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  1. Have you guys noticed low inventory right now? Driving up to Minneapolis this week and struggling to find a shop with size 7 or 7.5 TF9s for me to try on.
  2. I've been hooked on the 2 piece style pants for a while right now I'm in a bauer s190 pant. I was wondering what models out right now have that internal girdle style system but the heavy thigh pads are part of the shell? I attached a video showing the pant to show what I mean. Any input would be great managed to loose some weight so the old pants are falling off now, and living in a smaller town going to a big shop isn't so simple. Video showing the s190
  3. In Rochester but really willing to drive into the city or surrounding area if they are worth it.
  4. just moved up to Minnesota...any recommendations for a shop that can give a proper fitting on trues?
  5. Hey tried to PM you and said you can't receive them...shoot me a message interested in a couple thing.
  6. Cant wait for a shop in DFW or St Louis to get the FBV sharpening. This stuff sounds like something I gotta try.
  7. Yea we just got them last month...not really my job first year on the team, but I might shoot them an email over break. Not a big deal just a pain having to change my routine of 15 years now haha
  8. I use 4 year old jofa's pretty big shins, but everyone on my team is having the same problem. I thinking of cutting them some like boot cut see if that helps.
  9. I like Ace but their pants are too narrow in the leg openings can't put my shins on after buttoning up the pants.
  10. See if a Int. or Jr. woodie would fit? Chop the blade into a wood extension that eliminate cutting the tenon down.
  11. 10ks and 8.0.8s are popping up on ebay all the time now 10ks are going for around $200 and the 8.0.8 are crazy like $300.
  12. Could you put the hummers on a pair of one95 or synergy skates, b/c they are more unibody design would cutting into the outsole do major structural weakening?
  13. I know what yall are talking about. My arm had a 35 degree bend when it snapped. I went for a check and my arm hurt like hell so i jumped back on the bench after 15 sec shift and coach yelled WTF. Told him my arms broke he told me no way it must be a stinger pulled my jersey back and he said he almost blew chunks. The doc said I probably had a fracture from earlier in the game that didn't separate and the check was just took it to the next level. The doctor told me it would be more sensitive to contact and stuff b/c the nerves in the skin now rub against a metal plate and screws rather than the muscles and bone.
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