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  • Skates
    Flexlite 4.0
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    Bauer APX OPS 87 Flex
  • Gloves
    Warrior Bonafides, Bauer 4 Roll
  • Helmet
    Cascade M1
  • Pants
    Takla 4000 Girdle, Reebok 8K
  • Shoulder Pads
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    RBK 4.0
  • Shin Pads
    Nike Supreme 70
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    MSH Bag

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    Buffalo, NY
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    fly fishing, baseball, guitar, gypsy jazz, etc....

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  1. Fumbled a pass in front of an empty net with ten seconds left. A goal would have earned us .5 a point in the playoff total. (1 point per period, 2 for the win, total 5 per game). We had tied the 1st, won the second, and tied the third. Won the game by a goal for 4 points.
  2. Got our middle school team's new jerseys approved by the school boosters. So I asked what the next step was, and I was directed to the treasurer who told me they had no money at this point to buy any new jerseys! Huh? How was it approved then? Arrrrrg!
  3. Lilly Pulitzer? She died yesterday, the girls at work said she's a famous designer, but I never heard of her.
  4. From the difference in pitch, you might want to try them first and then see how you like the holder.
  5. Mirror finish.... As I reported elsewhere, the local sharpener jacked up my BlackEdge runners by honing them. But, that said, they never had a mirror finish. It was a rather matted finish. (If I recall correctly....as they are definitely matte finish now!) DOH!
  6. I use an old Itech boxer sort type under the Jofa/Reebok cup. I cut out the cup out of the Itech after one of the straps came undone. Works like a charm. Comfortable. I did not like the Jofa/Reebok cup as much on bare skin with a garter.
  7. I had to laugh. I showed my 11 year old the catalog and he proclaims in a loud voice, "hey that helmet is really the Cascade Pro!" God help us! He is a gear whore and isn't even a teen yet.
  8. Equipment Skates: Flexlite 4.0 Runners: BlackEdge with 1/2 ROH or 100/50 FBV Stick Bauer: APX OPS 87 Flex, APX SHAFT w WARRIOR KOPITAR BLADE Gloves: Eagle X6, now WARRIOR BONAFIDES Helmet: Cascade M1 Pants: Takla 4000 Girdle, now REEBOK 8K Shoulder Pads: Farrell Elbow Pads: RBK 4.0 Shin Pads: Nike Supreme 70 Hockey Bag: MSH Bag
  9. I switched from regular Step Steel to BlackEdge, and I feel the BlackEdge hold the sharpening significantly longer. Maybe 50% more?
  10. I bought my kid this bag for thirty bucks from Tron, and never saw the connection, but as you point it out its uncanny. Either way, the bag is actually nice except for the zipper pulls. Granted, he is eleven and doesn't need a huge bag.
  11. Those are two of the nicest looking pairs of gloves I have seen. Nice pickps.
  12. I have a band mate who had the sinus/deiviated septum surgery and he always had a million sinus infections even afterwards. It was allergies to certain foods that caused him to be succeptible to the infections and sinus congestion. He changed his diet and not only lost weight but he has had no sinus issues from then on. I have to check, but I think it was dairy and wheat or gluten causing his issues. I had never heard of such a thing.
  13. I spoke with Chris when we were looking to get cheap jerseys for our school's team. He was a nice guy, and was seemingly going to bend over backwards to help me work with zero budget. The funding fell through, and he was cool with it. I think this whole issue might be someone responding as the real Chris. either way, I am sorry that you had a bad experience and went thought that anguish.
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