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  1. Which model CCM glove are they using now in the OHL,WHL,QMJHL ?
  2. Just do it in your oven. Preheat to 180 degrees, turn oven off, bake until insole mark disappears and they are very soft., usually 3 minutes or so.
  3. Nice deal for Yzerman. Really a smart GM. I live in Tampa now and have the opportunity to watch all Lightning games. Drouin is really really good offensively, and super gritty and competitive. The big down side long term for him is that he plays with his head down quite often. He has already had several concussions that have caused him to miss time. Mix that with his small size, and I wouldn't invest long term on him (5 years and $33.5M). They also need cap space for Johnson/palat. Sergachev looked great for Windsor. Huge potential. My guess is that Bergeron is offering Galchenyuk to philly for Ghost as we speak.
  4. Looking forward to some new threads. With the exception of Habs/Hawks/Bruins, the others are kind of stale.
  5. I wonder how it would do in the VT testing? It's funny. I played some junior hockey over in Sweden in the late 70's. Everyone wore these helmets. Never any head injuries. Maybe today we should respect each others heads more, and not just try to build bigger helmets.
  6. Brand new, still in the wrapper, vintage Jofa 234 51 helmet. Brings me back to my youth!
  7. The UPS man just delivered my 310 helmet an hour ago. I will preface this by saying I despise the so called hi tech expensive helmets and have always categorized them as uncomfortable and offering no more protection than the venerable old stand by, the VN liner helmet. Give me an old Vector 08 or Bauer 4500 over the Re-Akt or Resistance any day of the week. I have to say this 310 is the most comfortable helmet I've ever tried on. Even more comfortable than the trusted VN liner. Super easy adjustment. Weight is not noticeably different from my V08. Passes the mirror test as well. Price reasonable. Strong win for CCM.
  8. As this thread has degraded into a spiraling chain of repeated statements and a soap box for helmet fit, I suggest a motion to give this thread a rest for a few months. The internet needs the space.
  9. ........and that's a fine way to systematically go about picking a helmet. You just have to remember that the function of a helmet is to prevent skull fracture, and that they all work. And you can't realistically expect the first helmet on the list to protect against concussions any more than the 50th helmet on the list.
  10. I just ordered a 310 helmet, should have it in another 5 days. I went with it over the 710 because the two are almost identical, the difference being the 710 has an extra liquid filled protection system, which did not really excite me. Will give my impressions when I use it.
  11. How is the weight of the 710 vs 310?
  12. Didn't realize that. IW has already had them for sale for a couple weeks.
  13. Any seen or used the new CCM 710 or 310 helmet? If so, how is the fit/weight versus my old favorite, the V08?
  14. True that. It's not what ya got, it's what you can do with it.
  15. That's the way to do it: find a pattern you like, load up, and stick with it.
  16. Just picked up a pro stock Vrbata A5.2 SBP. Says it is a pattern HCR. Looks like the Combat, curve is slightly bigger.
  17. I just want to follow up with my experience on the edge checker. I received a sincere apology from the owner, who said the edge checker was surely damaged during shipping (it was shipped in an envelope). He said he has corrected the issue and I accepted his offer for a replacement. The new one came in a nice little plastic carrying case, was square, and the gauge was applied perfectly. This one seems much better and should do the job.
  18. I was going to buy the Prosharp, but when I put it in the cart the cost went to $79 when you included their shipping. So, I went with the $30 edgechecker on ebay (the rainbow striped one, the lower link). Mistake. Looked like it cost 25 cents to make. The back piece measuring gauge was glued on 2 or 3 mm crooked. The magnet portion of the back piece was clearly not square in the least. It's only about 2 inches long, so the inaccuracy stated render it totally worthless. Sent back. A measuring tool needs to be accurate, or you might as well not even use one. I just bought a Wissota 911, so I may have to spring for their $99 Elite version.
  19. OK, it's new stick time. What blade pattern is closest to the Vrbata ?
  20. I've got an old True Temper -made pro stock Vrbata Combat 52 CalR stick, that I think is the perfect stick for firing snappers. What is the closest current True model to the Combat 52 CalR?
  21. I'm getting back into hockey after a 6 year hiatus. Ex college player, bounced around a little before settling into years of senior A hockey. I've always preferred the traditional 4 roll glove for it's wrist mobility (don't like the restrictive feeling of the modern snug fitting gloves I've tried). I can see an advantage to a slimmer fit though ( less bulk, quicker hand movement, agility). Interested in the TRUE glove line. Will the XC9 give me the range of motion of my current glove, an MIA MB22? Or should I stick with the A 6.0 ?
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