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  1. I finally did it. After all the horrible timings and misses that led to turnovers during a game. I finally scored a goal from behind the goal line. Haha. That's what you get for leaning out too far from the post. Bounced it right off the guys shoulder. Lol.
  2. Most likely differences in materials, adjustability, durability, comfort, etc. Sorry if I'm just pointing out the obvious. Lol
  3. Not sure how well it'd fit under ice pants, but this has been great for inline (I'm not a very good skater so there's usually a couple falls and one collision per game. Haha) http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Mission_Pro_Compression_Roller_Hockey_Girdle_Sr_2016/descpage-MPCG5.html
  4. Haven't tried it, but maybe give this a shot? Almost twice as heavy as inline pucks. http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Smart_Hockey_Off-Ice_Training_Pucks/descpage-SHPK.html
  5. Yeah. It was pretty impressive until he started talking. The facial animation just didn't look quite right.
  6. I hate the rubber grip on the QR1s. Started peeling off after a month.
  7. If the vapors aren't absolutely crushing your foot, it might be worth checking out some CCM Jetspeeds. They're a similar fit in the heel but they fit better around the rest of my foot than the vapors did.
  8. Cursory search turned up this. Data was copied from www.inlinewarehouse.com Granlund curve is W05 Curve:Heel 9/16 Face:open Toe:round Length:long Lie:5 Player:Granlund, Kovalev Similar Curves:bauerP106, ccmP36A, trueHCS, trueHCR, eastonE6, bauerP02, ccmP15, reebokP36A, alkaliA47 Playability:The open face design helps elevate the puck. This curve is also great for slap shots and one-timers. Also is a solid choice for making deflections in front of the net. Lupul is W01 Curve:Mid Heel 3/8 Face:slightly open Toe:round Length:medium Lie:4 Player:Lupul, Burrows, Savard, Fedorov Similar Curves:warriorW12, sherwoodPP9, bauerP91A, ccmP17 Playability:This curve is great for passing and puck handling. Offers a large sweet spot for slap shots and one-timers.
  9. Took your advice. Got the QRL Pro glove in black and red en route. Can't believe how snug and comfortable they are while still retaining a high level of wrist mobility.
  10. I'm about your height and my L RBZ inline pants have enough room for another half of a person. I'm a little scrawnier though, waist is 34. Not sure about other brands, but it looks like CCM's XL is recommended for 38-42. http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_RBZ_150_Roller_Hockey_Pants_Sr_/descpage-C15RP.html
  11. Most of the higher end roller pants are highly adjustable. How tall are you? Length is probably the decider.
  12. I'm a terrible ice skater so I can't tell you what the right wheel setup is to emulate the radius of steel. But Labeda Asphalt are some awesome outdoor wheels.
  13. Currently trying to talk myself out of buying Warrior QRL gloves. Ive been using the QR1s for about a year and love them, but the palms are trashed.
  14. Lame! Hopefully it's all returnable. If it makes you feel any better I snapped one of those plastic hinges on the top of that avision elite after I screwed it in thinking it was supposed to move farther than its meant. Haha. Ordered the new hardware already but man do I feel like an idiot.
  15. W88 here. (Warrior's version) I like it because it's a jack of all trades. It does everything with relative ease. I'm not a great shot, but I can rip some wicked top shelf backhanders with that blade.
  16. What's that? Haha. Sorry, going right over my head. Lol.
  17. Post the hockey related loot you got or got for someone else! Edit: Technical difficulties with the images. I've wanted a Lindros jersey since I was 6. Probably the nicest jersey I own now. Been wanting to try a visor, but I like my teeth. Fishbowl it is!
  18. As an Avs fan this season is basically dead to me. Lol. But it is really cool to see what the Jackets are doing. I definitely did not expect this, even after they acquired Seth Jones. But I've never paid much attention to them before. It's crazy.
  19. Damn man. That's an awful streak. Hang in there.
  20. On Monday at work I was missing 80% of my staff. So I had one front line guy working cases and calling clinics about issues with patients lab work (I work in a preanalytical department for a medical laboratory doing problem resolution). So I figure as the boss it's my duty to jump in and help him so he's not overwhelmed. I also had to do all my supervisory duties. I come in today to check the numbers from the day before come to find out I worked twice as many cases as my employee did and resolved ten times as many cases. I'd accept a slight discrepancy but we're talking 47 vs 105 here. I've had problems with his productivity before. I just can't find a way to light a fire under this guy. I just want to hook him up to something that will zap him when he starts getting sidetracked or slows down. He does great work, but he moves like molasses.
  21. I think it's too early to blame him. They spent three years playing with no structure. Old habits die hard. I know it's different due to the NHL coaching experience, but look at the blue jackets their first season under Torts vs where they are now.
  22. Varlamov was straight up bad early in the season. He looked like he was going to be headed for one of his inevitable early season groin injuries. He has some good games under his belt now, but he's been super inconsistent. And has now been out for 3 games with one of the aforementioned groin injuries. The rest of the team seems to have quit offensively. They cap out at about 2 goals per game.
  23. Yeah, I'm still not entirely sure how Roy fits in the whole picture. We were definitely sliding further down each season with him. I feel like we would more or less be in the same spot with him. If he had the input on players he wanted and didn't want, who knows? Maybe it would be different. I agree there's no simple solution, but someone has to do something. The games elicit zero emotion from me right now. I still love the team, and I'll still watch. But it's rough right now.
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