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  1. There is definitely a difference in protection, I hope you never find out about it because it's not pleasant. However, you're right it is very minimal.
  2. Shipping to Canada used to be very expensive from them. With all the shipping issues especially at the ca border, I don't really blame them.
  3. The cuff and cuff roll are different. Cuff roll looks kinda like it has an Easton style cuff to it, and cuff has the same idea. The 2s pros have a little cutaway in the cuff roll to make room for the tab on the cuff to retract. Agree that there amazing gloves. The protection is unreal
  4. The w03 is a whole different animal from the p92 imo. It's huge and I find it impossible to use. The
  5. Honestly I'm really bad with this kinda stuff, so maybe someone else can verify, but they are a similar depth, the 88 might feel a bit more curved because it doesn't open up very much.
  6. Sheesh those are nice. With a QRL cuff and some yellow mustang palms... Any info on the release date?
  7. It's fairly close, not exact but should be playable for you
  8. From what I've seen, there are a few curves offered on the top end sticks beyond just the three listed here, but for mid tier sticks, you're usually picking between 92, 28 and 88. OP, to answer your question from my experience, the 28 is more open than 92. They both shoot nicely. I prefer the 88 the most of those three, but don't use it because of the rocker which I don't like. I would suggest the 92 for you, and in terms of lifting shots more, it's technique really. I would imagine it would be very hard to keep a ball down with a 28
  9. I think I remember being able to peel it off and I don't think it made a difference
  10. It's very difficult to notice this issue because the changes are all very minute over a long time period. The difference between one skate and the next is negligible, so you adjust almost automatically. The fact that over the course of a few months or longer there is an appreciable difference is irrelevant usually, because it happened in small increments. If, for example, you would use one set of runners for a while and the profile would change over the course of a few months and then you would switch to a new set of steel that had the same original profile as the used pair, you would feel the difference. But in small increments it's pretty negligible to adjust
  11. Warrior qrl sl stick. Wanted to love it, took a few shots and just did not like the feel at all. Also, wanted to line all three of the big curves, 28, 88, 92, but I never did. 28 was just too open for me, 88 is great but the rocker and the lie is too high for me, and the 92 I didn't like the feel on backhanders, though admittedly I didn't give it that much of a chance.
  12. It's not gonna be the final say, but if there way too wide then you'll be able to tell even without baking. Also, you can kinda feel if something goes but feels like it will open up more. In that case you might go a half size down and then bake again. Maybe order a pair from IW to try on?
  13. I hear that. I'm the same but really should be in the Nexus and wear Supreme instead. I did well with the Nexus 1000 but when I tried the 1N I felt like the new eyelet locks prevented that great wrap that the deeper boot gave me, so I went Supreme. I'm lucky I don't get any lace bite for some reason, because the pencil test is not even close for me, I fail with flying colors. In this case though, you might be able to make the TFs work, you should be ok on depth, but the width in the forefoot might feel sloppy. Are you able to try them on?
  14. I'd be concerned about the width honestly. Vapors are way too shallow for me, but in width I'm at least an EE if not wider and from trying the TFs I didn't feel like I needed a W, so the R are definitely. If you're a Vapor D these might be very wide in the forefoot but ymmv. Not sure if a bake with the wrap will let them fit tighter.
  15. Maybe the 65 flex senior warrior coverts... They play pretty much like pool noodles lol.
  16. These aren't real leather though, the real leather was only in black and tan iirc. Still nice gloves for$40
  17. This whole thing is really bizarre. I shipped a box of gloves from Phoenix to Long Beach CA and it took over two weeks to get there. Then I sold a pair of skates on sideline to be shipped to San Diego. When I looked for it I couldn't find it and realized that I left it in my parents basement in NY so I asked my dad to ship them out. Used the prepaid label from sideline that was from Arizona to San Diego, but he shipped then from NY. Shipped them Monday, they arrived Wednesday midday. It took two weeks to get a package from Phoenix to Long Beach and two days to get a package from NY to SD...? Huh?
  18. Digital it's thinner with better feel. Mustang is very comfortable, but digi has a better feel imo. Pearl is thicker than yellow mustang in my experience, even though Pittard's, the company that produces both, lists them both at .8mm thickness, I have always found pearl to be thicker than both yellow and black mustang (which eagle offers). The advantage to pearl is less grippy and maybe slightly more durable If thin and best feel is your priority, digital it's the way to go.
  19. And they kept the vegas gold on the gloves...? Gross
  20. Nice bump. For me, it's 1. Bauer 8090 most comfortable boots ever. 2. Supreme One95 were basically the greatest thing ever invented and I don't know if anyone who wore them who would not get another pair today if they could find them. 3. Mission amp flyweights for old times sake. These and the S500s were epic back in the day. 4. 2S Pros- what can I say, these are just top notch and don't stop performing better and better.
  21. Alright fellas, easy there. Interesting to me that there is no consensus on this one. I guess I'll have to decide if it's worth the risk of having extra skates sitting around taking up space since it seems like there are confirmed reports from Bauer that the last is smaller, but there are anecdotal reports that they fit bigger. Hung jury
  22. Verbero were notorious for this. Terrible. It seems more common in very flexible gloves that are meant to move a lot. If everything isn't lined up perfectly they end up all crooked. I hope True gloves and protective get better, they're a great company and I hope they can succeed beyond skates and sticks.
  23. I hate that on the next hand where the fingers of the glove don't straighten out properly. Looks like his ring finger is going off to the side. That always bothered me in gloves and I always felt that it was poor craftsmanship
  24. This is counterintuitive to me. I always assumed the tongue difference was the major factor in the perceived volume difference. I swapped the tongues on my 1S and 2S Pros and I definitely got some extra space in top of the foot. What I don't get is why a thicker tongue in the 1S would allow you to size down. Unless you're saying that the 1S fit so much bigger for you that even with the thicker tongue you were still able to go down a half size...? Did anything change with the toecaps?
  25. My boys are 3, 2 and 10 months... Note to self, no coaching for me. I have zero patience for this stuff. My dad coached my siblings and I in baseball and basketball all the years (my sister has an acc championship ring for basketball) and he put up with so much with other parents and I appreciate it. Hope that by the time my kids are up to this I'll have grown up a bit, but this doesn't sound encouraging
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