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    custom x60
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    bauer apx
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    custom bauer four roll
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    bauer 4500
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    chicago blackhawk easton synergy
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    reebok 5k pro/ccm crazy strong
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    reebok 8k pro
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    reebok 7/8k pro
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    warrior pro/ custom harrow

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  1. We have no idea what stiffness they use. Those ribcores could be equivalent to bauer +4. Further, who knows what their internal fit is? It could be a skin with any possible option or it could be a retail boot. Can't say without examination.
  2. He uses the 033 which is the TotalOne construction
  3. Eagle will order any color you want if you give them the color code. It's just an added cost and time for the material to be delivered.
  4. They want everything that's not the most popular specs to be completely MTO to control inventory and cut the volume of SKUs for retailers. Most curves from bauer are still available with lead time and added shipping through mybauer. I've had to place orders with shops at booking for years to get p91a sticks and this honestly makes the customer more in control. Just plan ahead.
  5. Hg95 has Reebok branding but is the same glove as Hg96 with ccm branding. Imo they fit wider than hg97/98 Hg98 has the black kevlarish overlay for durability. It's used in the CHL and ECHL As previously posted XP added to any of the above means extra padding which can be upgraded foams and/or shotblockers.
  6. Wondering if anyone e can help me get a stick order placed. Looking for the following specs: RH 1x lite se build 82 flex P72 Grip Extended shafts Black shaft color (if possible) Thanks!
  7. False. P28 is the Kamil Kreps pro curve. He wore #28.
  8. VT discredited themselves with this “study” and to my knowledge has yet to be peer reviewed so I’m not sure any manufacturers or the scientists and engineers they employ are going to adjust their methodologies or products on a bogus study that’s USA Hockey marketed to everyone’s detriment. i can only speak for the company, I was with at the time but, we had many rebuttals for customers with concerns about their helmet related to what they had read in the steady and it wasn’t difficult to demonstrate how and why that information was presented poorly and how little correlation there was based on the experimental design. “This experiment represents only one methodology for testing hockey helmets. The authors admit: “there are a near-infinite number ways to test a helmet,” which could affect the test results. Therefore, this study does not prove if a specific helmet will or will not prevent or even reduce the risk of concussion if worn by a hockey player.” -USA Hockey statement on VT study
  9. I've seen them here in DC in a few shops
  10. It's absolutely a ccm skate. They have offered that embroidery for a while, they will also do the heel for pro players
  11. When you say bigger can you be more specific? I use the W05 and have never gotten a clear answer on the differences. to me it looked more mid-heel and a different lie? Pics would be awesome!
  12. Eagle will order any color you want from Pantone. It's costs $20 per color and takes about two weeks to come in.
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