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  1. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2016/01/20/rock-legend-animal-dies-aged-66/
  2. Were you there? I saw a guy in a crowd shot that looked like you.
  3. I guess when he ran out of spots to put more on himself he figured he better start putting them on other people! Haha
  4. Merry Christmas to me. New Ink. Something I always wanted when I was in radio,but never got. Now that I'm out...it's a fitting tribute to something I spent 15 years of my life doing!
  5. Maybe it is just shit luck...or I (and everyone else) get more careless wearing a cage. I have never been hit in the face with a puck, elbow, stick or anything in almost 15 years wearing a visor. In the league where I have to wear a cage, probably a couple times a year I take something square in the jaw/mouth area.
  6. I can't believe that album is 20 years old. Holy Shit!!! I remember when The River came out (which is even older than that), and everyone had the Jim Morrison/Doors comparison going. Still have my Edges tour shirt.
  7. Saw them YEARS ago at Lulu's in Kitchener. And...a couple years back at an outdoor festival in Ancaster. They really hadn't missed a beat. Although, I do prefer the early stuff (Spender Solis/Edges of Twilight) before they go quite so electronic on Transmission/Triptych etc...
  8. Do you have a counsellor or chaplain in your fire house? Not sure if that is common practice or not, but (having never been involved in such a situation) I'd assume talking through your experiences, especially early in your career is a good idea. PTSD is not uncommon in any line of work that deals with and faces life and death situations.
  9. Due to some issues with parts delivery at work...it appears we will be operating on short hours all week. Normally, this would be a good thing...but not in the paid hourly world.
  10. If it is any consolation, you very well may have looked like an idiot BEFORE you got on the ice!!! (j/k...too easy...I'm surprised no one else took that bait!)
  11. Yes, those are wheel covers. It's actually the picture from the ad. Had a much better shine to it when I picked it up. I've been, historically, pretty easy on vehicles. Bought a '98 Neon in '99, drove that to 192,000km when I bought my truck in '06 with 102k on it...traded that for this. Truck had 234k and was starting to rust a bit. This had 251km when I drove it off the lots...so if I get it to 200,000+km It won't owe me much by then.
  12. Picked up my new ride yesterday. 2015 Ford Escape. First time I've ever owned a brand new car (only 251km on it at delivery). Pretty psyched.
  13. BB King. Dead at 89. I'm not a big blues guy, but I know the name BB King...I can appreciate a performer who still tours and works into his 80's. I always loved this collaboration with U2 from Rattle and Hum.
  14. This round of The Internet is won by Monty!! hahaha
  15. Working a short week on afternoons (5:30p-4a), but still making more than I made last week in a full week thanks to 4 hours of double time Good Friday morning.
  16. My truck is snowed in on the street at my GFs house. Watched the SB there last night, and ended up staying because the weather was shitty, and I had a few drinks...my own damn fault for not planning better. Now, I am likely going to have to take a cab to work in Oakville this afternoon (35km...probably $60-70) because work never closes.
  17. Groin injuries. Felt a little tweak 2 weeks ago during my Saturday game. Played Sunday anyway, didn't feel too bad, actually better than I thought I would. After a week with only 1 game, it was feeling pretty good. Must've pushed a little harder last night. Hurts again. I have a feeling this will be the cycle until hockey ends and I have a solid month before baseball starts. Of course, not playing at all is an option...meh, no it's not!
  18. That Bauer backpack bag is tempting...what's the extra shipping to get it to Hamilton, On. L8H 6J3??
  19. I knew he had been away since the summer, but I didn't realize he had been sick for as long as he was...or that Cancer returned on 3 separate occasions.
  20. I hate "waffle board" live, or in the game...and that stupid "Catawampus". The first time he said "Catawampus to the corner..." I thought that was a players name...haha! Never heard that word in any other context anywhere....and never heard him use it in a TV Broadcast (mind you, I don't hear him all that often). What an odd word to include in the game audio.
  21. This will go down as another great move by Edmonton management! #sarcasm
  22. Long shifters. Sonofabitch...I had 2 shifts in a 12:00 3rd period. (we play 10, 10, 12)
  23. Timing, not just in the play on the ice...but the HNIC broadcast was just talking about how Crosby/Perron didn't even meet until 2 hours before the game. As they finished their story..he scored. Can't find the link to the CBC call...but here is the goal;
  24. Couldn't delay that arrival by 1 day, eh??? Damnit
  25. So...thoughts: Was this a call from Pittsburgh saying "What do you want for Perron?" Or was this a call from MacT saying "What will you give us for Perron?"
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