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  1. It's a traditional square shape, I think the CX will feel more rounded.
  2. Can you elaborate on feel of the puck? Wouldn't it feel exactly the same as all the other 1X sticks?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'd like to give the Trigger2 a go but am wondering if I should just stick with mid kicks. Decisions decisions...
  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering if there was an option for a low kick stick with a soft feeling blade. It seems that all low kicks now only have super stiff and pingy feeling blades. Thanks guys.
  5. Interested to see what the 1X Lite is all about. Good memories about the XXX Lite.
  6. Post Xmas update Helmet - Easton S19 w/ Itech X100 Shoulder - NB One90 Elbow - Rbk 9k Glove - NB Vapor XXXX Pro Pant - NB Vapor XXXX Shin - Bauer One95 Skate - Bauer TotalOne Stick - Bauer X60
  7. I think that what you're trying to get at is why companies are not offering the newer technologies at significantly lower price-points. They will, but in a couple of years time. Look at the One80 skate for example, it is essentially a down-graded One90 that will be available for almost half the price of One90's.
  8. I had one a couple of days ago where some parents came in with their two kids: Parents: I'm looking for the smallest helmet that you have. Me: Well, the best option is to go with the youth Bauer helmets that are over here. Parents: I heard the CCM TH2 is the smallest. Me: You mean the CCM HT2? Parents: Yeah, that is the one. Me: The CCM HT2 will not be smaller than the Bauer/Itech youth helmets and it would be hard to get a hold of a new one if you're not a member of an NHL team. Parents: Okay, so you don't have any CCM HT2 helmets? I would like to see if it is smaller. Me: I guarantee that the youth helmets are the way to go. After 30 or so minutes of looking at helmets... Parents: So you don't have the CCM HT2 helmet? I want to know for sure if it is smaller. Me: Double facepalm, and the cycle repeats itself. On top of that, the parents had their two kids on leashes and eventually left without a helmet.
  9. New addition: X60 OPS Backstrom :)
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I assumed it was an X60 just because the weave was not tight like a regular One95.
  11. Monty - Let us know how the Staal One95 (X60) performs.
  12. toe to heel is the way to go! I've always gone toe to heel I can't believe that nobody has mentioned that the stick is 77 flex.
  13. I recently added some One95 elbows and XXXX pants.
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