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  1. Helluva effort by Adidas on this thing.
  2. You need to do some research, or at least use the googler.
  3. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nothin-but-net/ Great article on GOAT goalies. During their first Cup winning season, Bernie Parent had a .933 save percentage, despite having to cover probably 30% more net than today's goalies. Incredible.
  4. Goalies look like Transformers now. I say go back to the days of pretzel masks and deer hair!
  5. As a skater, why would you need such inner thigh protection? Are you frequently playing against Sydney Crosby?
  6. Check out this new site. Interesting, and they say they update daily: https://www.geargeek.com/
  7. Looks to be sporting Craig Ludwig style shinnies.
  8. They are the skates he wore with the Flyers in '92. They used to call him "Crafty" Craven. Maybe it should have been "Thrifty".
  9. Picked up some Flyers Ryan White pro stock CCM HGTK Tacks gloves. Hopefully, they won't make my hands turn to cement.
  10. -OOOOPS. I see photobucket has changed their policy. no more free 3rd party use. $39.99/month!! rip off!
  11. Ever notice that Nylander always wears a helmet two sizes too small?
  12. 4 pair of MX3 ! You need to start saving money for the kid's college tuition. I wear the IS and don't find them overly stiff, but I was coming from Vapor apx (grotesquely stiff). If you are concerned about stiffness, I think a good choice is the SMU Bauer Ignite, a combination of the 180/190/ and IS at a fraction of the cost of the 1S.
  13. Some of these long term contracts are going to be painfully regretted in a couple years. This one comes to mind. And the long term deal for Alzner to Montreal is baffling.
  14. Yeah, you have a point. But the KHL is a long, long way from the NHL.
  15. This would have been exciting if we could summons a 2005 Kovi. 2017 Kovi is just a guy who was a healthy scratch for SKA.
  16. Some good points. My main problem with the Schenn trade is that he was one of 4 players on the team (Gudas,Simmonds,Manning being the others) that didn't cower under the bench when games got physical. The Frost pick was kinda like Hextall going into Walmart and offering to pay 5 bucks for the $1.99 loaf of bread. Streit could have been dumped for a third round pick (going rate), and cleared the books.
  17. I like Methot. Great D man when paired with a more offensive partner. This deal shows that, despite McPhee lip service, Vegas is in a 2 year "Tank" mode. After all, they said they wanted to win the Cup in 6 years, not make the playoffs in the first 5.
  18. Poooor trade for Flyers, compounded by horrific choice of Frost ( I would take Tolvanen). Hextall is apparently becoming a popular guy with other GM's. By taking Lehtera, this is the third straight year he's had a $5mm garbage player dumped on him (Umberger,Filpula,Lehtera). Schenn was the Flyers best player last time they were in the playoffs, and very versatile.
  19. Yeah, I like Lundqvist, but his body is breaking down now from the wear and tear. You can't rely on him being able to go when you need him.
  20. I think it was a smart move by NY. I'm a believer that once you determine you can't win the Cup with the team you have by just tweeking, rebuild.
  21. I guess the one with the money makes the rules, even if they are horribly wrong.
  22. My guess is that the folks in China couldn't get the real gloves done in time. NHL lacks showmanship. To ring in the new Vegas unis, they should have dimmed the lights in their arena, and under spotlight had Bettman skate to center ice in the new uniform. That's entertainment.
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