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  1. ...old thread ...but ..are there any news on a new machine ? as far as the old one , is sby still using it ? there was a manual mentioned above ...can i find it somewhere or does sby have a copy please ? thx , chris
  2. sikaflex 252 ...keeps my S17 s going for years use sika primer before to increase bondage
  3. what do you guys think there are 3 adjusters for ?? ...right ...to adjust all three of em .....none of the above answers is correct !! its like the dude in the hockey store telling me as i come in....don't touch the holder ..it's just set right !!?? ...wishful thinking !! and yes ..15 clicks within one pairs of skates w bauer steel is not uncommon ....just poor quality control/ diffrent suppliers / various grades of corrosion w aluminum/steel runners etc
  4. depending on the quality / hardness of the steel 20 passes are not enough ... i mark new step w a sharpie and sharpen 1/2" on the regular blademaster first ....then , after all the sharpie is gone ...i take it to the blackstone to get FBV w a few passes blackedge steel though is black on the surface as well , so you don`t need a sharpie here ...but it takes some time get them done right/ remove the coating totally for sharp edges
  5. kinda leather ......the better u sharpen the less u need a honing stone at the end .....till a shop rag is enough to wipe off the shavings
  6. well ..i have the same type of foot like you and the best skates for me as well were the S17 , 9W .....my current pair cracked the carbon outsole last week so I am down to one last new pair of S 17's ( stocked up 4 pairs when the last ones were available ) tried the 70k yesterday in 9D and failed ( unbaked though ) the pencil test ......the S17 gave about half a size after baking ...how would you rate the 70 K ? thx
  7. ortema ...no liquid , no fluids , no nothin... it just does the job ...made in europe !!
  8. ....i use this one https://www.bauerfeind.de/de/produkte/bandagen/knie-huefte-oberschenkel/genutrain-s.html not bulky and fits well under shins !!
  9. again ...good point ...what I`d like the mostto know ......how does fire compare to real ..., good sharpened FBV !?
  10. thx ...did as well ....if it was 100& FBV i 'd be kind a sold !?
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