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    True XC 9 90 flex p92
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    Bauer Nexus
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  1. Hello MSH. It’s been a minute Started to put these together right before the pandemic last year. Brand new. Let me know if you are interested $350 shipped to lower 48, Specs: Boot: CCM 9090 ice boot size 10D Chassis: Revision Two40 magnesium hi lo (76/80) Wheels/Bearings: Revision Abec 7’s and they have some OEM wheels that come on some skates but I can toss in some flex/variant if needed. photos https://flickr.com/photos/192853254@N04/
  2. Pics please. Doan request 2
  3. Nearly 100 pages in the thread, I searched some but am looking for info from D-men who transitioned from a normal ~ 3/4" to FBV. I'm thinking of trying it out as a good way to offset the 9' radius on my skates with a bit more glide, especially while skating backwards. There is some variance on the Blackstone site for that range. I was thinking of starting with a 95/75 based on what I saw here;http://www.blackstonesport.com/FBV_Comparison_Chart.pdf Thought process of that it was better to have a little bit better deeper feel than not if it wasn't working out that well at least I have edges. Thanks for the help and insight
  4. Thought I had posted earlier in this thread, but can't find it so here goes: (obviously Bauer has worked well for me over the years!) Skates - Bauer Total One NXG Gloves - Bauer Pro 4-Roll Helmet: Bauer HH 4500 w/HDO half shield Shin Pads: Bauer One 70 Elbow: Nike Bauer V11 Pants: Bauer - basically a pre-production XXXX Pro from '06 Shoulder - SherWood Classic Sticks: Bauer One95 Shaft + soon One.8 OPS- 102 flex + typically P9/PM92 blades
  5. DU will have their sale June 5-7 http://www.denverpioneers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=18600&ATCLID=205429912
  6. Being an ice guy at heart, the pro puck was always easy for me to use. Rolls like all roller pucks but once you cup it, falls flat pretty quickly. It was also a great choice for a lot of outdoor leagues over the Z-Puck and others back in the day. Coated Asphalt = not conducive to indoor pucks. We used to use them in NY in outdoor winter leagues and no issues. Overall indoors, I think the Rocket Puck plays the best. However the light feel of the IDS is addicting as it has a little more pop on it and glides quicker but rolls like my bowling ball. Have the patents covering pucks expired? I've been out of it for a while. But thought that any time someone launches a new puck they basically get sued by the patentholder...The "Honk if you've been sued by Alec" bumper sticker would have been on quite a few cars in the late 90's/early 00's
  7. oh man, we had such the Nike hookup when that came out, but the Air Accel Elite's were like tanks, I tried to use them for even some outdoor roller, but no luck.. I did like the Inno made shafts, mostly the Troika's (sort of a Novius type) and yeah the oval Cirrus wasn't the best.. so much of the pro stuff was just bauer with a swoosh, but hey they came a long way in 10 years, starting with the Ignite's and going from there...
  8. I think his main concern is that his gear shows up on the baggage carosuel ...i think it was Getzlaf last year who played in the ASG with some equipment bought at Perani's...
  9. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/stor...&id=3152475 Forecasting the NHL teens 10 years from now
  10. do you find, like Hagman that you tend to miss all the good scoring chances that come your way though?
  11. Update Shins - Supreme 70 Gloves - One 90 Pro Sticks - P92 100 flex Vapor XXX
  12. Indie103 on iTunes (LA Based station..owned partially by the lovely clear channel) plays mostly Muse, She Wants Revenge, etc some good bands not listed yet.. Sparta - recently been hearing them on Sirius Nine Black Alps - Cosmopolitan was a song getting some play a while back.. Band of Horses? Editors- Shout Out Lords
  13. the place I worked has real time online inventory so if it shows a size/model in stock...its there...a hassle to implement but well worth it customer service wise
  14. Oldtrainerguy, you'll soon learn that there isn't a problem (according to jimmy) that can't be blamed on the internet shops or having a guaranteed buyback program. What he fails to realize is the big retailers get f'd just as easily from the mfgs..
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