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  1. Nail polish remover works fine. O used it on my Super Tacks. The ones that are pictured.
  2. No clear on them. Just glossy screen printing.
  3. Those were my skates that I sold before getting the FT1.
  4. I have only seen the Cypress skates which are a very low-cost entry level skate. They seemed decent.
  5. I hope it's not that silver honeycomb mesh color. That would be terrible.
  6. I have removed graphics on CCM Super Tacks before and it was very easy. I am considering doing the same with a pair of JetSpeed FT1 skates but am not sure what the skate boot itself looks like under the graphics. Has anyone seen a JetSpeed FT1 with all of its graphics removed? The Super Tacks looks like carbon fiber composite and is very pleasing to the eyes.
  7. Consider any trades or selling only?
  8. Digging up an older thread. I have recently been playing around with various profiles and sharpenings. A friend recently purchased a Pro Sharp machine and I now have the ability to mess around with the Quad 0, 1, and 2 profiling. As I used ZC in the past, I wanted to give it a try again. From what I remember when going at slow speeds or cruising it felt like the steel had no grip in the ice, almost like you are floating on top. It was only when you engaged the edges that the steel would bite into the ice. The feeling of floating on the ice was unusual to me and I could not adapt to it but reading through this thread it seems perhaps I should have gone with a different width and depth of ZC sharpening. I personally don't feel any benefits between FBV and a standard ROH and skate on a fairly flat radius, 5/8" on hard ice and 3/4" on soft ice. I cant find specific details and was hoping someone could point me to some documentation or articles I could read about the various ZC combinations and such. Since I am doing this all myself I appreciate any information that others can share. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dang it. I was really hoping to see a "how to" for putting that H in the back of my $1000 skates! Now I will just have to try it myself so I can get maximum flex! lol
  10. I am literally stumped looking at the H Cut. Before I go on a rant saying "you ruined a pair of $800+ skates for why!?" I would also like to hear more about this. I have never once seen a pro or novice with such and I have played at all levels of hockey.
  11. I wonder what composite they use that is different compared to a Super Tack or JetSpeed skate. I guess it could also be the glue and such as well and not just the composite. In my JetSpeeds, I started to get sweaty and began worrying around 3 minutes. I feel like 3 minutes was not nearly enough time for the skate to bake fully so it wrapped the contour of my entire foot and ankle.
  12. Looks at his pic, it says 15-20 min.
  13. Wow. They have you bake them for a long time comapred to other skates. For example, the Super Tacks and JetSpeed FT1 you only bake for a couple of minutes. I think Bauer is about the same, a few minutes. I'm kinda shocked they quote 20 min at 180 degrees!
  14. I may just pick these up to do a video review. I recently reviewed Step, all versions, for the CCM SB 4.0 on a JetSpeed FT1. It wild be interesting to see how these compare. Are they are tall as factory or taller like Step? I like the added height so I hope they are tall.
  15. I'm sorry, but this doesn't make sense. If I have a LS Edge holder it can accept LS 2/3/4 steel. LS 2 steel has an entirely different profile than LS 3/4. By default, you have to have some standard I imagine.
  16. My assumption is you will get your blades sharpened less often thus having a much longer blade life. But overall, once you hit a specific point, you would swap the steel as the flare would be insignificant.
  17. Are any well-known professionals using these? Are they approved for use in NHL and such?
  18. Agreed. Steel quality has gotten better but no major changes have really evolved since the Paul Coffey era. He was the last player I know of that was known to constant play with this skate design. Profiles, steel types, holders, CAG, ROH, you name it. He tried it.
  19. I recently talked to someone who was using custom steel that was wider than normal. I forgot the name of the company but someone pointed me to this product https://flareskateblade.com Has anyone seen or used these? I am fascinated by the idea of wider steel. Note: This steel is not the same as the person I skated with using the custom wider steel. Maybe someone knows of the other companies name? The steel was about 1mm wider and it did not flare like this brand.
  20. Want to sell the Mako CXN steel separately?
  21. I really like the FBV, but whenever I lose an edge I can barely skate whereas with a traditional ROH I only lose some bite but can still skate.
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