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  1. Up unti freshman year of high school, all of my friends and I were Sherwood 5030 users. Unil one of us got a Easton Ultra Lite and Grip Lite. My friend let me use the GL and I was hooked ever since.
  2. Huh. Both product pics show the shot blocker attached. I'll have to shoot an email.
  3. So I am looking at the Hurricane pro stocks HG97 on PSH. So the only diffrence between the HG97 and HG97PP model is the backhand pad and overall beefer padding in general? Both of the models are listed on the site.
  4. Are the X60's an actual pro glove or just retail? Those are sick
  5. From what I have herd they are taking out Akimbo from the game, so no more dual 1887 models.
  6. Just give it some time, they will eventually get all the glitches out.
  7. I think the ACR has overtaken my love for the M4. The M16 is a close second for me
  8. I played until 5am and I'm paying for it today :P awesome game
  9. Props to the old school Hartford setup on those Eagles, they look sick.
  10. Wow, all of these great looking Eagle gloves makes me want to do a custom pair. Maybe around Christmas time.
  11. Today when I was doing this one kids skates and he was checking out our sticks and just flexing the shit out of them. I should have told him to stop but I was just waiting fo hear a crack from one of the sticks. If that would have happened I would have asked the kid how his new stick was treating him... B)
  12. Nice Prism pants, I have had mine for about 2 1/2 years and I love them. I have the Dry-Light model and they do stay nice and dry during play.
  13. Because your feet are so small I would go with the 8ft
  14. I have seen the Surpreme 70 skates at the MSH skate. They are a very nice skate and similar to the ONE90
  15. I get that all the time. I also got people calling and asking "are you guys open for skate sharping today." Sometimes I just feel like saying nope never again. ;)
  16. Thats some things that also get to me too, At the shop there is this one dad that comes in with his hyper ass son all the time. This kid always goes and messes up the youth sticks and the small goalie pads. I also don't like it when a customer wants me to rush through thier skates. I can tell they want me to hurry up because they just stand there and when I get done putting the quick square on the skate they pull the money out, and get pissed that I have to make an adjustment.
  17. What things that customers do get you guys kinda annoyed. For me its when somebody messes up and constantly flexes all the sticks in the store. What also kinda gets me mad is when customers go and mess up all our goal pads in the store. <_<
  18. How is that Tapered Dolomite Shaft? Im lookin to get on of those.
  19. Is that A Bert Responce Plus to go with those gloves?
  20. Use a 9ft or a 8ft profile on your skates.
  21. wow that is the worst add for the worst shit ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A F****** JOKE I think some of you guys need to chill on the marketing of Warrior. I mean its just a hockey product. It's bad that some of you guys refuse to try a product just because of the way it advertised. I Just got my Starskie and I love it. By far one of the nicest sticks Ive used. If the Dolomites are made like my Starskie then I will be using Warrior for a long time. It been making me mad that some of you have been saying the Warrior sticks suck just because of how they look and the way thier advertised.
  22. Yep your right, got a Starskie couple days ago and it is a concave shaft, very nice.
  23. Bauer Vapor XX Gloves 5'10" 180 Pounds Used for 5 Months Fit: The Bauer Vapor XX glove fit my hand very good right out of the box. Coming from my TPS Bionic gloves, the fit was a little tighter which I like. Break-in time took about one ice time with me, after that the glove fit even better. 9/10 Protection: The protection of the Vapor XX's are great. Dual-Density foams with some PE inserts ont the side make this one solid glove. Took some slashes to the hands and did not feel a thing. The adjustable cuff on the glove is a nice feature to have and in my mind makes the glove better protecting when adjusted all the way in. 10/10 Weight and Palm: The weight of the Vapor XX's are good they weigh a little more then my TPS Bionics but it's not really a major issue. The Streach Palm on the gloves are a little thick for my PP but again its not really a major issue for me. The plam is very durable and they don't look really beat up after 5 months of use. 8/10 Durability: Gloves have been through 5 Months and only have normal scuff marks from playing, no major tears in the glove. 9/10 Overall: I enjoy using my Vapor XX gloves, they are comfy and offer good protection. I also really like the adjustable cuff on them it's a neat feature to have on a glove. Glove is of great quality and I think Bauer did a good job on them. 9/10
  24. What Pattern and Flex are your XN10's?
  25. Now why diden't you put this in the older equipment thread... http://www.modsquadhockey.com/index.php?showtopic=10171
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