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  1. Wow so they are much longer apparently. 🙏
  2. Does anyone have one of these? The sizing seems odd to me. The listed length of them seem much longer than the ccm/Reebok, Bauer equivalents. Just looking for some feedback thanks.
  3. It is like 10k but 1 stiffer.
  4. I had the Massive TIN (gold) and thought it was great until it broke. Really not sure how it did, I got home and it was cracked.
  5. Wow. I think I might try it. Did you use double sided tape to adhere it?
  6. I see on amazon and eBay four sheets roughly 22$. Is it overly complicated to do? Like molding along the skate etc?
  7. What thickness Kydex did you use?
  8. Second set is best bet but if that isn't an option bring a clothes rack. An hour between isn't ideal but just let things air dry as much as possible. Also bring some spare bed sheets to lay on ground in case it is wet or whatever.
  9. Just wondering since these seem to have been dc'ed, will they be now made by CCM or that is it?
  10. Does Chris Bourque have an alpha interior to his covert gloves? Looks yellow..
  11. Looks like Zuc finally ditched his Easton sticks. Has been using the new Vapor last two games and taping his blade white.
  12. I think it was the first time. The rangers are the Wapner to my inner Rainman, sadly.
  13. Kreider was using the 1x skates in offseason and first few games. Looks like he is back into supremes last night
  14. Any idea why some Penguins are wearing green laces in practice? Pics in their twitter. Edit: disregard. They posted why ten seconds afterward
  15. 96. 1995 era Bure. ( hope you have better luck)
  16. I got a fresh pair thanks to my wife. Wow what a difference.
  17. I am thinking about one of those in red. Tried it on at hockey giant felt good
  18. I had the same powerfoot and shim so I just transferred the shim into my new Supremes. I use the adhesive for the shim but not the powerfoot itself. Hope that makes sense...
  19. I took the shims out of a previous pair that was used for approx 3 mos. and re applied them to a new pair without any problems. Before that I had to re position them a few times before I found the best spot for me. I think it will be fine.
  20. They are. Love the stars on the cuff
  21. I like them too. Sanded long is my grip of choice. I recently ordered a russian grip to compare. We shall see...
  22. I have supremes, and I use the shim.
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