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  1. If you’re talking outdoor skating on pavement you’ll want a harder wheel made for use outdoors. Usually they would have a durometer rating 80a or higher. I’d use the revision clinger outdoor wheels or labeda asphalts. Depending on how much you weigh you may be able to get away with indoor/outdoor wheels 78a rating
  2. Not 100% sure, but I believe they were just released this year. This is the first time I've seen them and IW has a video on them from August 29 this year. X700 was released in 2017? These definitely haven't been around that long...
  3. Well looks like Bauer is still in the game https://coasthockeyshop.com/products/bauer-vapor-x700-rh-inline-goalie-skates-sr?variant=29520866181222 They also have the front loader chassis available separately for $170 cad. I find it odd that they are using the old model x700 instead of the current x2.7... maybe using up leftover boots/ cutting costs?
  4. It is 2" taller so that's probably why
  5. I'd go bones reds or super reds most people I know use them and like them. I don't have any experience with the other ones you've listed. Probably a good idea to invest in some lubricant (bones speed cream etc.) and clean them fairly often, just depends how dirty the surface you're playing on is. As far as Swiss vs abec goes everything I've read suggest that Abec rating is fairly irrelevant for skating. Where the bearing is manufactured is more important, generally a Swiss made bearing will be better than a Chinese made bearing. This can be confusing because a lot of manufactures sell a "Swiss" bearing that's actually made in china. It's just a marketing word for a lot of companies Also, an actual Swiss made bearing is likely out of your price range so I wouldn't worry about that.
  6. If you like his gloves so much why don't you go marry him!
  7. It is a Hilo chassis so didn't think they normally recessed the second wheel...
  8. Beat me to it. To further clarify the flex profile portion of the code will be in larger font and at the bottom of the label. The factory M is at the top in smaller font. That said the LK tacks doesn't really feel like that low of a kickpoint to me. Seems comparable to my true a4.5 sbp, so maybe mid-low would describe it better?
  9. Bauer is reverse from player to goalie (vapor goalie is the more accommodating fit with more volume, while the supreme is narrow). I believe ccm is the same from player to goalie. Bonus: if you can find any ccm rbz goalie skates those are probably the widest skates recently made
  10. I use a bunga heel sleeve works really well but it does take up a bit of space lengthwise http://www.thehockeyshop.com/bunga-achilles-heel-large-pad.html
  11. Nice find. One thing to consider with that chassis is that it uses 47mm wheels which can be a bit harder to find. However, you can mount the holder with shims so that you can fit 59mm wheels if you want
  12. Just curious, but how come you don't want the tours? And I know coast to coast hockey shop still has a few pairs of mission goalie skates. Check their website they may have your size still
  13. Yeah your options are pretty limited. Tour is still making them and there's some old stock mission dsg skates around still. Idk about anyone selling a goalie chassis... I'd be looking for used skates to take a chassis from or just buying a player one to use. The basic aluminum ones are like 80 bucks And missions new line is coming out relatively soon not sure if they'll be doing goalie skates though
  14. If you've got an old stick you don't like or don't use that much you could cut it down and try out some different lengths to see what works for you
  15. I'll agree to disagree then... i don't believe that there are any significant changes that would affect playing style
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