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  1. Donna Summer. 63....after a battle with Cancer. Cue all the AC stations in your city playing the HELL out of 'Last Dance'!!!
  2. Ha...that's awesome. Thankfully I made the "Good" side of the list. Also a good reminder that what you post is out there for anyone to find. That's not a contest I entered!
  3. On the death of Adam Yauch (via my cousin on Twitter) If Heaven exists, Jimi, Biggie and John Lennon just brought MCA to the original CBGB. Later, he's checking out an ABA game.
  4. So, thoughts that this will be linked to either drug use (I always thought of Jr. as a squeaky clean player to look up too) or post concussion or trauma issues? [EDIT]: The way they were talking on the radio, they are definitely suggesting that there were post concussion or trauma issues. Can anyone more familiar with his career recall any major concussion history...or are we to assume he was "playing through it" and being a good, tough NFLer. To this point, (and I mean no disrespect to any of the dead) it has been predominantly role players, 4th liners etc...Is this the first real super star, former/retired athlete death?
  5. MInutes??? It's been 15 Years for me...I'm still trying to feel all my edges properly!
  6. It's nice to no longer live an in apartment...and actually have a yard...but holy shit...I hate doing yard work. Weeds...cut 'em, they come back....! Pull 'em...they come back! Spray 'em with chemicals....THEY COME BACK!!!! Mid level Nuke...they'd probably come back.
  7. I blared "The Shape I'm In" in the office right after I read the news!!!!! Such a great song!
  8. I figure if Tupac can rap with Snoop....they can find away to have DC at NYE! (Language NSFW) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQgrce1VflI"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQgrce1VflI
  9. I'm an uncle again. Aries Kale Bazinet was born Saturday night. 6 lbs 8oz. unfortunately, my brother also lives out East...so I have no idea when I'll get to meet the little guy. My phone has been (how do the kids say?)...'blowing up' all weekend with pictures!
  10. I got the chance to be to be an Honorary Coach for an NHL Alumni Game at Copps. Very cool experience. Got some auto's and 1 picture...if you are only going to get 1....might as well be Mr. Shutt. Other players that were there: Billy Smith, Glen Anderson, Daniel Marois, Grant Ledyard, Gary Leeman, Craig Muni, Dave McLwain (I know I spelled that wrong), Tom Fergus, Rod Black (from TSN) ans Ron Hogarth was the Ref/MC.
  11. I think we need to see a MSH hat in a post game media scrum in the very near future...hmmmm?
  12. It remains to be seen...so we'll call it sweet for now. BCE (Bell) bought Astral Media last week. $3.38 BILLION !!!!!!! It'll be at least 9 months before our new overlords...oops, I mean owners...are in power with us...I hope to get a discount on my TV/Internet & Cell! :) Well, that AND keep my job! On second thought...maybe this SHOULD be a vent! LOL
  13. Looks like I picked a pretty decent week to be off work. A March week in Southern Ontario can be pretty hit and miss...looks like I hit!
  14. Davey Jones from the Monkees. 66 years old. He had a Heart Attack this morning.
  15. Was it a bad expereince....? Everything I've heard in the last few days from everyone (people who playded with him and callers to Sports talk shows) have had nothing but good things to say about him.
  16. 3rd Star of the Week: http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=387719
  17. MXI...is that to say you lost in your first fight...or that is the first fight you have lost?
  18. LOL...yeah...he had taken bunch of pics and I wasn't going to ask...but I kinda skated in last minute and went and went "Marty, tiem for one more?" The photographer was also getting antsy...If I had a clear or white mouthguard I might have smiled...but it's black...and I'm sure it would have looked goffier than the "game face" LOL
  19. Not to turn this into a debate about his involvement in the scandal at PSU...But to hear some of the tributes the last few days you'd think that nothing happened. Call him a great football coach, a Penn State and NCAA legend (as a coach)...fine!! But to hear the people who are still talking about "class" and "high morality" and other character stuff makes me cringe a bit!
  20. Well, it may have cost $400...but 2 loads of laundry today and there is NO water on the floor in the basement. Plumbing/sewer problem = SOLVED!
  21. Yeah, him and Neinhaus? I think I spelled that right.
  22. Played in an NHL Alumni game this weekend. I only bothered 1 player for a picture: Marty freakin' McSorley! Shoulda smiled...had my mouthguard in...lol
  23. It's not the machine...I wish it were that simple. As the water drains from the washing machine...the drain (in the floor in the next room). is filling back into the room. :( Same thing happened to my parents place...they ended needing a 1 hour/$300 auger job to clear the drain/sewer line of some roots and debris. Fingers crossed that it's all it will take.
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