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  1. Thanks. I'm not in insta. How's the balance and puck feel? The rx3 had great feel and I liked the variable kick point. I would have gotten one but they only offered it in p92, 88 and 28. I tried the 88 and found it to be decent, but I didn't like the rocker on the blade. I'm assuming this one will only be in 92 and 28?
  2. ... nice any more info or is this illegal...
  3. Their blades are trash made out of the thinnest, cheapest material you can find. I have destroyed a blade in one stick n puck session. A Warrior dolo has never lasted me less than 6 months. It's a shame because I can't find iginla anywhere else so I just went to PM9, but the Iggy shoots so much better
  4. Thanks. Yeah I couldn't resist. Can't wait to throw some black mesh gussets and pearl palms on them though.
  5. True was already making retail skates on junior sizes before the TF release, so that might be why they have their sizes locked in better in that range.
  6. 2s pros 15"-1" at the cuff Kings Hg12s- digital palms and gussets avalanche
  7. Lol I love marner but every time I see him I hear o'banion saying "mitchy mitchy mitchy kramer"
  8. Have you been eating your wheaties? Maybe you had a growth spurt
  9. Yeah you're right, I was thinking of joakim nordstrom lol
  10. I didn't realize he moved to vapor skates either.. Want he in Jetspeeds a while back, might have been ft1s...
  11. The NHL has never really been into that sort of thing. It seems like their approach is more, a team either makes it in a given market or they don't. It's the franchise's problem, not the league. It seems like this is even more prevalent in hockey as opposed to other sports.
  12. They should just start selling pro jockstraps to make up for all the lost revenue. I imagine you could get a few billion for a mcdavid unwashed jock
  13. I really think you're wearing skates that are the wrong fit and probably also tying them way too tight
  14. I'm really not familiar with the retail glove standards, but is it the accepted norm that higher end gloves would have grey or black palms? I'm also partial to darker palms and I hate how nasty the ivory Nash gets, but if it's just preference I don't think you can hold that against Bauer. If that's the standard then yeah, Bauer should offer that in their high end gloves as well.
  15. Interesting. Seems like there are some teams that are keeping them a bit smaller then. Thanks
  16. Sounds to me like the heel is too narrow for you. Look into Tours
  17. Tours would probably be fine in the same size as a graf
  18. I wish I could help more, but I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out what your sizing is with all the sizes you mention. What model Graf skate are you wearing? Tour sizing is very similar to Graf. If you have the option though, maybe you can just get another pair of Grafs.
  19. I have no idea about retail, but mine came with standard Nash with palm and thumb overlays and they're fine. I don't even know how anyone can wear retail gloves. The branding everywhere is just gross. Plus I paid 130 for brand new gloves with full poron package. Not sure what the retails come with. BTW, I think your assertion that the palms should last longer is not what Bauer is going for. I think their approach is more that the $200 gloves should have a pro feel, which is why they choose performance palms over durability. For the mid tier gloves the palms tend to be more durable for the average player who is looking for that.
  20. It's wild because I've had packages the same as everyone else, but I've also had a fair amount of packages that were totally fine. For example, I sent a package from Phoenix to Rochester MN and it took 4 days, no issues. It seems like the problems are in large metro areas that are very affected by covid in terms of having a lot of shutdowns, places like Detroit, Chicago, NY, Seattle, Philly, Cali etc. Whereas Phoenix has tons of cases but the government has not shut things down, so it doesn't seem to be affecting the post.
  21. I would say that tour sizing is one size below your dress shoe size in US sizes. They tend to run shorter than Bauer/Mission, and I find that Grafs also tend to be a bit short compared to Bauer
  22. I've been sending everything FedEx lately. It's been pretty consistent at about a week from shipping to delivery. UPS is faster, but their prices have gone way up lately
  23. USPS is really backed up right now between the new year and covid. The post in NY and the tristate area in particular has been horrible lately. They will probably turn up eventually. I shipped a set of wheels to ny recently and it took about 3 weeks. Got to NY in about 4 days and then disappeared in White plains for a while and then one day they said out for delivery. Basically, anything that is going through the tristate area is disappearing for a while and then eventually it gets to it's destination.
  24. I felt the same way for a while, but I recently picked up a pair of pro stock 2SPros and they are unreal. Some of the best gloves I've ever worn. Granted, I plan on sending them to Pat for some mods, but the protection on them is unreal and they are very comfortable. They are far superior to mx3s imo. Even the 1Ss were great. In the Vapor line I agree, apx2 pros have yet to be topped.
  25. Any gear repair place should easily be able to remove the velcro and sew a new patch on. Don't glue over because it probably won't hold strong enough. I had it done with my old elbows (also warrior pro stocks) and they came out great. Check for a local shop that does gear repair or a local team eqm that might do it for you.
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