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  1. This is how you improve balance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owfncaJxKvY&t=49s If anyone is interested, we're having a camp in Clearwater, Florida from January 2-4, 2019. First time in the US.
  2. Dude, I could only make it half way through the trailer.
  3. My point was that if he has good heel lock there's no reason to overtighten a skate.
  4. I use Bond 527 multi purpose cement on the toe of the stick. $4 a tube and holds up fine for me.
  5. I would strongly advise against tying them tighter, especially if his one foot is a medium ankle depth. That is a recipe for lace bite. If the Bauer fitting was correct, normal lacing should provide plenty of heel lock.
  6. Have you had any experience with the white Warrior Pro Series elbows? Seems to be a lot of pro stock ones floating around the internet.
  7. Just received my hat here in florida (rules, who needs rules). Thanks to CCM. Win.
  8. Important piece of gear, the elbow pad... often the first line of protection. My trusty Jofa 9144's are ready to be retired. Is there a new pad that stands out? Unlike gloves/sticks/skates, it's hard to tell what the pros prefer. I noticed the weights on modern pads are quite low, often 200 or 300 grams per pair lighter than my 9144's. But I looked at Bauer's top Vapor 1X Lite, and was shocked by the light weight. Unfortunately, I was also surprised at its lack of protection and poor overall construction. Thinking about the CCM Jetspeed FT1. Any opinions on elbows pads?
  9. Absolutely worth it. I work the Swedish group JRM Skate and Skills (check it out on youtube). We now have these camps for adults (next one is January2-4 in Clearwater Florida). It's a great way for quick, sustainable improvement.
  10. Wow. 41 anonymous reviews with an average rating of 5/5. Highly believable. Where can I send my $300?
  11. I use Bauer vapor X700. Light, cheap, and offer enough protection you'll ever need (use them for A league play). I saw a locker room shot of Ilya Kovalchuk from last year. He was using X700 in KHL.
  12. Have not received my hat. I'm liking my Bauer hat more and more.
  13. I remember the real original Pops Kenesky (whom this company acquired the name). Back in the 1970's, a goalie friend of mine scraped together every penny he had and hitchhiked from Philly to Hamilton,Ont. He sat at Pop's door until he made him a set of pads. He came home a couple weeks later with a set of custom pads. Didn't help him much, as he never played anywhere of note. Goalies are so weird.
  14. Why would you buy one of the SL when you can buy an actual pro stock stick for far less.
  15. Good choice for the Caps, but I think this year they'll need Dale Hunter back.
  16. That narrows it down a bit. From what you're describing, it sounds like the arch support isn't right. Your foot isn't sitting naturally, causing the muscles to not work as they normally would in order to compensate. I would suggest getting a thin super moldable insole ( I like Bauer Speed Plates) and re-baking your skates at least 2 times in your home oven ( it's easy,just follow instructions on youtube).
  17. For once, your mom is not right. All skates do not hurt. Hard to pinpoint because it isn't clear about the type of pain. Is it a feeling of something rubbing/pressing against your foot, or a dull but intense radiating pain? If it is the second one, chances are it has something to do with the arch support. Maybe focus in on the insoles.
  18. I'm going to agree with Nick Kypreos on this one (can see on youtube). Note to Ekblad: when a guy squares up with you after he's had enough of being slashed and hacked all night, be ready to defend yourself. This is hockey.
  19. Correct. He seemed to be a lock to go to Vegas, but ends up with their biggest competition for basically a few lower end players and conditional draft pix.
  20. I'm sure Vegas is pleased about this trade.
  21. Is it just me, or does it seem like Adidas puts zero effort into designing these jerseys. I'd swear Adidas just tells the evening janitor at HQ, " After you finish cleaning that last toilet, design a few of the NHL jerseys before you leave. And don't forget to change the roll."
  22. ……..Or he has been offered a piece of the expansion Seattle franchise.
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