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  1. The thing is, they really do come off with nail polish remover, and then they look sick. My buddy did with ft2s, I'm assuming the ft4 pro will be similar
  2. Maybe, yeah, I guess he will have to confirm that. I agree, though, it would be pretty small of True to not send them if he explicitly asked, as a penalty, but he seemed to imply that that was the case. Agree, retailer has a lot more sway with this stuff.
  3. That's not his issue. His issue is that he wants the holder and steel that he paid for. It's not a question of boots only or full skates, it's a question of getting all of the parts that you paid for and rightfully deserve. I know for a fact that you can get True to send you boots undrilled with holders and steel. I have a roller teammate who did it, mounted Marsblade R1 and sold the holders and steel. But he didn't tell True he was gonna do that. The mistake this guy made is asking True to do holes for tuuks. Bottom line, you pay for something, you should get it. Regarding Bauer, if you get the right retailer, you can get Bauer to ship you boots undrilled with the holders and steel separately. This i know from experience. Not sure about CCM. I'd imagine it's the same, with the right connection. True would do the same also, but in this case, since he says he's gonna put on tuuks, they said they're not gonna send him the shifts. You can justify and rationalize it a million different ways, it's wrong
  4. Nobody's blaming the skates... blaming the graphics lol
  5. I'm not sure what you're talking about... I was responding to his question if the xs holes line up with the shift. However, while I don't understand the nature of your question, anything I've had to do has been done well enough at ice den in Scottsdale. BTM seems like a bit of a joke to me. I've bought tape and a Krejci pro stock, and I tried on the tf9s there but didn't buy. Wasn't impressed by the one in Scottsdale or in Peoria.
  6. The holes do not line up. I'm sure there are more customers like you than the other guy. However, as a matter of principle, I do feel like when a custom brand that has gained a large customer base by being very accommodating of custom options decides to change their offerings, for whatever reason, there should be some clear announcement and they should own it. (I feel the same way about Eagle custom glove options. One day you'll go to have custom H34s made and they don't do it anymore. On the other hand, when Warrior shut down the Montreal factory, they posted on here I remember reading that post where they notified the good, paying customers on this site and others that their custom options would be changing drastically soon, and we should get our orders in while we still can. They were straight up about it and they owned it and I respect and appreciate that). It's not like they came out and said that with the release of the shift holder they are no longer offering other options. It's not like they told people about this "penalty" or whatever. I just don't think it's fair to do something like that without first letting people know your new terms and policies. Frankly, that's what I'd be pissed about in such a case. I purchased Trues a few years ago and now I'm coming back and your custom options have changed, I wasn't notified and now I'm getting penalized for something that you didn't make expressly clear. And if the retainer didn't tell me I wouldn't be thrilled with them either. If you change something and then hide that in the fine print, that's when I would take my business elsewhere. And also, I don't really care that True doesn't want the second hand market flooded with their holders. If I paid for it then they ought to send it, and if they aren't going to then I would definitely expect the price to change. Otherwise I would just go Bauer or CCM custom.
  7. This goes back to the point I was trying to get across on the last page, about how it becomes very questionable if they are innovating anything. Sounds to me like they tried to step up to a giant and are getting their salads tossed by tuuk, and now they're trying to strong arm a very small percentage of their customers into using the shift holders. I don't see the value, since I have to assume that the percentage of custom orders that ask for a different holder are pretty slim. In this case all you're really doing is pissing on a few loyal customers who expect a service that you used to provide.
  8. Gotcha. But in the case of step selling outside of the US, shouldn't that loophole keep them out of trouble with Bauer?
  9. I'm not super familiar with patent law. I'm actually not familiar at all. If it is a US patent, does it only apply in the US and not outside? If so, I don't see how they violated the patent. If it applies only in the US and they sold outside the states, they did nothing wrong. The only misdeed is on the folks who brought step steel into the US to sell. And if blade tech and flare are able to get around the patent by having their own IP then I don't see why step couldn't just do the same thing...?
  10. But that's exactly my point. True got these pros to change boots. Were Bauer and CCM boots "not working for them?" I doubt it. True innovated something that people could get on board with in their boots. Pros had Bauers that worked for them, and choose True because they felt it worked better (+endorsement contracts, etc). But they aren't choosing shifts over tuuks because they don't feel they work better.
  11. Very true. I know some juniors players that are very into step, but more to do with the cost effectiveness of holding edges than performance. Most of the best players I know don't really care, they're too busy playing to worry about it.
  12. I agree, I just think they shot themselves in the foot with this holder. There's plenty to innovate, but challenging the tuuk holder is not going to get you very far. You just have to know where to put your resources. I'm not saying that one day way down the road the shift might not experience some popularity. I don't know what will be and anything's possible. Heck, 20 years ago I never would have believe that Easton hockey or TPS don't exist anymore. My point is just that I don't think it was wise. Heck, they can't even get pros onto their holders, how are they gonna get regular folks on them?
  13. For something like you should have the retailer request that they ship the boots undrilled with the holder and steel. If you hadn't requested that they drill holes for tuuks there is no way they can know that you aren't planning on using the shift holders. You can just say that you prefer to have your local pro shop mount them to your specs of they ask. I don't see what you gain by having True drill the holes for you instead of just having whoever is mounting the tuuks just do it. While I agree, the fact is that True used to do it and stopped. While I get that now they are pushing their own holder, it doesn't change the fact that they have many returning customers who had this done in the past and are going to be unhappy that they are now being forced into using the shift holders. Frankly, I think it was foolish of True to make their holder completely unlike the tuuks. CCM was smart by making their XS holder play very similar to tuuks, and True would have been wise to do the same. Then nobody would have cared very much, except Bauer. But there's obviously ways to avoid any infringement on ip while still creating a similar style holder. But the shift holder is totally different and requires a lot of adjustment, and they're asking people for a lot more loyalty than people might have, which will only hurt True.
  14. I would have assumed that a large portion of those swaps to XS holders you're talking about were for the express prepare of using step. I'm sure some are using other steel, but I would expect most to use step...?
  15. Lol micro bearings. Haven't heard that in a while. Reminds me of the old hyper duality wheels
  16. Agreed. I take a 9 in Bauer and could probably go down a drop, but 8.5 give me hammer toes. The 9 in Graf is a smidge shorter
  17. Second this. Ime Graf runs shorter than Bauer, which runs shorter than CCM
  18. I shot around on rollers during the pandemic, and then played pickup roller through the summer, but when leagues started up it was rough. My legs came back in a few games but a lot of my shooting mechanics were off from playing with a ball for a while. Same feeling, felt slow, confused etc. Part of this is that I moved states and play with guys I've never met after playing with the same team and group of friends for about 20 years, so it's weird, but good to be back. I think I have about 45 games back and my stamina is better, hands are decent but not how they were before the pandemic
  19. Never noticed. I'll look when I get home. What difference does it make? Power?
  20. I thought the 3s pro also have a full comp outsole? And I'm not exactly sure what the difference was between the 1S and 2S pro anyway (I know the superficial ones like the tongue, in saying the structure of the boot send identical to me. I have both).
  21. A guy I play with Brent the rsx chassis last season. I doubt he weighs over 165
  22. Looks like the x-ribs were also deleted
  23. Brands often will make up a bunch of sticks or skates or whatever for a certain player to try to get them to switch brands. They most likely made sticks with Matthews specs to try to get him to use them and take an endorsement deal with True. That's my understand, could be other reasons too
  24. They're definitely still in business. Montreal has had a covid shut down and I'm not sure if they've been open. I believe that they might be opening this week, but even so, they will be backed up with pro gear until after the season, so I wouldn't expect to get your gloves back until the summer at best. Not sure of anyone else who does it, I don't think hockey menders does it
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