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  1. I love my FT4 pro shoulders, but the only thing that bugs me with them is that stupid flap piece at the back of the neck. Always catches my jersey when I put it on.
  2. I thought none of the manufacturers actually make a physical last of your feet for customs unless you're a special order (i.e. pro hockey player). I was under the impression that True used a 3D scan in conjunction with a base last and then adjust and build accordingly. I didn't think they actually make a physical 3D last from your foot scans. But again, I'm not sure of this.
  3. Just read a bunch of articles about it, and it sounds like the science is too young and fuzzy to give any conclusive evidence that it helps prevent concussions. So could be placebo and at $200, expensive placebo. It's funny....in one of the articles it said: Dr. Fisher, the co-inventor, said the lack of slam-dunk proof has allowed critics to “moan and groan,” as he put it, but no one in his family rides a bike or skis without wearing a collar. “Let’s say it does nothing, then you lose nothing,” he said. Um...I think you lose $200 if it does nothing, no? smh.
  4. Anyone familiar with this? https://q30.com I'm no scientist, but the science makes sense as it's based off research on woodpeckers and how they cushion their brains when "pecking". Not cheap at $200 a pop though, but if it can help prevent concussions....
  5. Ahh...I always appreciate your voice of reason Stick9. CCM would not say 220 for 2 minutes if they didn't mean it. Heck, it probably can handle more than that, but they need to still be on the safe side, otherwise everyone baking their skates would wreck them. I have baked many a skate on my own (I use a convection oven and a temp gun to make sure the temp is accurate) and I've never pushed higher than 220 on temp (oven turned off before I put the skate in), but I have left the skates in for more than 2 mins on occasion (never longer than 4) and I've never had any problems to date. I make sure to pull laces straight out, not over-crank them, and make sure the skate wearer doesn't move for 20 mins. The OP pic looks like an over-bake and/or over tightening of laces. And yes, just cause it's a LHS, doesn't mean the employee does it right all the time. In fact, I have witnessed myself quite a few store employees (won't name the stores), that clearly pull up on the eyelets and/or tighten too hard, and I have also seen many kids of all different ages not stay still while the boot is still hot, literally flexing their ankles. (I guess some people can't help themselves) I also agree. Use the warranty and just exchange them and then be there for the baking process. As long as you're not a serial skate returner, you shouldn't have a problem with CCM customer service.
  6. An add on here. I noticed that the AS-V (non-pro) has the traditional square shape vs the v-shape. Does the AS-V play more like the previous gens then?
  7. IMHO, CCM is just putting out better sticks lately than Bauer in terms of both quality and durability.
  8. Anybody know how much the new Tacks AS-V Pro stick compares to the previous gen sticks? Is the kick point and v-shaft significantly different?
  9. I'm biased toward CCM cause the few times I've had interactions with their customer service, they have always been top notch and very helpful/accommodating. Everything I have is CCM, except True skates. However, when these Trues are up, I think I may go to CCM customs...though I've been very happy with my Trues.
  10. Agreed. The filter can be reused. I usually just give it a good vacuum. I have replaced it once in the 4 years I've owned the machine when the filter just got way too dirty.
  11. Some of the players on your old team won't care and some will...you can't control that. But no point to be disappointed playing, especially when you're paying to play. Just switch teams and don't bad mouth or denigrate the other team.
  12. Imho, supertacks are closer to the nexus line…much more so in previous generations of both brands. As the supertacks has evolved the kick point seems to be moving from a true mid kick to more a higher but softer mid kick.
  13. Amazon has them: https://www.amazon.com/Adrenaline-Design-Powerfoot-Hockey-Performance/dp/B01E7VLMJK?th=1&psc=1
  14. Technically you shouldn't need anything beside the stock footbeds because the skate arch should be custom to your foot arch. But then again, some people like to change their insoles too.
  15. I usually wait minimum 24 hours. Sometimes 48. I know that's being conservative, but why chance it?
  16. Everyone I know who uses the Hyperlite line, have many complaints about them. Just FYI.
  17. Oh, and did anybody say to buy an edge checker? 🤪
  18. Before you do anything, get a good quality edge checker.
  19. Lol. These upcoming gear catalogs are for me, like a kid looking through a Playboy. Is that weird? Hahaha.... "Ooooh... Check out the FT6 Pro skate in the centerfold!"
  20. Old thread, but new bumps so I'll chime in. All my old True sticks, which were stored in the same place as all my other sticks, did get much tackier/stickier over time. Sticks still in great condition, but the grip feels like adhesive now. I just sprayed some clear coat on it and it's all good.
  21. A side note. I never get it why so many players (pros & joes alike) use mouth-guards as chewing toys, instead of you know....mouth-guards?
  22. My 2 cents. I'm pushing close to 50 now, and I have definitely changed my off-ice routine. Most of my workouts are now short HITT workouts (10-15 mins). They are still very challenging (going max all out), but much shorter than what I did in the past. I don't do nearly as much weight training and have shifted more to pilates style/core strength work. I still do weights from time to time, but my joints just don't take kindly to heavy reps anymore. Also STRETCH! I cannot emphasize this enough, but stretching has become so important as I've gotten older. Dynamic stretching pre-workout, and static long stretching (with timed breathing) for post workout. Beyond actual workouts, I try to focus on a good diet, getting good sleep (still working on this...lol), and reducing stress through meditation.
  23. I know people who've used the 90 day money back. How smoothly the warranty goes depends on the point of purchase seller - Pure Hockey, Hockey Monkey, etc. I know from witness that Pure makes it all pretty easy.
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