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  1. It's official. If anyone in the Denver metro area has any leads on customer service management jobs, please let me know. I think I've got 3 months.
  2. Looking like the company I work for is being bought by one of our competitors. We're not small by any means, but the company rumored to be the purchaser is multinational. There's supposedly going to be an announcement made soon. Here's to hoping the rumors aren't true. Or that at least I'll still have a job after all is said and done.
  3. Yeah. I thought the same thing as stick9 but then looked them up (I'm not a Bauer guy).
  4. You're sure they're not too big? The flex cuff portion on the new Warrior Covert QRLs keep them in place pretty well. Maybe time to try some different gloves?
  5. Haha. He claimed he liked them but it looked hilarious. I'm betting he's one slash away from going back to real gloves.
  6. Nah, they're a either a contoured or tapered fit. I tried them on and my knuckles sat halfway down the palm. Haha. He thought they were 14".
  7. So. I went to drop in tonight and my teammate Adam shows up and is all "Yeah man, I got some new gloves, they're fucking sweet man. Check it out" and he busts out these 12" JR size gloves. Lol. His new nickname is babyhands. Haha.
  8. Haven't seen it on the resistance, but I've got a teammate who put the concept 3 on a ccm fitlite. He said the key was getting longer screws. I haven't looked at it closely though, so ymmv.
  9. I see a good amount of CCM where I play. I'm curious now though. Gonna have to start keeping a tally at the rink.
  10. I dunno. You think Mission/Bauer outsells all of the 80 setup manufacturers combined?
  11. Probably not going to break the stick unless there's a defect or its damaged. They're meant to be flexed. The key to a good shot is proper form. Make sure you have that down first. I'd recommend find an area where you can do dryland practice in your shoes to get the form right.
  12. No, the refs hand out extra penalties if you try to ask them why a call was or wasn't made. They've even ejected our captain for it, telling him he can only talk to them after the game. Also, it wasn't even his follow through. He swung the stick with enough force that it bounced straight off my stick and went flying into my face.
  13. Yeah. It's definitely a matter of discipline. We have a guy that doesn't wear a cage or visor that would've gotten really messed up if it was him instead of me.
  14. It's just weird because they're usually very liberal with their penalties. They'll call you for slashing if your stick is within 6 inches of their hands. I hope they're just loosening up in general, but I really think that should have been a call.
  15. Today I'm grateful that I play hockey with face protection. Second inline game of the season (won our first game 2-0). We're facing a new team to the league, it's their first season there. We're destroying them 8-1 with about 7 minutes to go in the third. Puck lands at the half boards and I'm heading towards it at about a 45 degree angle. Guy on the other team is heading for it at about the same angle but going the other way. I just barely get there first and this dude takes a giant golf swing at the puck and cracks me straight up the centerline of my cage with the shaft of his stick. He doesn't apologize and just moves on. Ref is standing five feet away. The whole team saw him watch it happen and the ref just shrugs at me. It's not like he brushed me with it or anything. It was loud. Normally I don't get worked up over missed calls but if I wasn't wearing anything I'd have a broken nose and missing teeth. On my last face off I was against him and just kind of wrapped his stick up and shoved him out. Felt good. Haha. Final score was 8-2, but still.
  16. Keep the tape taught and lay down one side at a time while you're wrapping it. If one pass wrinkles, I pull that side up and lay it down again.
  17. Better to be chirped and chirp back than to use an inferior product. Just saying. Lol.
  18. Haven't used it, but I have been using an avision ahead elite lately. I like it a lot. It's a little warm but it doesn't fog or anything. Vision is awesome.
  19. http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_RBZ_Roller_Hockey_Girdle_Sr/descpage-CZRG.html I think CCM is phasing out this product. But the tailbone protection is great. High density foam on the inside, reinforced with very durable place on the outside. Just an FYI if anyone is still looking for something.
  20. I'm about 185 and the +1s have been great for me so far.
  21. I had that exact problem. I was disorganized and would legitimately forget I had homework. Maybe it's an opportunity to learn what type of personal organization and reminders work for you. It's an important skill that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.
  22. Have you thought about just having the eyelet replaced? I can't imagine it's very expensive.
  23. Just because some people face horrible tragedies doesn't negate what you feel and go through. Also, don't listen to those people TALKING About 3.5 being awful. 3.4 is good. I had a horrible GPA in high school because I never did my homework. Not to advocate taking such a course, but I've done just fine for myself. Hang in there and don't let the bastards grind you down. Edit: Sorry, long day. Just realized you may have meant you're at 2.5, which is about what I skated by at. Either way, same advice applies. Don't give up, and don't pay the jerks any mind.
  24. So in my inline league everyone has one bye week. This is the third time in a row they've given us the first week bye. But this season they gave us another bye on the last week of the season and scheduled us for two games on one Wednesday at 8:50pm and 10:40pm. Wtf.
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