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  1. Recently picked up a pair of Verbero Cypress 4 roll gloves. On the tag they say they are heat moldable but no instructions provided. Any advice on baking a pair of gloves at home? I searched and didn't find any info. Thanks
  2. I can only speak to the Bauer Concept III, but some games it was crystal clear, and some games I was jumping on the ice with it totally fogged. Totally depended on the temp/humidity in the rink. I loved the vision in the hybrid, but got tired of dealing with fog issues (and I tried all the recommended stuff to prevent fogging). I would be surprised if the slight change in the vent pattern really changed the performance, but I hope CCM figured something out cause I loved it when it worked. Went to a CCM flat bar white cage and I love it. Vision is great and cooler too.
  3. Yeah, that's really more my point. D3O may be amazing, but the way it is used in my particular pads it seems like a gimmick. Too little, too thin and too firm to do much. If I were to get these pads again, I would seriously look at the one step down version that just has regular padding in the elbow pocket.
  4. Hard to tell how bad it really is from the picture, so maybe worse than it looks. I have an xcore and there are small chips along the insert that have flaked off, but it hasn't gotten worse over time. Careful running your finger over that edge, they are sharp!!!
  5. IIRC didn't a lot of people have issues with the belt on the blue/grey project girdle being really short too?
  6. I am not 100% sure beyond the d30 foam in the 7092. That being said, I don’t think the d30 does anything. I have the 6052 elbows that have it, and it is so thin and hard I honestly wish it wasn’t there. I have taken a few falls where I landed right on the d30. Ouch. I wish there was just some normal foam instead. I have seen some of the newer ccm stuff has d30 lite, which actually seemed more squishy and padded than what is in mine, so maybe the new stuff is better. But my opinion of d30 is that it looks and sounds cool, and doesn’t do much beyond that. Pretty happy with the straps and the fit though. They have held up just fine
  7. I have a fitlite with white bars and it just vanishes. The flat bars really make a difference. I had been wearing a Bauer concept 3 shield and got tired of the fog issues, so I went cage. I found that there was a really obvious difference in vision between the Bauer and ccm cages based on where the bars landed. For me, the Bauer bars felt like they were right where I was looking, and the ccm bars felt out of the way. If you can, bring your helmet in see how the cages would actually sit. I was surprised how much it mattered for me
  8. LOL. I actually like REKKER even though I agree it is nonsense....no clue why, I just do.
  9. I really like my mid level CCMs from a few years back (U12's, I think). I think the newer gen Jetspeed ones look pretty similar. The absolute lightest? Not sure, but I never notice wearing them, and the shoulder caps seem protective but not bulky. The spine protection seems pretty good. As always, go with what fits you best.
  10. Yup. Surgical outcomes are generally excellent...but not always. Second point I'd make: I bet your vision in general is actually really useful with a -1.75/-0.50 combination. I am guessing your midrange and near vision is really good without glasses, and your distance isn't half bad either (as you said). A laser based procedure would likely create a whole new set of deficiencies in your near vision. I know hockey is important and all, but being able to read is pretty key for most people. CLE is an option with multifocal lenses, but I am not sure you would really gain much from a functional vision standpoint. Surgery can be a great options for the right set of eyes, but I still think you are on the right track with the RGPs. Anyways, good luck!
  11. You have probably just forgotten about the adaptation when you were younger. Give it a little time. RGPs will ultimately give you the best acuity of all of the vision correction options.
  12. I have the same thing and I don't flop. I think it is just a super high wear area.
  13. I have been surprised by how little padding in the tailbone area there is for even higher end stuff. I had a Bauer APX girdle from a few years back. Nice piece of gear except the tailbone protection was very, very minimal. I checked out a bunch of other options after some painful falls and was not impressed. I switched to Easton Pro 15 pants which have some of the best padding out there and I still wear those crashpads. Falls hurt, I ain't as young as I used to be, and I don't like hobbling around the office the next day. Good luck with the 1S. Looks like a nice setup.
  14. I have posted this a few other places, but I love crashpads. I have the 2000 series which is a mesh short with soft pads all over. I wear it over my Bauer compression shorts and I never notice it. I have to slide it up when I put my socks on the Velcro. It has a nice big triangle over the tailbone as well as well as padding that goes around the outside of your butt/ thigh that really helps with those twisting falls. It seems like all of the hockey specific pads/jocks seem to slightly cover the tailbone (but not much) and then have pads over the sides. For me, I rarely fall flat on my side, but more often slightly rotated so that my hip/backside takes the impact. These pads have held up great. I just toss them in the wash in between games cause they get pretty ripe after a skate.
  15. Have you tried ebay or sideline swap? I just looked and there is a pair of 9K size 9.5 ice skates that look pretty new on ebay. You could switch those to roller.
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