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  1. Never saw it. Weird name for a skate imo. I really like the look of that lowered toe cap. I use power feet inserts and always wished that the toe caps weren't so tall. Using power feet in the inhalers is a waste anyway, because they block the vents. This is why I just got Supremes with sprungs, same fit without the vents. even though the ventilation in the missions is amazing and I'd love to have it, but with the power feet it wouldn't matter. If these are as low as they look it might really be worth trying for me, as much as I hate the white.
  2. Just take the laces arrive the back once and double knot if you need to, should take care of the extra length.
  3. I always thought the TFs were the ugliest gloves. Then again, I owned TPS Bionics once upon a time...
  4. They are going to look like that for sure. The graphics might be a bit different and minor tweaks, but that is definitely the idea of it. Just not down to the minutiae. The basic idea is all there though, no xribs, toe cap, tendon guard. Not sure if the tongue is final, as well as the graphics. From what I understand they just know it is going to get leaked and they want to save some element of novelty for the release, which you can do by just changing the graphics package
  5. The toe caps look very different actually and much lower, which is a big improvement in terms of power. The old ones had a very tall toe box. Otherwise yeah, looks pretty much like the day, nls, fz etc
  6. I'm gonna get laughed outta town on this one, but my favorite stick for a long time in the early 00s was the Trilage. Fit my hand perfectly and the control was amazing. Feel wasn't the best, neither was the kick, but i felt like I could do anything i tried in terms of controlling the puck. Runners up would be the One95 stick that just launched em and the TPS TriCore with the round shaft (also the Easton Cyclone shaft shape). The One95 was probably also my favorite boot, those or S500s
  7. Definitely post pics and let us know. Best of luck
  8. Alkali was bought by Tron Hockey, so to a certain extent it's a different brand than it was back when the CA9 and RPD lines came out. That said, I owned a pair of Revel 1s for a while and they are good skates. @wickedslappah mentioned, they do not compare to the top end Missions or Bauer's in terms of the stiffness of the boot (the Curv composite) or the quality of the skate, but they are great skates on the whole. Fairly light, nice fit and comfort, the mag chassis are nice (have heard of people breaking them, but same with kryptoniums, so...). The wheels they come with are way too soft for me, but luckily I know some guys at Konixx who were happy to swap the +0s for a set of +2s. If you're really heavy and a hard skater I don't think they'll last forever, but if you're average and playing house league you'll probably enjoy them. I don't own them anymore, but not because I had any issue with them. [Short story is I moved from NY to AZ in August and for whatever my stuff didn't end up in AZ until November, so I just bought the Revel 1s to use until my gear arrived, and then sold them later]. To answer your question, Wicked Slappah, it's usually about cost. The high end Missions are double the price of high end Tours or Alkalis. Even the second level Missions are a couple hundred bucks more than top Tour/Alkali. I don't disagree that they're not nearly as good, but not everyone has over a grand to drop on skates. Also, a lot of guys I know that are on Tour or Alkali pro teams use Tours or Alkali, but not because they're as good, just because they get them free and don't care if they go soft quick because they can get another pair. Aside from cost, there is a fit issue. Tours fit much deeper than Bauer and Mission, and Alkali's fit close to Mission/Supreme, so some people have no choice but to wear Tours for the fit.
  9. Pretty much straight forward. My brother did it on a pair of Erik karlson pro stocks and it was fine until he repalmed them
  10. I'm really interested in trying it, but they're never in stock and I'm not trying to order 6 custom sticks at close to a grand for a curve I've never tried before
  11. I gotta post this in tribute to the 2s pros. I took a clapper straight to the fingers tonight from a former echl and d1 player, big fat rip, clean shot, wide open right in the slot and it got me square on the fingers of my top hand. I thought I was done, but I felt it a bit, but not even a sting, just the impact. I'm sure there are other gloves out there that are similar, but I was sure that something was going be broken, and thankfully I didn't miss a play and was not injured. It was really a miracle for me. Can't recommend these enough.
  12. The sure grips are definitely flat, but the chassis are not what's going to bend. Usually the outsole will flex a bit to compensate, but a shim will definitely help from flexing the outsole too much a causing unnecessary strain. Also, it's hard to be certain from the pictures, but it definitely looks like you have plenty of meat on that outsole to anchor the bolts or rivets or whatever.
  13. HG12s run huge in my experience. I wear a 15" in any anatomical or tapered fitting glove, but need a 14" in HG12s, and they're not even close to short on me. For reference, my 2S pros are a 15" and the fingers I measured in 15" HG12s were a full inch longer than the Supremes. I would suggest going to a 13" for these.
  14. Definitely ice micronash. Looks nice on the kachinas
  15. This. I can count on one hand the number of pucks I've taken above my chest, but there is no way of counting how many times I've hit the boards, a goalpost, a person or the ice. Most people here will probably agree that most of the damage done these days is self-inflicted lol
  16. I have had this issue with a heel being too tight actually, where my heel was slipping because it didn't quite sit deep enough in the heel pocket. I had to rebake them and focus on getting my heel in deep and then tie them so that my heel locked in tight. This was with x:60s years ago, and for reference, I am on the border between Supreme and Nexus in terms of volume and did very well in 8090s once upon a time, so obviously x:60s were not the right skate for me but I didn't know better then. Contact the shop you bought them from though.
  17. I agree with this. I would say the P28 and p92 play the most alike, with the p88 as the odd one out.
  18. Padded shirt will help some. There are pads like the Sherwood 5030s or Eagle Aeros that are pretty low profile. I personally use the Eagles. If I played more competitive level these days I might consider beefing up the protection, but for light rec play they're good.
  19. Imagine the fzs but reversed. Basically the same lineup
  20. Yeah definitely. It makes perfect sense, but if you got a pair of Trues a few years back and they sent them mounted with ls holders and then you go to order another pair and they don't offer that, you're gonna be bummed. And especially if the reason that they don't offer them is because the offer their own product which is a completely different style of holder altogether. Thus, imo, is a mistake on the part of True. The LS is the most popular holder and CCM is trying as hard as they can to create a similar style and feel in the holder, and I think True should have done the same, but they went with a product that they have to prove to every single new customer, because everyone coming from Bauer and CCM is used to a certain holder feel in the LS/XS, and now everyone has to adjust to the shift. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I just think they created this very uphill battle for themselves where, in addition to having finally proved their boots, they now have to prove a new holder model as well. From what I see it's not going great, as I can't remember the last person I saw with TFs and a shift holder.
  21. It's not different from anyone else, but it's different from Trues previous offerings. Anyway, in answer, the rivet issue is more likely related to maintenance, although earlier generations of True skates did have more likelihood of loose rivets, changing once a month sounds much more extreme than anything I've heard. Haven't heard anything about this for the new TF Customs. Regarding the holders, I see a lot of people changing to LS or XS, so that should tell you what you need to know. Regarding updates, no they just released this new custom design in the summer, I wouldn't expect anything for at least half a year to a year.
  22. Hyper extension is when your thumb bends backwards. If the thumbpiece on the glove won't move then your thumb can only bend so far back, this preventing hyperextension in a good number of cases
  23. I think it's for hyperextension protection. All CCM pro stocks come with them unless otherwise noted. It's pretty much the only downside to CCM pro stock gloves, because even their flex thumb is not amazing
  24. I hope you never say it. Until college I cut the loops. I found that the real danger is two things- you can catch a puck in there and it might just be my poor luck, but somehow pucks tend to find the gaps in my padding. Just Wednesday I took a shot straight to my stomach and I wear Eagle shoulders that don't have any abdominal protection. The more common issue I had was in corners and puck battles, I find that the most common issue is the blade jams or gets whacked and it somehow catches a weird angle on the lower hand thumb and you end up with some bruising and over time it tends to just build up. When the thumbs are attached it seems like they just get held a bit tighter to the glove thumb and you don't get all that repeated impact. It's not like specific shots, it's more that thing where once the whistle blows you're like, oh damn, my thumb hurts and I didn't take a shot and you just try to figure it out. Most of the time I assumed it was just from rough battles in the corner and just catching a bad angle on the thumb. But I tended to have a few a game like that and over time you get these really sore bruises and I just got to the point where it hurt to hold my bottom thumb in the stick. I stopped cutting loops and I haven't really had issues since. Ymmv obviously, could have nothing to do with loops and maybe it's just my grip angle or lower hand position idk, just my .02 Granted, I have bought pro stocks since then with deleted or cut loops and I will still use them. But I have gotten more cautious over the years.
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