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  1. I’ve held it. It’s neat, but a gimmick, IMO (especially at that price point). Let’s hope it stays in one piece. Bauer is trying to become the “Apple” of the hockey industry. The “Bauer Tax” is quickly becoming a real thing.
  2. The “tennis shoe” comparison was a bit over the top. My apologies. I don’t recall the tongue containing memory foam. The tongue is however, less “rigid” and a bit more “plush” than the previous Vapor tongues. It still has lace bite protection. I usually hate Bauer tongues (I use the CCM XS Slim and love it), but this tongue was one I could see myself skating with. Not allowed to say anymore about the boot, sorry....or the new LS steel 😶.
  3. Yes, same height and fit. They increased the forward flexion and overall flex of the skate. It’s a nice upgrade. I LOVE the new tongue. It’s almost like a tennis shoe tongue. Here is a higher resolution pic so you can see what is on the boot (mods please delete if necessary).
  4. FYI, this isn’t the actual graphics package. They’re just showing you the features of the skate. Someone leaked the Ultrasonic early last year at Bauer World and they were pissed. They’ve decided to not release the skate OR stick graphics package until June/July. The Hyperlite skates I held were the same as above. Even the rep has no idea what they’re going to look like. However, the rest of the line has a very simple, non-flashy design. Think original Supreme TotalOne. They look great.
  5. No problem. They’ll work fine for you. PM “SkateworksPNW”. He’s located in that area.
  6. The FT2 heels were the snug ones that squeezed my heels/achilles tendons. The AS3 were wider and did not squeeze. How skinny? IMO, the entire CCM line has narrower heels as compared to the rest of the market. You should be fine. Did you use the Bauer Fit Machine to see your general measurements?
  7. To me, the AS3 heel was noticeably wider as compared to the FT2/FT490, which actually squeezed my heels out of the box (but opened up nicely after baking). Skate tech advancements have been incredible over the past 3-4 years (I stopped playing during that period). Also, It’s about time someone offered a “AAA-ish” heel for “modern” skates at the retail level. It only took them 25 years.....
  8. JR, I didn’t realize this was currently going on. My sincerest best wishes to your wife and mother. Small-Cell Lung Cancer is a tough one, but she’ll get through it! I know I don’t frequent these boards anymore (Hockey is non-existent in MS), but if you need anything, feel free to drop me a message. -Chris
  9. I still laugh at his creation of the word “toemosexuals”......
  10. He had the best twig collection too. Especially those Hull MM-ZBubbles 🤤
  11. Howdy. It’s nice to be missed ;) Currently, the closest rink is in New Orleans (~2hr drive), so I haven’t laced them up since July. Hope you’re doing well Neo! I’ll try to stop by more often.
  12. 100% Disagree. This screams "West Point knockoff" to me.
  13. I'm a huge fan of the logo and color scheme, but I have to agree with JR here. "Vegas" alone just doesn't seem right.
  14. I've found that it feels stiffer than the Reckoner did.
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