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  1. Most gyms have a sign at the door when you walk in: Proper Footwear Required. Don't think these qualify. I watched the Frankenstein exercise clip on their site. At about 50 seconds, the guy slips several times on the hard surface. I'm all for new ideas, just not stupid ones.
  2. I learned that PBH is a pretty big hitter. Having a 2600 stick inventory, and selling them, in Nevada is impressive.
  3. Good! That's the one I ordered on ebay last night.
  4. What product do you use to repair the nylon on the fingers/back roll of your gloves? I'm assuming some type of self adhesive nylon patch? I've got a pair of Jetspeed Pro Stocks in perfect condition, except for tears /worn nylon on the finger knuckles from demo-ing skills training. Looking for something that is abrasion resistant .
  5. By then, there will probably be a new Jetspeed.
  6. I think you're really overthinking this. The holder isn't supposed to be centered. It's supposed to be mounted towards the inside of the boot. Also nothing wrong with the upper. And yes, runners look a little rough when you get them after they stamp them out and rough grind.
  7. Bring back the California Golden Seals! Actually, I'm surprised the San Jose Sharks haven't rocked Golden Seals uni's with white skates at least once.
  8. If it was a new Jetspeed, it would probably called Jetspeed FT6 (they go even numbers). Without a pic, I'm guessing it may be the new Tacks ASV Pro with custom graphics, as the custom graphics thing is one of the features being marketed.
  9. Would love to see CCM, but if I had to bet, I'd go where the money is: Nike, unfortunately.
  10. Don't know if you already attempted this, but if it's not too late, don't do it. I played in the era where we always had to torch a blade. No way you can change a lefty to a righty. First, you'd dry out or burn the wood. Secondly, the fibreglass doesn't stretch, the backside fibreglass of the blade is longer than the frontside, so it would buckle. . It will also become unstuck to the wooden blade. Better to just same it as a relic of what the cavemen used before there were composite one piece sticks.
  11. I'm curious, why do folks favor the 70K over the 80K ?
  12. They'll be going Canadian.....Lululemon. Picturing Brent Burns modeling the off-ice team issue yoga tights.
  13. Nice find. I guess he can afford to pay retail.
  14. I filed a claim with sidelineswap, getting a full refund. They paid return shipping to Laval, Quebec. SLS had no interest in pursuing the matter further, and neither did CCM. So I'm guessing the guy will put it right back in inventory and sell to someone else.
  15. This got me really curious, so I called CCM in Montreal , described the situation, and gave them all codes/serial numbers/etc. They said they are "100% absolutely certain that this is not an FT4 Pro, and quite possibly not even a CCM original product". Quite a few lessons learned here.
  16. Well, I talked to the local CCM pro rep. The RY construction is the "Team" model, used by some AHL guys for practice due to its durability. About half the price of the real FT4 Pro. I guess that's why the guy didn't show the label in his listing.
  17. Just took delivery of a new 85 FLEX pro stock CCM FT4 PRO stick purchased off Sideline Swap. As soon as I unwrapped it, it didn't feel right. Heavy. I weighed it on a digital scale, 423 grams. In the closet I have a new FT3 PRO, which weighed in at 379 grams, even with a 3 inch longer shaft. The name plate has no name, the serial number script is also different. What might I have here, a cheaper FT4 PRO TEAM stick? A counterfeit?
  18. I would re-bake the Jetspeeds and give them a few more skates. One ice session probably isn't enough time to have the heel padding compress and for your heel to pack in. This may fix your problem if the heel settles back a bit. It may not be that your foot is too wide for them, your foot might be a bit too far "forward".
  19. I currently wear pro stock FT1 and pro stock ultra tacks, both in 14 inch. The FT1 are noticeably smaller fitting than the ultra tacks.
  20. They will probably release them in the spring, and consumers will be able to buy them sometime in 2023. Just like everything else due to supply chain shortages.😪
  21. Can't really use PS as a comparison to sticks, because Sony sells them at cost or even a slight loss in order to drive software sales (which is where the money is).
  22. I had an interesting discussion with someone from Bauer a month or so ago. He told me that about 70% of the pros wearing hyperlites this year are actually wearing 2Xpro's with a hyperlite aesthetics package. Some are still using the 2Xpro graphics, which won't be offered after the 2021-2022 season. His point was that the pros find something that works and they don't like change. For me, it says a lot about the real life advantages of hyperlite features.
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