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  1. Probably the best short answer is to sign up for a level 1 USA Hockey coaches clinic and do the U6 age specific module. The modules are $10 and will give 3 or 4 hours of age specific guidance on the topics that will help you.
  2. Okay, this one is a bit odd. I store my sticks in the garage, and in the summer it gets quite hot (probably 100 degrees F). I've got about a dozen sticks, mostly CCM, a couple Bauer, and two True (A6.0 SBP, A5.2 SBP). For some reason , the 2 Trues have become incredibly sticky. I'm talking "if I hold my hand out with the palm facing down and open my hand, the stick stays stuck to my palm" sticky. They are unusable. All other brand sticks are perfectly fine. Anyone else experience this with True, and how to fix? I tried soap and water, did nothing.
  3. For the situation you mentioned, any certified helmet is fine (I use a CCM 310). You should be equally concerned with elbow protection. I wear these G-Form elbows made with D30 or similar. They are actually for downhill mountainbiking, but are lightweight and you don't even know they're there: G-Form Elbow Pads G-Form Elbow Guards | G-Form
  4. OK, so I have a beloved pair of Bauer Supreme 1S in size 7D. The fit is perfection. In the current Bauer line up, what model would be most like them?
  5. I thought that was a fitting slogan for the pandemic year of 2020, and had to do with their inventory levels.
  6. I've never heard of bottoming out. Am I missing something?
  7. I think you have to change your mindset. In reality, Step Steel makes a high quality product and I don't think there is anything to gain by spending more $$ on a replacement. You have to look at it from the perspective " Steel is good. Check. The issue lies with the profile or ROH".
  8. These are fantastic. I believe they used to be branded "CCM", but same thing. Thin, durable, and the knee height keeps your shin pads looking cleaner and lasting longer: Elite Pro-Liner COOLMAX Hockey Skate Socks - Ice Warehouse
  9. I've found that the best (and cheapest) way to ship sticks is to go to USPS. Take 3 of their (free) Priority Shipping long boxes, tape, and ship.
  10. I hadn't really thought of Graf, but I just saw these PK7900 and they look pretty good. Anyone see these first hand?
  11. A $400 helmet will reduce concussions better than a normal helmet. .....because the buyer will have less money to spend on actually playing. Finally, a groundbreaking innovation in helmet safety.
  12. Here is a good illustration of why you don't want to cut the thumb loops:
  13. ......But, of course, everyone needs to skate at least once in one of these:
  14. I wore 4500 for years. Then switched to V08, as it was the only one that fit similarly. Then went to CCM 310 and game over. Way more comfy with the pillowy soft pads.
  15. I think it's a bit overkill. If they are going to offer 3 fits for a skate, they don't need three different lines (tacks/jetspeed/ribcore or vapor/supreme/ phased out nexus). That has to make it brutal for retailers to stock inventory, and not really necessary.
  16. I know. Once he got the yellow stone, doesn't that mean he can blow up half the universe?
  17. Looks like master deker has graduated from real life coward to internet tough guy. Not really worth any more discussion. And its probably time for his mother to bring him his smoothie.
  18. ....just turn the helmet sideways when wearing it. Problem solved. Can we now agree to draw the curtain on the Helmet Safety Summit?
  19. Well. said. If anyone is interested in reading a book on this topic, Game Change by Ken Dryden is fantastic. He chronicles the life of Steve Montador, while really getting into the concussion crisis in the NHL. He does a great comparison between "old time hockey" and today's game. And he offers some actionable solutions. No pulpit blathering for Mr. Dryden.
  20. Interesting statement. I work in the field of medicine (infectious disease), so I'd like to think I support advancements in technology and support health and safety, LOL. How 'bout you? If by "every safety topic" you mean that I stand behind the fact that you can't eliminate concussions by changing a helmets design, I'm sticking with the time honored principals of physics and physiology. You can't eliminate concussions with a helmet. Better to focus on rule changes and player technique. I suggest you reread my initial statement. There are risks in life. Sometimes things happen, and you can't blame someone or something.
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