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  1. The fact that I made it through 15 years and 5 ownership changes is kind of amazing. Now I get to be one in the long line that says "they treated me really well" and even let me say some goodbyes before I left on my own. And hell, I can drink all the wine I want tonight, sleep in and get paid NOT to go to work tomorrow.
  2. I've watched the radio axe swing many times in my 15 years. Today...it hit me!!! (I'm keeping the username though...it's in my settlement. haha!)
  3. Nice passing play last nice on the Hall goal: http://sports.yahoo.com/video/hall-buries-perrons-no-look-025028102.html
  4. No Pho King Way?!?!? Yes, Pho King Way!!!!
  5. That sucks. I have 2 nephews out East. 1 I've seen three in just over 2 years....to other I've only met once!
  6. Second career hattie, I believe. And, he's the Banner Boy on the NHL's facebook page right now.
  7. Roy Garber from A&E's Shipping Wars died after a massive heart attack http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/roy-garber-dies-heart-attack-shipping-wars-star-dead-49-2014191
  8. The tonneau cover on my truck is frozen SOLID! I'm supposed to play hockey tomorrow...looks like the gear is riding up front with me!
  9. I don't recall in my (almost) 38 years it being cold like this in Southern Ontario! Actual temperature of -19 (celsius) with a wind chill expected to hit -38 overnight.
  10. http://1.cdn.nhle.com/oilers/images/upload/gallery/2013/12/OIL_6765_slide.jpg It wouldn't let me post it as a IMG.
  11. I've been trying to find a good for JR. But, many are facing the wrong way....or are obstructed by other players.
  12. Had a tooth pulled today....http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/46958-the-sweet-spot/?p=987575
  13. Touche! I'll see what i can find
  14. We need an updated picture of David for the top bar!
  15. Are the Easton's Brown and Orange...? Or is that just an illusion of the picture?
  16. Did you check out the PDF ?? http://realsports.ca/uploadedFiles/MLSE/Content/Apparel/SQ14-038%20Game%20Worn%20Gear%20Guide_Oct%202013.pdf
  17. Here's how you know you found a good woman: I made plans a couple weeks ago to go to the Habs/Sabres game tonight, which happens to be my second anniversary with my GF. Not only is not in the least bit upset...she said if she found out that I had skipped the game for our Anniversary, she would have been even more pissed off with me. We went out for dinner Saturday to celebrate.
  18. Oh, I've got stuff to play....I've got Smashmouth's version of "Why Can't We Be Friends". My buddy suggested "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from Lion King. Bad Boys is good too... I know the schools are hoping for no fights.
  19. It's a pretty regular occurence in the AHL. Our (Hamilton Bulldogs) School Day game is tomorrow at 10am. I think we have a agme in Syracuse later this year that is a mid week/non holiday 11am start. Crowd should be in excess of 10k. They (the school boards) cut my playlist considerably from last year. No rock. They still want pop music that kids like...but they've requested that nothing that references drinking or partying and no sexual references at all, even the veiled ones. They were upset that I played a clip of "Whistle" by Flo-Rida last year. One school even turned down the invite this year. Now, I'm sure teenagers might get it, but you'd have to tell a 10 year old what that song is really about. So, it will be lots of Taylor Swift, Bieber, Selena Gomez...and organ music with clap beats to get the crowd going. btw...Ylvis "The Fox" is on the MUST PLAY list! Not sure what will happen if there is a fight.
  20. Not a National broadcaster, so he is likely not known to many of you, but he worked in Niagara Radio (St. Catharines) for more almost 20 years, and was in Buffalo before that. "Iron" Mike Bensson passed away this morning after battling cancer. He was one of the reasons I was first interested in pursuing radio. A great broadcaster, and an even better guy. Glad I got to meet him and work with him, even if it was only briefly.
  21. Haha...not so many celebs in recent memory. Meet n' Greets are getting harder and harder to come by. But, I did go a little more than a decade without paying for Concert tickets or AHL Games.
  22. Oil change, rear brakes, new battery, Fluid flush....$1200. AND, I still need 2 tires before the snow flies!
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