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  1. A lot of Trigger pro stock sticks come without the concave shaft.
  2. HG= hockey glove HG12 model is the most commonly used NHL model, even though it's been dc'd for years.
  3. I teach at a skills camp and have never worn any protective gear, just skates/gloves/stick and, depending on where the camp is, helmet. As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I'm looking for some minimal but effective padding for hip/tailbone/elbows/knees. What are you guys wearing? I'm thinking about some non-hockey specific gear.
  4. …..and time to cue up the old soviet classic, "The Coward does not Play Hockey":
  5. Stuff is just stuff. It's up to you to find joy in the game. Perhaps you're becoming all millennial, and it's now all about the experiences. Do you find happiness in scoring a goal, making a nice sauce pass, or drilling the goaltender in the nuts with a clapper? (sorry, IPv6Freely)
  6. ………. …..and what were those All Star unis? The white jerseys paired with the dark socks and miss matched pants stripe were low level beer league at best. Compared to what Notre Dame and Michigan had on display for the outdoor game. Not even close.
  7. This is round 2 of the prosharp experiment for me. My first taste was with the Zuperior S. It was a tremendous eye opener for me (you can find it on the Triple Radius page). After reading the benefits of the Quad1 on the prosharp page, I was super excited to see if the Quad1 could be even better than the Zuperior. The Zuperior was a clear upgrade over my non-profiled blades in all areas, and especially in terms of glide. To be honest, however, the Quad1 was a let down. The great glide I felt with the Zup was gone. It felt as though my skates were sunk in mud by comparison. Acceleration was better than non profiled, almost on par with the Zup. Stability was good on the Quad1. Mobility was not great, and seemed not as quick to react versus the Zuperior. In general, the skate felt heavier, and I caught myself over emphasizing strides and crossovers. This was quite evident when I was doing a drill where I did a tight figure 8 pattern consisting only of small quick crossovers (foot speed edge drill). As for sharpening, the same 3/4ROH was used on the Quad1. For me, the Quad1 lacked the speed upgrade of the Zuperior S. Acceleration: 3 Mobility: 3 Speed: 2 Stability: 4
  8. Me too. Never thought much about it. I just shoot 'em and pass 'em.
  9. Posting stuff about future releases is also not fair to the folks trying to make a living selling the inventory they already purchased , as it would be "obsoleted" by the "next best thing".
  10. Please reread my post. Focus on the word "small".
  11. No. Between sharpenings, your edges wear differently. For most, inside edge will wear quicker. If you invert the steel, that puts the duller edge on the outside edge. As I said, small negative, but can easily be rectified by stamping a logo on. My Tydans have size stamp in same spot on both blades, so you can't tell right/left.
  12. I bought a pair of Tydan steel from JR as part of the ProSharp project. They are noticeably better than Bauer factory steel in every way. I would estimate the Tydan blades hold an edge about 4x as long compared to the Bauer. If you're still using Bauer factory steel, I would consider the alternative for economics alone. The performance benefits are a bonus. The only small change I'd make in the Tydan would be to put a logo on at least one of the blades to make it easy to identify left/right blade if you switch out a lot.
  13. This, exactly. 310 better in every way.
  14. Went to Philly for Christmas. My brother got me a Gritty bottle opener. Can't beat that.
  15. Taking figure skating lessons will not translate to hockey as well as taking good hockey skills/skating lessons. Where do you live? there are no hockey skating instructors?
  16. Triple Radius: Zuperior S Steel: Tydan 263mm About me: Age 56. Former Junior A, 4 year NCAA player, played a bit in Europe, decades of senior A, currently play local A beer league and participate in US Nationals in 50+ Tier1. Can play all 5 positions, but prefer forward. I have a confession: I'm a bit of a skate radius caveman. I've never had a radius done on a skate. I would simply use 'em right out of the box, when they started to lose grip, put an edge on them. I have a Wissota 911 sharpener in the garage and do my own sharpening, but never really thought about radius. I'm working with the Swedish skills group, JRM Skate and Skills, and one of the guys thought I was crazy not having a radius dialed in. So when I read about JR's program, it seemed like a logical decision to try. So, my intial test is really a comparison between custom radius versus "absolute random" radius. Result: I use a 5/8 ROH normally, but JR suggested that I go with a 3/4 ROH. With that change, I really didn't know what to expect when I stepped on the ice for the first time. The result was shocking. Glide was absolutely improved. A lot. If I had to quantify, I'd say 5%. The blades felt a little longer, so it did take some time to get used to. Stability was improved ,as I actually felt more solid in puck battles along the boards, and I felt like I had an extra first step on reaction plays (better acceleration). As for grip, the 3/4 hollow had more grip than my standard 5/8 on the control steel, so coupled with far better glide is a great upgrade. To prove this was not placebo effect, I skated on the Zuperior S for 4 days, then switched back to the non-profiled. I popped the nons out after about 3 minutes. Zuperior was superior. I'm kicking myself for not trying profiling sooner and encourage others to try it. Is Zuperior the best custom radius for me? Don't know. Looking forward to trying a Quad next. One thing I'm certain: a custom radius can improve performance over a stock radius and it's foolish not to try. Acceleration: 4 Mobility: 4 Speed: 5 Stability: 5
  17. Naaah, it's OK. Nicholas is into hockey and is proud of what he does. Nothing wrong with that. In the corporate world, that's called an example of "best practices".
  18. Wilson looks like he just spotted Ryan Reeves coming over the boards.
  19. Check out this presentation on the ProSharp technology: https://issuu.com/elinmalmsten/docs/script-tryckfilus_64e6b4f0ed3b15 I've got a lot of hockey experience. Never had skates profiled. Just got my first profile from JR's program, Zuperior S. The difference was shocking. The improvement in glide was unbelievable. Highly recommend.
  20. This I don't understand. How do you love the fit if they are 1/2 size too big. Don't be caught up in skate marketing hype. You have only been playing 4 months. Going to a stiffer, more built up skate will actually hurt your skating development. I would bet you haven't developed the mechanics to utilize any of the performance features yet. I would suggest getting a proper fit and improving on a lower end, more flexible boot. Spend the $$$ you save on skating skills classes.
  21. Yes, exactly. That's the way it should be. Flex is super important for everything you do in skating. I would say the better the skater, the more they flex the skate forward.
  22. Ended up with the CCM Tacks 7092. Perfect amount of protection and mobility, very similar to my Jofas. One note: CCM run smaller than the Jofa, my Jofa are medium, CCM are large.
  23. Yes, that's normal. Modern skates are so stiff and come up so high that you need that bit of room so your leg/ankle can flex forward properly. I wear Supreme 1S so I understand what you're talking about. Sorry about your thin arms and legs, but you can work on that.
  24. DO NOT wear a tee shirt. The most important layer is the base that wicks away moisture. Something like those made by Craft. A tee shirt will get soaked, then you're done. Next, a light insulator, like a thin fleece. If needed, ultralight windstopper shell (that breathes). Hat. Light gloves. I've raced Nordic ski events for 4 hours in -60F wind chill temps with that set up.
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