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  1. Sadly, I saw this game live on the MHL YT channel. In the context of the game, it really didn't look like much. In fact, the other players didn't seem too concerned. I commented to my wife I had been hit in a similar spot (but a teammate shot) in Juniors (and we didn't wear facemasks). It resulted in sewing the upper front of my ear back, but not until the ER reshaped the ear with a hammer. Painfully, this tragedy was a one in a million thing that just happened. Even with good equipment, playing the game properly, there is a risk, however small, that something bad can happen. It's not time to preach re-engineering of the helmet, rule changes, or anything else. It's best to reflect on how fragile life can be, and to try to be good humans. RIP. 19 years old. Tragic.
  2. I don't really understand the analogy. In a hockey skate, your ankle/lower leg are bound. Again, there is no such thing as "weak ankles" when it comes to skating. I don't know if you've ever taught ice skating, but it has nothing to do with the feet/ankles. We don't even really consider them. Teaching comes from the head down, the edges/feet are the biproducts of proper body control. @YesLanges has it correct.
  3. I work with the top skills group in Sweden, JRM Skates and Skills (check out our videos on YT or IG). There's really no such thing as weak ankles, it's not anatomically possible. Just either poor fitting skates or poor body control. Without ever seeing you skate, just basing on your description, I'd say try a new modern skate (way more comfy now), don't lace the top eyelet (today's skate eyelets are much higher), and bend you knees more.
  4. Is it my imagination, or does that ND guy's bubble look abnormally large?
  5. The ProSharp profile really lasts about 6 to 8 sharpenings. It all depends on if you use a really light touch when sharpening. To understand it, the ProSharp system basically uses a grinding wheel that follows a template that makes multiple very tiny radii on the blade (think of it as tiny peaks and valleys). Every time you sharpen, you take off a bit of steel, each time dulling those peaks and valleys. ProSharp profiling is fantastic, but the profile doesn't last forever. I have a Wissota 911 in my garage, and have my profile put on by a pro 🙂
  6. Lean forward more, knees bent so they are ahead of toe caps. Sounds like weight is too far back.
  7. Work? You must not know any good skills coaches. Good ones make it fun and it's the best way get improvement. You left out JRM. I've heard those guys really rock. 🙂
  8. Firstly, good job on the 30 years of voluntary coaching and your reasons for doing it. My background is I'm a skills instructor with a group from Sweden that works with NHL/KHL/SHL and elite youth players, on down to younger kids and now even adults (if anyone wants info, PM me). I coach in Sweden in the summer, set up the camps in the US and do private skills coaching here in Florida. I think one thing to learn from your situation is one of the basics: How does it look from the stands? Whether its running a practice or bench coaching, you must always ask yourself how it looks from the spectator (or parent) point of view. If you do that, your presentation is better, and it will keep you out of potential conflicts/miscommunications many times over. In this case, the visual of rotating the extra player through is a better solution.
  9. Hi JR, It's been a while since I've been on the site (just looked at my ProSharp reviews, hard to believe almost 2 years ago!). You did a great job with the project. I found a huge benefit with the Zuperior S, and I would have never had access to trying it if it weren't for this program. I've since done some skills coaching both here and in Sweden and have really encouraged players to give PS a try. There have probably been quite a few "wins" for ProSharp due to your program that might go unrealized. Keep up the good work!
  10. I just answered my own question. Just tried it on a new pair of CCM Jetspeed pro stocks. I think the extra padding made them feel tight and stiff on the hand. Steamed using the kettle and they loosened right up.
  11. Hhhhmmm. Never thought of doing this. I don't own a steamer. Do you think it would work bringing a big tea kettle to boil and holding the glove over the steam release thing?
  12. First off, you should ask the other guys on the team what they're trying to get out of playing. If they just want an hour of light exercise and enjoy fraternizing w/ a beer after the game, that's fine. You're more competitive and it's not a good fit. Tell them nothing personal, but I'd like to switch to a more serious team because I don't want to harsh your mellow. If they say they hate getting smoked too, introduce some easy rules to follow. Without ever seeing your games, I would guarantee you that shifts are too long (need 45 seconds hard and off) and D coverage lacking (too many odd man breaks, no backchecking). If you agree to fix these 2 items, the team will be fine.
  13. Have you ever looked at a hockey skate that has been used.....for hockey? They actually get scuffed, marked, scratched, dirty. Black is practical and will look good longest. Do you know what a white skate would look like after a month's use? Probably the same reason you don't see too many all white tires on cars.
  14. I'm looking at this from a different perspective. I'm an instructor with guys from the Swedish national program. When players "wash out", it comes down to 2 things: core strength and technique. Sharpness/hollow have nothing to do with it. When a kid goes into puberty, core strength/weight ratio goes down, as does flexibility.
  15. I think in your case, use your last skate purchase as a learning experience. Get properly fitted at a shop that knows what they are doing. A mid level skate that fits will be WAY better then a top level skate that does not. You can't go wrong with CCM or Bauer these days, as long as you get the proper fit. As you experienced, you can't cut corners on fitting.
  16. Elite Pro-Liner Coolmax skate socks. Ten bucks at IceWarehouse. I searched through many a sock to find something this thin yet durable. They used to be branded CCM. I bought 3 pairs in case they discontinued them.
  17. That Canucks jersey is one of the nicest in the league.
  18. If you're going to wear shoulder pads , you might as well wear ones that offer protection. For $50, these don't look very protective ( no sternum guard, no real bicep/tricep/deltoid protection). You can still find new Bauer X700 out there for $30-$35. I'd go that route.
  19. We have a saying, " if your skates feel dull, bend your knees more." It's a simple statement, but true. You're probably able to go to a shallower hollow after your skating lessons because you're bending your knees more and have better form. Personally, I'm 5' 10.5"/ 168 lb, and use 3/4 hollow.
  20. Heal lock helps with edge planting and edge feel. The flexible tendon guards on today's skates help do what you're talking about: allow easier full straightening of the pushing leg, thus facilitating the toe flick.
  21. Ideal stiffness is dependent upon the skater. It depends on the players ability (generally, more powerful skaters like a stiffer boot). The player needs to be able to flex forward and bend the knees for proper stride. For example, a Bauer Supreme 2S would be too much skate for a weak/intermediate skater, while a Bauer Supreme 180 would probably enable him to have a better stride. That's the short version.
  22. With the CCM custom program, is the fit also customizable? For example, in Bauer I have a "Supreme 1S" foot shape, not a Vapor (lace bite). If I have a Super Tack foot shape, could I get a FT2 skate with a fit for me?
  23. To me, it seems identical to the Bauer one, with the exception that the fasteners are made to fit the CCM helmets, unlike the Bauer bubble.
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