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    Bauer 4500 w/ Bauer RBE3 Chrome
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  1. It's a traditional square shape, I think the CX will feel more rounded.
  2. Post Xmas update Helmet - Easton S19 w/ Itech X100 Shoulder - NB One90 Elbow - Rbk 9k Glove - NB Vapor XXXX Pro Pant - NB Vapor XXXX Shin - Bauer One95 Skate - Bauer TotalOne Stick - Bauer X60
  3. I think that what you're trying to get at is why companies are not offering the newer technologies at significantly lower price-points. They will, but in a couple of years time. Look at the One80 skate for example, it is essentially a down-graded One90 that will be available for almost half the price of One90's.
  4. I had one a couple of days ago where some parents came in with their two kids: Parents: I'm looking for the smallest helmet that you have. Me: Well, the best option is to go with the youth Bauer helmets that are over here. Parents: I heard the CCM TH2 is the smallest. Me: You mean the CCM HT2? Parents: Yeah, that is the one. Me: The CCM HT2 will not be smaller than the Bauer/Itech youth helmets and it would be hard to get a hold of a new one if you're not a member of an NHL team. Parents: Okay, so you don't have any CCM HT2 helmets? I would like to see if it is smaller. Me: I guarantee that the youth helmets are the way to go. After 30 or so minutes of looking at helmets... Parents: So you don't have the CCM HT2 helmet? I want to know for sure if it is smaller. Me: Double facepalm, and the cycle repeats itself. On top of that, the parents had their two kids on leashes and eventually left without a helmet.
  5. New addition: X60 OPS Backstrom :)
  6. Thanks for the confirmation. I assumed it was an X60 just because the weave was not tight like a regular One95.
  7. Monty - Let us know how the Staal One95 (X60) performs.
  8. toe to heel is the way to go! I've always gone toe to heel I can't believe that nobody has mentioned that the stick is 77 flex.
  9. I recently added some One95 elbows and XXXX pants.
  10. They were discussing the stick, not the skates.
  11. I finally got around to trying out the FBV. The Hockey Shop did my skates at 100/50 and I regularly skate on a 1/2 inch hollow. The glide of the FBV is noticeable but not extremely significant IMO. To articulate it more clearly, the glide felt very similar to a regular 5/8 hollow but definitely not as much as a 1" hollow. During my skate, I felt that I had adequate grip on inside edges but not enough for my outside edges. Overall, I just feel more comfortable with my regular hollow and would prefer to stick with it than converting over to FBV.
  12. That looks pretty bad.
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