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    Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX
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    Warrior Dolomite Spyne - 85 Flex - Draper
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    Eagle PPF
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    Easton S19 - Jofa 480 Cage
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    Reebok 9K
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    Nike Bauer Pro Lightspeed
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    Nike Bauer Pro Lightspeed
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    Nike Bauer Pro Lightspeed
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    Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX

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  1. 85 flex Sakic and I'm your new best friend.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the honesty - and sorry it didn't turn out better for you! I play in a no contact league, but board play is allowed. And I managed to (accidentally) block a shot or two per game. I was hoping for something light, mobile, and breathable. Two guys on my team wear the old white Farrel foam pads, so I was hoping the new generation would be a good pick-up. Thanks for saving me $120. I might go back to my original plan of getting a pair of mid-range, form-fitting pads, and removing the shoulder caps. Likely something from the Bauer Supreme lineup. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  3. Mind sharing an updated review, after having skated in them a few months? And maybe a photo of your current setup of the pads? Thanks!
  4. Where are those green Alphas from? Beautiful.
  5. Got a few layin' around?
  6. I would rather have two of those than two pairs of TO's... ...Not really, but you understand my level of jealousy.
  7. "Money shot velocity is increased by 37%!"
  8. I am embarrassed to ask this, but, what does MSH2 stand for?
  9. Oh, I've got that covered. Let's just hope its a female attendant. Haha.
  10. The endless knowledge possibilities of MSH... I feel like I owe you about $200 for some reason. :) Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
  11. United. Des Moines -> Chicago -> Philly JR - Could I just ask about this at the baggage check in?
  12. Airline is charging $50 each way for my hockey bag, $100 each way for my 2 sticks. Unreal...
  13. mik3 - Did you get these from Pure Hockey? I ordered two 77 flexes last week and my order status is still 'Pending'. Hmm... If so, is it just the Tactile grip, or does it have Stick 'Um also? Online it says with Stick 'Um, but I have my doubts. Any info would be great.
  14. Quick question for the experts - Does Warrior plan on releasing a White AK27 shaft, like the one Ryan Smyth has been using? Or is this just a one-off color combo for him? Thanks guys!
  15. I've broken two and a prototype R9 in the last 18 months. It hurts to see them go. The worst of it is, I broke a SE16 blade in my X:60 shaft on Thursday at practice, an AK27 shaft during our game Friday (The older nipple grip red/black one. Which I loved, but can't find. Any help?), and my R2 on our game on Saturday. Sonofabith. Hefty Discover bill this month... P.S. - Is the R9 an in-process, or a never-was?
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