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    Bauer Vapor 1x / FBV 90/50/ Step Blacksteel
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    Warrior QRL/QR1, CCM Reckoner, Bauer Supreme 1S, Warrior HD1, Bauer Nexus 1N, True A6.0 SBP TC4, Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Warrior QRL, Bauer 1X , Bauer APX2 Pro, MIA MB11
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    Bauer Reakt 100 with Bauer Reakt Cage
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    Warrior Covert QRL
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Bauer Vapor 1X
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    Grit HTSE 36"

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    Toronto, Ontario
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    Love Hockey, Cars, Golf, and Music (Classic Rock and Jazz). Watching movies and Home Theater Gear.
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  1. Hmmm, that is really interesting. I have never had an issue with Bauer injected lacing on my 2015 1X skates but looks like Bauer has improved the injected lacing system with the materials. I will say traditional eyelets especially near the top, i have replaced many times though. Also looks are subjective, I play with a guy who has True skates and said my skates look ugly but IMO i dont think his skates look all that great. He also commented saying his True skates were very durable. i saw that his bolts were rusted and the inside liner has tears in the upper and lower heel area. I think this thread is getting to be negative towards the 2X pro and Bauer, I chose Vapor because it fits and really didn't have issues with them in the past.
  2. I just picked up a pair of these 2X pros and IMO these skates have improved in terms of comfort especially the toe box. I use the thin piece of the powerfoot insert. I like the look of these new skates and I remember when the 2015 1X skates were released, not many people liked the looks of those too. Remember when APX skates were released?
  3. Doesn't surprise me that Marner is wearing VH skates, it was bound to happen.
  4. Anybody here think, Matthews/Marner will turn out to be a Toews/Kane to their respected teams. It's great to see these rookies performing at the level they are this early.
  5. It's a combo profile and yes +1 is a slight lean forward.
  6. Nice stick, if you flex the stick, HD1 is mid kick and qrl is low kick.
  7. Was told that the black step steel is 10' profile at neutral when I purchased them. Yes my step black steel is in my edge holders and I am on 10/11 profile +1 with a fbv 90/50 hollow. My friend was on a 10' profile when he got his Bauer supreme 190's and hated that profile. He switched back to 9' profile. Let me know how you like the new steel. i am thinking of trying the blade master cut instead of fbv. My sharpening guy doesn't have the equivalent of 1" hollow but I think blademaster's equivalent is X09?
  8. Does johnny use a qrl stick with it dressed up as a hd1? What would be the reason he does that it it's true?
  9. I would wait till your new steel comes in, the edges do last longer. I skate on 90/50 and switched to 10/11 profile. I found more bite on this profile and lost no glide. I think I have better glide, better bite and have not sacrificed agility. Your gonna love love that new steel.
  10. I watch Chases video all the time and it seems both of them have more pop in their shots with this stick. It looks like it will be a nice improvement over the previous year. Its a shame the weight is a tad heavy though and wonder if it's worth the trade off.
  11. I probably would prefer the mx3 tongue myself because I heard you can change the stiffness in the tongue. There is a ton of forward flex in the vapor series and wish it was more stiffer in the tongue in my vapor skates.
  12. Those are the sexiest skates I have ever seen.
  13. I have the apx2 pro and just got the 1x pro. I would say that the 1x pro is lighter and definitely noticeable to me. Also, the 1x pro fits more snug in the fingers and backhand without restricting mobility in the cuff. The heel of the Palm on the 1x looks beefier without adding another layer. The design doesn't look like it's changed much though. I prefer the feel of the 1x pro.
  14. I had the same liner in my prior skates Vapor Xshift pro and it was already wearing down in the same area after 4 months of use and had to get the top eyelets repaired on both skates. Maybe Bauer should consider putting wear patches in the inside because the material they use on the abrasion patches seem very durable. I have no wear problems on my current skates 1X yet.
  15. Congrats Chadd, 40llbs, great job. Off topic but wow, I think FBV made me slightly more lazy because the glide is so good.
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