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  1. I just used something like this from harbor freight. Works fine. Cutting discs
  2. Yes I don’t want it to look like that especially him even less. I think I’ll just settle for the accents if he is the side effect.
  3. Thanks! Is there something like that for more detailed work? Like a pen version
  4. What is the best way to do this that doesn’t make it look cheap or that a toddler did it. Looking to make the white accents black. Not so much the fabric material but the PU. Thanks.
  5. Bravo and it feels good to have done it yourself. Now sell them to your friends!
  6. The only gripe w that “buffer” is the potential for the kydex to catch on laces or something else and pull itself off.
  7. Excellent work! How was working with the jigsaw? I’m sure it cuts much faster than rotary tool…
  8. So the 70 is “low kick” and 77 is “ mid”. I’m assuming they respectively play like a vapor and nexus?
  9. I think I paused the game three different times to study what was going on w those gloves
  10. Kuznetsov using Bjorn hockey blades. Are they new?
  11. Gauthier needs a fly lite holder for his head. Or just get rid of Blais.
  12. The messier cascade helmet was pretty “odd” too. By the end of the game you had corpsegrinder neck
  13. All I recall of them was messier using them in 94. Never actually tried one myself.
  14. I have a 150. Very comfy. I think the 85 is very similar fit.
  15. Yes exactly. They stay put. Do not attach. Most likely you will not get it exactly where you want and then what.
  16. What is the rationale behind outlawing baby powder? Another one of Trudeau’s brilliant ideas or something legitimate?
  17. Anyone use an FT5 stick? Not the pro. I’ve read some online reviews that make me a little hesitant to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on one of these. Often breaking with in a months time? I know to take the reviews with a grain of salt but I just want to get some other opinions. Thanks
  18. For 140$ I’d rather buy wet blades.
  19. I recently rebaked a skate and used vetwrap, aka coban to do the same. After I took off the skate I tied the laces and wrapped it and let it cool off for 24 hrs. Very snug!
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