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  1. That's correct. Tour only makes one width and the toe is maybe a bit narrower than Mission D, and obviously EE. True TFs in Wide will probably have the most width through the arch and toes. Like @althoma1said, those fit longer so you need to size down. also, mission, even in EE, will be more tapered in the arch, as they are officially a more anatomically shaped boot
  2. Tour is the widest in the arches and midfoot. It's also the deepest. I have very tall instep and need tours depth, but if I go even a half size up in tour, they're way too deep. My point is that you have to be careful with sizing. If you know your size in Bauer length, either that size or a half size up will work for tour. Same size if you like to squish your toes, half size up of you want them to brush the cap.
  3. I would agree that they are not super wide, but they are definitely deeper than anything else on the inline market. The tour cap is actually not wide at all, maybe even a bit more narrow than missions. They are deep heel and wide through the middle of the foot, but they definitely taper a bit towards the toe. It's a bit counterintuitive because most people's heels are narrower than their forefoot
  4. P88 is relatively closed, so it's ideal for ball hockey where it's very easy to lift the puck. I personally like the p88 as well. I used iginla for a long time and went to PM9, but at this point I just moved to p88 and I love it. Coming from a PM9 it has plenty of curve to get shots from the point or slot high. I don't shoot a ton from in close, and if I do I tend to shoot 5 hole. If you're looking for the next step up, go to p92. In terms of kick, you can try the variable kick of the Jetspeed or STX rx3. It's really all a matter of preference, but a p88 with a variable kick is a pretty safe way to learn.
  5. It should at least be an option...
  6. The real question is... Are they gonna build up some heavy duty ear flaps on these?
  7. Then look on their twitter page for their email and shoot them a message. They'll probably have some way to help you
  8. Local retailer that I was using to try to fit retail skates arranged it. If you don't have a local retailer you can just send them an email. They're insta and twitter has their email all over the place
  9. Graf custom is amazing. They are probably the most accommodating brand nowadays, since True has become more rigid in their custom program. Graf will literally make you anything. They will make you a boot that fits like a 709 and looks like a PK7700, with carbon composite quarters or whatever you want. Different tongue options, anything. I got a pair of Grafs customs that they worked with me on and they were amazing. Unfortunately I ended up returning them because they made them way too shallow for me, but I liked them a lot. They took them back no issue. I used a very good retailer, but they did things by measurement and I guess my foot is kinda weird. But anyway that was the retailers issue, but Graf was great. I was going to reorder a pair but ended up moving across the country and just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm probably going to get a composite 707 (ultra g7) but might go with the 709 fit depth wise. Not sure yet about the other specs. I would definitely recommend them, as long as you know that Grafs do not feel like Bauer or CCM and are prepared for that.
  10. Your best bet with anything Graf/Vaughan is to contact them directly via email. They're pretty good about responses
  11. Maybe in a game, but for training it's pretty safe as long as you stay within your abilities. I usually don't go full unlaced, but I drop like 4 eyelets.
  12. Yes. It's tight as heck. I flared the top few eyelets and the boot is definitely not stuff enough that I can't pull that area in when I tie them. But I laced one hole down and they're fairly low cut from what I'm used to (2S pros) plus being less stiff. I'm definitely a fan of the flexibility
  13. I do this with my 11k, since it just has the wheel in the back to tighten. With my e700s they just have the elastic inside so I never have to adjust them
  14. Personally, I would look on eBay or sideline for a pro stock coach duffel from a team I like. They're usually better quality nylon and the stitching is far more durable.
  15. It definitely is all personal preference. But, if you recall, this thread was literally for the express purpose of hearing the arguments against cutting loops. So it's not like people in here who explain why not to cut loops are trying to inhibit anyone's personal choice. They are just responding to the thread and staying on topic.
  16. I've tried the True tf7 roller. I like them very much. What I will say is that they are very fast, very comfortable and very well designed and engineered skates. The things I don't like are the look, the plastic materials that look cheap and feel cheap, and the tf7 tongue. But the performance is amazing. For comparisons sake, they are priced the same as the Mission FZ3s. The missions are tpu skates with cheap composite quarters and a plastic outsole. These are a one piece fiberglass boot at the same price. No contest, the tf7s are the winner.
  17. Just from my knowledge of the materials, I would say that there's no comparison. Today's skates are much stiffer. I owned the One95s and I can say that the 2S Pros are in a different league in stiffness. The CCM Super Tacks are not quite as stiff as the 2S pros, and from my understanding the as1 and as3 pro are stiffer than the 2015 Super Tacks, and probably similar to the 2S Pros, give or take a little.
  18. Obviously it's because some people need red skates and others need yellow..
  19. It's hosted on Pure hockey... I too like the ribcore a lot, but find the fit to be way too shallow, so I'm excited for this new fit system. That convinced with the 100k pro monocoque boot is very enticing for my next skates whenever I need them
  20. From what I've heard the rx3 is the best stick they have made, Halo not being quite light or durable enough. But at bogo you pretty much can't beat any offer
  21. And the fzs are still full price...? Not a fan of either, but that's a bit odd
  22. Yeah I wouldn't expect True to honor a warrantee for this as they have a pretty easy out by just saying that the mount was done improperly.
  23. The RS and rsx will not hold up well. Imo they're a waste of money. If you're a fit 3 then CCM tacks might be good for you in a wider width. However, going up in a size to accommodate width or depth is a bad idea. Go to another shop because that guy's a bozo for even suggesting that
  24. Assuming wm01 is top of the line, then yes. But if it goes like the fz series (fz0 being the best offering), wm01 would be equivalent to fz1, which retailed for 750.
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