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  1. Ratchet clamp to mold the heel tighter
  2. Lol seriously, I had no idea. Oakley def makes the best visors and they're not hard to find
  3. Yeah that makes sense, gives me a couple weeks to skate and actually see if they get too loose after some break in time. Thanks
  4. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to write this up. I hear what you're saying about width. I would have to stretch the Fit 2 in the forefoot most likely, the Fit 2/3 for me is more about the heel. For example, I couldn't get into an 8.5 Fit2, but I'm fine in an 8.5 Fit3, I would just clamp the heel a drop if I baked them. I'm thinking I'll order 8W from IW and bake them with the saran wrap method. If they feel to sloppy I'll just swap them for another pair.
  5. So I'm trying to grab a pair of TF9, but no local shops are carrying them unfortunately. It'll be about 2 months before I'm planning to be by a shop that stocks these and I'll probably need skates sooner. I'm between a Bauer Supreme 8.5 Fit3 and 9 Fit2, so tentatively an 8.75 length. I'm assuming I'll go with an 8 TF9 for length, but I'm unsure about the width. My heel is somewhat wide and I have very flat feet. In proper dress shoes I wear a 10EE. Not sure if an 8R in the TF9 will open up enough for me in the width, or of I should go with an 8W or maybe a 7.5W. Concerned that a W will be too sloppy after baking, out that an R won't expand enough in width to accommodate my heel. Any suggestions? @PBH or others who are knowledgeable on this subject. In theory I always have the option of ordering a few pairs from IW and baking them to see, but I'm hoping to not have to order 3 pairs of $600 skates...
  6. Doesn't look like the put everything there, so you might still have hope. As someone who recently moved from PM9/E4 to P88, I would say the move wasn't terrible, and the performance is a mix of pros and cons. However, at this point it looks like you will have to switch either the pattern or the stick at some point soon, unless you find a pro on your hand and flex that uses a Vapor PM9
  7. Yup, definitely less wrap and it's stiffer than a regular facing so it restricts forward flex as well. It also improves lateral stiffness and it locks the laces in really nicely. I wish you could just put those plastic teeth inside a regular eyelet to grip and hooks the lace, that would be the best of both worlds
  8. They are legitimately hideous. Plaid skates? I mean, Tour has made their fair share of ugly skates, from the Qs to the Tabus to those white FB reissue things, but the last 2 lines were actually looking ok. At that price I think the Tf7s are definitely a better value
  9. Go for Reebok out jofa pros. Otherwise, Nexus like above
  10. It's pretty easy to just drill out the teeth of the injected facing and make them regular eyelets. Or not be ghetto and just have the facing replaced. Yes, I agree that if you're going custom you shouldn't have to do any work afterwards, but it is what it is. Personally, in thinking of going for custom as3 pro when my 2s pros are done. They're on their last leg now
  11. Leaving eyelets undone for a casual skate is very different from playing with them undone. Takes a lot more adjustment and stability to keep your feet under you when you're making hard cuts and in the middle of the action than just cruising down the street. Not trying to criticize, just trying to help you understand so you experiment safely and incrementally. First time I ever dropped laces was because my laces were all frayed at the end and they came out of the top eyelet and I couldn't get them back in and didn't have a spare set. I felt like a baby giraffe and took a while to get adjusted.
  12. You're welcome. I actually got the suggestion from pbh on here when I was looking for something closer to Easton iginla. PM9 was ok for a while, p88 was decent, but the mcdavid pro is great, bit deeper than iginla, but very easy to get used to
  13. If you want 92 with a square toe you should look into custom order from pro stock hockey sticks. Their mcdavid curve is basically that
  14. Can I ask your weight? I've considered tricksters in the XX grip, which I believe is 76a, but I'm over 200lbs, so...
  15. I'm in the og Pures +2 currently. They were nice for a while, and then I used them to play on smooth cement outside and they never really worked right again on tile, so I put on a new pair of of Pures and they're just not doing great. Cuts are not terrible, but when I try to stop I slide a good few feet. I have a set of Pure-X +2 that I tried out a few times and they were alright too.
  16. This is correct to my memory as well. 7500/9900 were the higher end models and had a flat bar mask. The 4500/5100 were the older models. They were the high end models from prior years, before the release of 7500/9900. Later, they stayed in the lineup as middle tier helmets (at this point I think they're already considered the lower tier helmet). I still have a titanium 7500 cage and a 5100 cage. They're both size M and look the same. The only difference I notice is the shape of the bars, so you should be ok with any of them.
  17. I like Konixx, but I too have been having a lot of issues with grip lately. Lot of sliding. I'm on +2 (I weigh 200lbs) and am considering going to +1 to see if maybe that will help my grip. At this point I don't even mind losing the speed from going softer, because i can barely cut without sliding. You might also want to try Rink Rat Identity 76a. That's probably what I'll do if the +1 doesn't work for me. But regarding your Addictions, I think 4-5 months is pretty good for those. I've seen them chunk and split much faster than that
  18. 7s also fit a half size down. My guess is you would take either a 7R or possibly even a 6.5R depending on how you fit the Makos. I took 9.5 Mako, 9 Supreme and 8.5 TFs in both TF7 and TF9
  19. Bro.... Don't even. You came to the wrong place if you're gonna come here and knock wood end plugs...
  20. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/hockey-bags/player-bags/3203880-warrior-new-pro-hockey-bag-senior-32-navy-blue-ice-duffel-equipment-size-hd-sr Recently replaced my Easton pro bag with a Warrior pro bag. Got the one above, although I recall paying $45 so I bet if you offered him that he'd take it. If you're in NY the shipping will probably be about 10 bucks plus tax. You're looking at under $75 total for a bag you already know you like. It's a steal really. Also, if you don't think the mesh pockets will hold up you can just sew in canvas or some heavier material.
  21. They're nice but fairly shallow. Fit like a Vapor with a wider forefoot and the wider Graf toe box
  22. Thanks Craig... Just gonna go ahead and +1 the bubble wrap and garbage bag with tape
  23. I found Base blades to be very poor in pop, feel and durability. Went dead on me in a few games. I think the Kane pro is a bit different from Shanahan, but I can't say for sure as pshs is always out of stock lol
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