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    Bauer Total One / Bauer Supreme One.6 Black LE
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    True A6.0 SBP/ CCM Tacks/ CCM RBZ
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    CCM Pro 4 Roll - Canucks Colorway
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    Bauer Premium Large Equipment Bag

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  1. It will be worth the wait to complete the setup!
  2. Dallas Stars Equipment Sale Saturday, June 22nd 8a-1p at the Comerica Center Club Lounge! Sticks, Skates, Gloves, Game Used Items & More!
  3. I totally geeked out on Saturday. We had a chance to watch warmups from the glass (we have not really had a chance this year to make it to games early) and I noticed that 3 guys on the Utica Comets are using VH skates. I start telling my kid (who is 6) and he just looks back at me like "settle down old man" lol
  4. I started both my kids in the Lil Sport helmets. My daughter is a little peanut and she had to wear a winter hat under it for a while.
  5. Hey Buddy. Sorry I have not got back to you sooner. I will ship to Northern Ireland for sure. It might cost a bit but lets look into it. Send me an email at Matt@HockeyFightsT1D.org with your address and we can talk!
  6. Was able to launch 3 new jersey designs for Hockey Fights T1D at our fundraiser on Oct 1st. I am very please with the designs that Taylor Vause (pro player with T1D that does graphic design on the side) came up with. It has been so great working with him and having that Type 1 Diabetes tie-in with him being the designer. The jerseys are fully sublimated and can be customized with your name and number on them. They are for sale in our store. www.squareup.com/store/HockeyFightsT1D
  7. First sorry to hear about your diagnosis and glad to hear that you are getting back at it! My son who is 6 was diagnosed 3 years ago. He loves to play hockey and and it has not stopped him. He had been wearing a pump for the past 2 years and we always took it off him while he was playing. I have also seen players with a pocket sown into their hockey pants to hold the pump. We just started using the Omni Pod. It has a smaller profile and sticks on the body. We have not had any issued with it an hockey so far. There is another little girl on his team who used the Omni Pod as well. There are a few pro players that have T1D and have had good careers playing hockey. Bobby Clark, Max Domi, Cory Conacher, BJ Crombeen, Taylor Vause, Anthony Ast, and Nick Boynton are that I can think of at the moment. I also have a local friend that played college hockey as a goalie with T1D. It won't stop you from doing what you want! After my son was diagnosed he and I started an organization Hockey Fights T1D. Check out our website at www.HockeyFightsT1D.org. You can also send me a request on Facebook if you would like. DSkate is also another great T1D Hockey resource. It is geared more toward kids but is still a great program/resource.
  8. The only thing that matters. Glad to hear you had good time. Keep enjoying the game and do sweat the little stuff. Good luck at you class!
  9. Congrats on the new contract DP!
  10. Ontario Reign: Saturday, June 11 starting at 10 a.m Prices not listed. http://www.ontarioreign.com/news/detail/reign-equipment-sale-this-saturday
  11. Not sure if the Isle have a sale or if they just sell all their stuff in the store.
  12. The Hockey Fights T1D team from the 1st Annual Hockey Fights MS Tournament
  13. Utica Comets sale is May 17th. http://www.uticacomets.com/news/detail/equipment-sale-scheduled-for-may-17
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