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  1. That’s what I am using to track it. Seems super easy to use. Although I’m a little unclear on how selling works.
  2. I have started tracking it. I'm getting ready to dip my toes in and see what happens
  3. True, unfortunately in business, honor is an almost nonexistent entity when it comes to profit.
  4. I have tree trunk calves and need a deep shin guard. The only thing that wrapped nicely was the Supreme S190
  5. I had a great game on Sunday! I scored 4 goals and had 1 assist (for my teammate's first ever goal). We won 10-3.
  6. lost the championship game tonight. Most of their team was well above D level talent. But oh well that's how it goes sometimes.
  7. Just emailed Bill and he got back to me regarding the status of the mask. He said "We are awaiting HECC impact test approval. We did test Zero in Canada and it passed. Now we are waiting for the US final say. Should not be more than another week."
  8. did you do any bar hopping before/after the game?
  9. It is simply impossible to not have a great time at Wrigley!
  10. No offense whatsoever. It's definitely a discussion being had. It's a little heartbreaking and disappointment not being able to do it the "natural" way, but something will work out one way or the other.
  11. Thanks! We've tried the turkey baster thing 4 times with no success. So onward we go!
  12. Dealing with infertility issues is very frustrating. The wife and I now get to try the next treatment option (IVF). yay! $17,000-$25,000 out of pocket upfront before anything happens because insurance covers $0.
  13. I have not received or heard anything regarding mine
  14. I like the genre, so maybe I'll just have to power through season 1 and give it a real chance.
  15. I just can't get into it. I tried for the first 3 or 4 episodes and it didn't do it for me. Maybe I should try it again.
  16. hey guys.... I was wondering what is the proper technique to hook someone? Do you all prefer the overhand chop or side chop with your stick to the mitts of a player blowing by you? How do you properly slew foot someone? I figure I'd get these questions out of the way.
  17. The only "chirping" I do is to my buddies and they return it of course.
  18. sorry to hear about your banner day.
  19. I rented a sheet of ice for a private hockey game on Saturday night. It was a blast! It's never a bad time playing hockey with a great group of people. I really wish I would have rented it for 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours.
  20. I played in my first travel tournament this weekend. We lost all 3 games by 1, but every game was very competitive and everyone in our division was well matched, just some silly puck luck. i had a blast!
  21. Well I bit the bullet and purchased one this morning. I will do a review once I receive it and put it to work.
  22. I had my annual work review. I received a salary increase of 16%. It's great to be appreciated for the work I do and what I bring to the table.
  23. Helmet: Bauer re-akt 75 Shoulders: Warrior HD1 Elbows: Bauer Supreme S190 Gloves: Warrior AX2 Pants: CCM 4092 Tacks Shins: Bauer Supreme S190 Skates: Bauer Nexus N9000 Sticks: Bauer Nexus N9000 P92, CCM 6092 Tacks P29, True A5.2 TC2 Bag: Ice Warehouse
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