand, contract and twist, etc, I can feel there is some “give” to accommodate my actions. In comparison I find shin tape sometimes restricts actions. I first tried Viceroy shin tights in “large” but they were too tight and I couldn’t get them up my shin pads. I gave those to a friend’s girlfriend who has been using them and likes them. I tried again with Blue Sport, again in large, but after first checking size and stretch ability. There is a balance between being too tight or too loose so take your shins with you and try slipping the product onto them. FIT 10/10 Protection: The product does not enhance or add any protection, per say. They keep a protective product in place. The one consideration, under protective, is that it is easy to adjust the fit of the shins in a game; you take off your gloves, read down and adjust through your socks. With tape it is often necessary to remove the tape itself the shins shift during a game and if you don’t have new tape handy on the bench then the tape you take off seldom holds as well when reapplied. PROTECION - N/A Weight: These weight more than the weight of tape actually applied to your socks. You don’t feel the weight as it is spread out over the shins. Weight: 8/10 Durability: I had my first set of shin tights for a year. I could still use them but they were fraying and one had a number of small holes. As I like to keep a second set of gear hand for tournaments or for travelling I decided to relegate the first pair purchased to my back-up set and get a brand new pair for my regular use. I don’t know how to judge durability of these other than against a pair of hockey socks. Like a pair of hockey socks, these can suffer a lot of wear and tear before becoming useless. I have my second pair for nine months and they have a lot less wear showing than the original pair. I think they are capable of lasting for two-three years, easy enough. Durability 10/10 Intangibles and Conclusion: There are no intangibles to consider; it’s a simple product that displaces hockey tape which is, in the end, personal preference. I continue to use these because I like how they hold the shin guards in place. I recognize there is a risk of not getting the correct fit the first time, but with Blue-Sport, A&R and ViceRoy making this product you can get the right fit by taking your shins to the store and trying the different brands and sizes. If you don’t like the feeling of using shin tape, give these a try and keep a half-used roll of shin tape as back-up for the days you forget the shin tights. Overall Rating: 9/10
  4. Hermans

    Bauer X:Pro

    ABOUT THE GLOVES The gloves are the Vapor Pro Series from Hockey Monkey / Total Hockey in a size 14 and are the next iteration of what was the XPro. I typically use white cloth tape on the top of my sticks or white cloth tape with a thin wrapping of grip tape over the cloth tape. I use a mesh duffle back so my gear can dry / air out at 100 kph in the back of my truck after games. As soon as I am home I spray the gloves down with a mix of rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil and a few drops of dish soap and then they go into a Shock Doctor dryer bag. In addition to the regular spray down they have had one full washing over the past year. I shoot left. I have had the gloves since mid-August of 2012 (one year) and play three times a week averaged over a year. Most of the skates are shinny/pick-up with lots of ice time. Most of the games are mid-tier beer league (i.e. older guys playing rec and not younger, faster, more aggressive top tier play). I don’t shoot a lot and play mostly defense or a defensive forward role. Since I first used them these have been the only gloves I use. Previous glove ownership history NB Supreme 70 15’’ – I still have these, they are extremely durable and after 3+ years of continuous use they are loose and comfortable ready for more abuse NB Supreme 75 15’’ – I dislike them for being too tight in the cuff and to stiff in the thumb NB Vapor XXV 14’’ – These were my all time favourite gloves and claimed by a friend I convinced to cover back-up goal for a season for a team I was one. I miss them greatly. Warrior Projekt 14’’ – great glove when new that fit great but was the only glove that I wore out (and quickly too) FIT Since I started playing I’ve learned my preference is for a closer fitting glove with a looser cuff and I’ve gone back to the Vapour series. There is some room in the glove for movement but I don’t have them sliding off my hands at any time like I’ve experience when trying out four roll gloves or with 15’’ gloves. 8/10 WEIGHT AND MOBILITY Weight is impressive. Both my previous Vapor XXV and Project seemed lighter in use, but not for much. The fingers offer good mobility and the thumb flexes outward easily, making it very easy to open the hand and easy to close the hand. I find the flexibility of the glove and thumb is stiffer than I prefer when closing my hand but that this actually loosens up as I play and sweat into the glove each game. The flexibility becomes stiffer again, when dry. I also would prefer the thumb be able to flex inward easier, in general. The cuff doesn’t restrict motion and flares out enough that I have taken notice of the cuff during play. 8/10 PROTECTION Protection has been good. It feels or seems a step down from the Warrior Projekt but certainly on par with most upper end gloves that I’ve picked up in the store. The foams are rigid and don’t pass small impact through to the hand and can handle heavier impacts well enough. It’s more than most will want or need for beer league. 8/10 DURABILITY These are my second gloves with a full nylon shell. The shell seems to be thick and more durable than with my previous Warrior gloves where wear and fraying were apparent on my left hand very quickly. I have some discoloration and minor wear along the edges of the plastic inserts but nothing serious. I don’t believe these are wearing any faster, or slower, than my previous Nike gloves, all of which are or were in good shape when I stopped using them. There are loose threads on both gloves which speak to lack of finishing but nothing has begun to separate or require repair. 8/10 PALM There are no holes and any minor piling is taken care of with an old “fuzz buster” lint remover. The palms give a good feel of the stick and don’t become overly slimey or gross with extended use. 9/10 VENTILATION This was initially an area of concern. The gloves do hold heat. With time they have loosened a little bit and that has helped to create a bit more room for ventilation and now I am just used to how the gloves are. 7/10 AESTHETICS I like the simple two tone color way of the gloves (I have royal blue and white) 8/10 OVERALL 54/70 or 8/10 (rounded) The current list price, at $99.99, is about $20-$30 from the next highest gloves (Supreme One.8, Vapor X7.0, Nexus 800, etc) making the glove very good value as it is very close in features and quality at a lower price. I happily took the discount from Vapor x7.0 and have happily made these the only gloves I use on a daily basis. With the low wear rate on the palms I am hoping they will still be around after 3+ years of use, similar to my NB 70’s which keep on going, and going... and going. As noted above, as long as you don't expect X:60/APX level of gloves you will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Hermans

    Bauer IMS 9.0

    Background: I’m in my 6th year playing hockey and am currently averaging 2 times a week summer and 3-4 times a week in the winter for ice time. Previous helmets: I started with the Nike Bauer 1500 and CCM V04 and then used the M11 in large and medium for a couple of years (I still have the M11 as backup) and have used a Nike-Bauer 5500 in medium the past three+ years as my primary helmet. The gel pads have stiffened up on the NB 5500 and I wanted something more comfortable. Current Helmet: Bauer IMS 9 purchased mid-April 2013 giving about 8 weeks of use with about 30 ice times in total. The helmet is size medium with a large Reakt helmet. Fit: I like my helmet to be snug without any wiggle or random movement and this helmet provides this for me. The fit feels the narrowest of all the helmets I have had when I am putting it on and I have to pull the sides of the helmet outwards to fit it on easily. Once on, the helmet is very snug against the sides of my head but without any significant pressure points and one minor pressure point in a random spot. The PoronXRD pads in the side are soft, feel nice and along with the layer of VN foam covering the rest of the helmet provide for a comfortable wearing experience. Rank of 8.5 out of 10 On a separate note, the large Reakt cage is minimally acceptable with respect to sizing. The cage sits closer to the chin than I like in, combination with this helmet. If you have a “long(er)” face consider the need to try different cages for sizing. The cage did mount easily with standard hardware and has a bit more room to spare when mounted to my NB 5500. Protection: The helmet seems as protective as any. I haven’t had any significant collisions, falls or knocks that I recall and could comment on. My general thought on the protection is that the IMS9 would offer at least as good as protection from the M11 or my other Bauer helmet, the 5500. The helmet does have the benefit from having a base layer of higher density EPP like foam. I've had a good experience with the EPP foams in my NB 5500. Also the helmet has softer VN foam and the PoronXRD foam to supplement or augment the base foams. Weight: The helmet is combined with a large Reakt cage. Based on subjective observation I think the helmet combo is about the lightest I’ve had with a decided weight savings over the M11 (using the same cage) and a slight weight savings over the NB5500 (once again with same cage). I can say that with the combo does not come anywhere near the newer and lighter helmets coming from Easton such as the E700. Rank 7.5 out of 10 Durability: It is too early to tell if my on major concern is valid or not. The adjustment mechanism seems to be “flimsy” when I have it open or am trying to close it. Once closed it has held steady and having adjusted it a number of times to get the fit I want I have not touched the sizing in weeks. The adjustment mechanism should last as long as it’s not used a lot or not impaired by a direct hit. Auxiliary items like straps, hardware for mounting cages and j-clips and other buckles etc are as good quality as any I’ve seen from Bauer. Of a minor concern the softer foam on the occipital lock is fraying, or “piling” some from abrasion but I think it should last a good while and not be a problem and also how long the VN foam will stay in place against the harder, EPP-like foam underneath. If durability is the same as my previous Bauer helmet the IMS 9 should warrant a 8 out of 10 and be good for 2-3 years of use before glues and padding wear out and make the helmet uncomfortable rather than having a single particular problem that stops me from using the helmet. Intangibles / Other Items of Note Venting: With this helmet I always have some sweat that drips down the first few minutes of skating / warming up. As the game goes on I've never had any issues and don’t notice the sweat as much. In general I find this helmet vents well enough to skate through some of the warm and humid ice conditions we've been having with hot, humid and rainy weather these past weeks. white chin strap: The strap discolors quickly. It is a minor item and one I'll replace shortly. Intangibles are an 8 out of 10 Conclusion: I really just wanted to get the comfort of my old helmet and was looking to a Bauer 7500 for a direct replacement of my 5500. I tried the new IMS 9 on for curiosity and was very impressed with fit and comfort and found myself spending the extra cash for it without blinking an eye or having a second thought. It has performed well for now and if it continues to perform as well for a couple of years I’ll be more than delighted with balance of value to cost. The ranking above is 32/40 or 8/10 which would reflect, in my mind, a strong score for the positive aspects and slightly lower score for the fact that there are now lighter helmets out there on the market. For me personally it’s the best helmet I’ve had yet and subjectively I think the helmet rates higher at a 9; the sum being greater than the parts and needing to be only slightly wider in fit. For me the helmet falls short only in price. Cheers!
  6. After the gel comfort pads in my 5500 hardened I just gave into want and desire and picked up the IMS 9 with a react cage. I wear my helmets tight because I don't like them sliding around and while it originally seemed like it would cause some pinching and hot spots for being a narrow fit it 6 skates in 7 days have turned that concern aside. It does run narrow but the seemingly magical EPP like foam combined with a soft foam sets of the winning bell (ding-ding-ding). If this helmet has any durability and the soft foams don't harden any time soon Bauer should have a product that will be a long term success in the market. My only negative comment is that it is expensive.
  7. Wish they could do an FX 50 cage visor combo with titanium.
  8. Helmets - Cascade now with Bauer 4500 cage and NB 5500 with Itech/Bauer Recon full visor Shoulders - Itech 955 & NB Lightspeed pro- no change Elbows - NB XXV's with modified (shorter) straps and NB 55's (new to me) Pants - replaced CCM V08 in L with the same in M and CCM v06 continue in use Shins - replaced all with RBK 10k in 15 inch Gloves - NB Supreme 70's and NB XXV's and added Bauer 75's Skates - Graf 735 holding strong and picked up some Graf G35 I'm breaking in. Sticks - four TPS R8's are now three and I have two R6 and one R10 Add one set of skate fenders / skate guards and finally getting a proper mouth guard
  9. Hahahahaaaaaaaa. And if the LHS knew you by name and face that could be taken a lot more ways. Gotta agree with you on this. I've purchased from both LHS and online but I'd never refer someone on line. My LHS does alright by me and if taken a couple of buddies (without cars) there. If they charged for fitting I wouldn't there anymore and I wouldn't take my friends there either; I spend enough in time and gas already when there are lots of other LHS options that don't charge.
  10. how do you like the shoulder pads?
  11. lemon juice and crumpled tin foil was suggested from a teammate who swears it served her well for years of figure skating.
  12. Yo, yo, yo! That's a comment I can get behind one hundred percent. I'm happy to have had the freedom to play so much the past while to try and "catch-up". There's no filling the gap in skill between me and those who have played for so long but I'm still gonna try to do it.
  13. Fantastic! Hope you stick with it.
  14. you made a jump on the pants; everything was V04 and the pants are v10?
  15. Pink holders? We had a gal in her mid-late 40's who played the day after her (2nd) wedding. She had the pink laces and pink stick but pink holder was a place she did not go.
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